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Epic Fail: USFA Zip Gun 22 LR Pistol causes Injury

magazine number two safety off mother fudger mother fudger that’s dangerous ad fudge my finger there. a hot round jammed into it very nice hot, empty shell casing that hurts a little swollen already not a serious injury. I’ll shake this off but annoying and dangerous if you have big hands like mine safety on I am going to put my finger in the trigger guard for illustrative purposes so my fingers are big this is natural for
me your spent brass will hit your finger not cool and that one jammed right into my finger not cool magazine number three I guess I need my gloves mother fudger

100 thoughts on “Epic Fail: USFA Zip Gun 22 LR Pistol causes Injury

  1. I can't watch this guy anymore, makes me cringe. points the gun towards his face after he loads it, and it's not the first time either.

  2. What a turd of a gun. It totally shoved a smoking hot case into your finger with some force it looked like

  3. I'm fucking dead, thanks for the laugh at your expense, and the knowledge. i would arm my enemies with this gun for sure. lmfao

  4. SHould've had your TSA approved, tacti-cool special weapon operator's gloves on. After all the funny and "Do not try this at home Scientifical shit," we've seen you do, it was a spent shell casing that almost took the great MattV2099 down!

  5. what would be the best pistol you can get for "cheap" i use the term lightly because i dont even rlly know what to expect to pay,

  6. WHYYY DOES THIS EXSIST??? Someone explain to me why this firearm was designed and produced, this this is the biggest pile of unsafe shit i have ever seen.

  7. I remember the first time the scary hot brass came after me.  Seriously, I get that the zip gun is a stupid concept but you sound like a child

  8. This gun is a joke and a scam on the shooters of American, but I don't see that "wound" you received is anything but annoying. An ant bite on your foot is ten times worse than that.
    That being said, this company that sold these pieces of crap should be sued aka "class action law suit" for scamming everyone that purchased one of these. They are selling spring kits and upgrades to make them work better, lol. It was a complete scam. They probably profited quite a few dollars for a short run of crappy, non working, pieces of plastic that do not work as described.
    I hope y'all who purchased these pieces of junk, get together and hire a lawyer and sue the living heck out of them. This is so obvious to see what there business plan was from the beginning. Nobody releases a product that absolutely does not perform in anyway it is intended to or supposed to.
    Good luck.

  9. I carry a Ruger sr22 for self protection. This gun has always chambered and ejected perfectly! With this zip, whatever, is the only time I would leave it home, and carry a stick!

  10. After close to ten rounds without failure I though the gun was actually doing its job. It then immediately burns him as penance for demanding such performance.

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