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Eskimo Pistol Bit Electric Auger Review

Hey guys if you’re looking for an auger
bit that you can hook up to a drill stay tuned Up North Sports has got you
covered Hey guys, it’s Matt from Up North Sports
I’m really excited to show you one of the hottest things on the ice fishing
market this year this is the Eskimo pistol bit that is available in a six
and an eight inch now this is under 4 pounds so this baby is extremely
extremely light and an amazing price you may able to get that six inches under
$200 this thing is so versatile I’m gonna be able to take it anywhere and if
you already have a drill why not get one of these babies now let’s take a look at
the bottom this thing is gonna cut even for being under 4 pounds it’s gonna cut
just as good as any other auger out there you can see really nice sharp
blades and always get replacements for these as well at
alright guys now I have this hooked up to this really nice battery power to
Dewalt drill I’m gonna show you guys how to use this thing now super easy like I
mentioned for 4.5 lbs. my drill actually weighs more than this baby so I
have it on here really nice this baby’s gonna spin and be super easy to move now one thing I do want to point out he has to take a look the base part of this is really
really nice and it’s a little bit wider than the blades so if this would ever
come disengaged and fall down the hole this thing is actually to catch on the
top of the hole and not sink so it’s something to keep in mind but you’ll see
I have this baby hooked up and it is on there really nice sturdy and I’ll show
you how to undo it as well you just got to undo the Chuck on here and you’re
gonna be able to loosen up that with you wherever you go so this thing
is gonna make it very very versatile for you can take this thing anywhere and
throw it on the back of the truck for a 4.5 lbs. pounds I can’t talk about this thing
enough because this thing is awesome you can find this or
reaches at 866-335-8500

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