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okay Sharer’s we’re gonna have a crazy
race now Oh what’s going on sharer’s welcome to
the vlog, welcome to another awesome day we’re here at in Utah and we are about
to rent some epic toys, dirtbikes, oh yeah things are so cool check this thing out
yeah I think this is gonna be the dirt bike that I’m gonna rent
shares you know I love dirtbikes look at this thing it’s blue its Yamaha looks
awesome and then check out this and I are gonna be right oh no way this was
even cooler because it’s black and lime green lime green this is epic this is so
cool Wow look at the wheels on this thing
yes missing look so fast ready let’s do this
sweet I got my helmet I picked this red one Liz what color did you choose
oh yeah I got my awesome green #dirtbike I also decided to go with the orange
dirt bike oh yeah Carter’s gonna load up that one yeah I like the orange bike
better I think it’s gonna be a better ride for more awesome madness today oh
yeah we got a trailer to connect it to the car now we’re just gonna start
loading the stuff up and it will get going rocking the whole car what’s rocking the
whole car and Liz’s inside the car oh my gosh
oh yeah we’re all loaded up let’s get going we’re going to go over to Carl
Jinger’s house and get even more ATVs and dirt bikes it’s gonna be so much fun
oh yeah sure this is like my kind of day so many toys let’s go Lizzy Sharer excited Liz
oh you’re in the back seat Lizzy you’re excited yeah we’re here to see what
they’re up to before we head out and go dirtbiking whoa what is this whoa look
at all this setup what is going on this is looking crazy out here
whoa cone flipped challenge Oh three two one go ginger what’s going on with the pool
what is all this this is gonna be the most epic pool obstacle course you’ve
ever seen we have a huge bridge that goes the full length of the pillow have
to go across the plank that’s all I’m telling you because it’s gonna be in a
really awesome video oh we get to try it oh yes we get to try it too this is
gonna be so awesome Luke you ready to go dirtbiking oh yeah let’s go let’s go
whoa check out Cher’s look at all these cool toys we got two quads we got one
two three it’s for you no it’s pretty baby otter yeah and then
we got our setup over here oh yeah we’re locked and loaded ready to go oh
Sherri’s look we’re we’re hey so we’re heading quarter I think so there’s so
many Hills out there it’s crazy look at that
the coolest thing is Cher’s dinosaurs used to live out here so there’s
dinosaur footprints out there oh that’s gonna be so cool to be out there riding
and find dinosaur footprints in the dirt oh I think we’re getting closer oh the
road ends right here oh yeah there’s definitely gonna be
dinosaur footprints out here yeah sure this is definitely where the
dinosaurs live look at this whoa this place looks amazing
this is crazy oh no my bike fell overshares whoa we got to get that up I
wonder if it’s leaking gas let’s see if the bikes okay okay let’s hope we didn’t
freak this could be bad let’s hope the bike still works though opens up gasps
let’s see if the bike will start okay time to back this thing out I’ve never
driven one of these before do you even know how to drive it or turn it on I
don’t know let’s see if I can even start this thing car door watch out wait don’t
forget about your flag okay let’s start this thing shares I think you go like
this and oh here we go start whoa it’s on I don’t know what I’m
doing buckets one there you go come on Steve nice and easy
oh yeah there we go oh yeah this thing is so crazy yeah
let’s do it let’s go I’m buckled in I’m ready to go Lizzie
ready oh my gosh shares this is gonna be crazy this thing is powerful there we go
oh butter out quick stuck now we’re so stuck oh come on Carter you can do it
get out of there come on come on come on come on oh yeah there we go whoo all right Liz
let’s go and we’re taking off in three two one oh my gosh oh yeah it was so much fun let’s go to
the dinosaur caves you’re gonna drive that yeah what and your mom’s gonna sit
on the back yeah you know how to drive this thing yeah what no way you’re gonna
drive that really oh my gosh this is gonna be awesome
oh yeah let’s go oh yeah let’s go you ready oh yeah let’s go all right let’s
go I’m driving you’re driving oh no oh no yay Cher’s liz is driving yikes gonna
be crazy let’s buckle up oh we must be getting close dinosaur
track sites in the box oh yeah we made it we just got to walk down somewhere to
find these tracks we have to go down this trail little ways and then there’s
just like a riverbed and then there’s just dinosaur tracks there yeah what
this is so cool where where there is oh it’s a baby dinosaur it is yeah it’s a
baby dinosaur the baby dinosaur we gotta catch like the sign of oh it’s break oh
oh you’re breaking away the wall you found the tracks Oh
coming what no way whoa no way whoa that’s crazy
dinosaur poop back here – well the dinosaur must have just walked you right
through here we must have just missed it the footprints are so big yeah there’s
one here and there’s one way up there where’s the next one all the way here oh
look at this jump from there like the claws on that one
well there’s baby dinosaur footprints right there right there and they go up
along here that’s so crazy look at that gauge what type of dinosaurs were here
so we have the little small ones the big giant chickens which are the Meg app no
Saurus that’s a her name yeah and then we also have the giant t-rex ones this
is the size comparison and this is the no sorry
that is a long name yeah and these things go all up to 20 feet tall that
would be like way up there that’s to be cruel Oh Kyle there’s deeper ones where
wherever oh so they went from here all the way
over to here oh wow then they oh they slipped yeah oh wow yeah you’re right
well that’s crazy does dinosaur tracks were so cool now
it’s time to get back and let’s you know what let’s race back you guys ready to
race yeah let’s bring it oh yeah Carter you ready yeah oh I better get in let’s
go let’s go let’s go ok sharise we’re gonna have a crazy race
now I’m with gage we got Carl and ginger out there and the
families out there too it’s gonna be crazy
that’s right share is coming right now who’s gonna win the race here we go come on lads
oh now you started okay well they’re going over that Hill oh my
gosh whoa whoa that is insane what happened on the other side I don’t know
Church did they make it down on the other side I don’t even know that Hill
was so steep let’s go see whoa oh my gosh there they are
whoa hang on whoa oh my goodness yeah that was more than straight down that
was insane sure is you think that’s cool now it’s
time to go on the sea before the trail ever there’s this trail that goes up
this hill behind me and it’s like straight up and straight down let’s do
it you ready yeah oh my gosh this Hill is even steeper no way I’m so scared to
watch this come on come on come on you gotta make it oh my goodness
whoa you’re on top of the world right now
yikes who share the love how was that that was
crazy show us something oh yeah wheelie woo dirt bike wheelie
here comes lives up the hill oh she’s got some speed oh yeah woo alright
shares well there you have it that was their epic #dirtbike day ATV day
dinosaur discovery day that was crazy and Liz even learned how to ride a dirt
bike with the manual clutch so major oh yeah oh yeah common hashtag Jinger
because she fell off her ATV that was crazy but everything’s good yeah we’re
all good we’re all safe shares that was an awesome day major shout-out to Carl
and ginger and the family for coming out taking us out here was so much fun
so smash the like button for this video don’t forget to subscribe to their
channel shares we’re going to some epic stuff with them tomorrow and until next
time you know what to do Stay awesome, and share the love, peace!!

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