1 thought on “Episode Title What Gun Control Makes The Most Sense? | Conversations with Jim Zirin

  1. Interestingly prior to 1934 we had LESS shootings and we had no NICS or the NFA. This means Thompsons could be mail ordered to your home without a background check and we had less violence. Frankly I don't agree with the NFA purely for the fact that back in 1934 nobody could afford 200$ in order to register or legally own a machine gun. For that reason alone I don't trust gun control proponents. Artificial price inflation is bullshit.

    What the fuck is semi automatic ammunition? Do you mean ammunition with without a rim? Do you mean ammunition overwhelmingly used in auto loading firearms? No it is just nonsense bullshit to sensationalize firearms.

    What nobody realizes is that the American basis for private ownership of firearms would be violent resistance against the government. It doesn't really matter what the initial purpose of the gun is that argument is out the window and has been out the window for almost a century.

    What the fuck is high powered military ammo? When you reference the Glock 17 that is chambered for 9 x 19mm the most common handgun caliber in the U.S.. The U.S. military along with nato issues 9 x 19 NATO which is actually loaded overpressure+. Inane statements – total stupidity.

    I stopped listening 15 minutes in due to the constant misinformation. The guest is not someone you should get your information from he is an idiot and a shill.

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