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[ENG SUB] Dragunov Dark Sniper Arena and Guild Battle Test – Summoners War Indonesia

Hello welcome back with me icebobby Okay, as I promise.. We got Dragunov What are you saying bro Okay now trying use Vio.. Test it using Vio revenge.. Not full grind yet Wow this is so cool not yet full Here the stats.. Not full skill yet… See his 2nd skill and pssive Okay for now i will test it on GVG I will cut this video just like Nephthys video This is 1st test, i want to see the damage.. I hope Galleon is good.. She use protection? 2nd Skill use to himself This is random or what? Damn resist.. Lets try this, can we kill? Can not see the damage… lets skip it.. Wow danger.. Why he target this.. Lets try this… (without def break and atk buff) Let see the damage… 15k So so.. Not ready yet.. This skill ignore all damage reduction effect. Danger.. Damn crit.. Damage dealing 200% if you are attacked in this
pose So he must be attacked.. OMG Miss.. Is he good to be slow? Slow or we find light element def… So he will be attacked or we plan element of our
team.. Little bit failed at beginning Lets do hidden aim pose.. Please Jeanne hit that Dragunov Danger, later heal by Elad.. Got hit.. Passive now works? Maybe.. Let see the damage.. Slow motion 40k.. He pose again when kill.. Galleon dead? Hit again? Sleep please… I wanna test Dragunov He got attack before.. But no def break.. Let see the damage 15k Is something wrong with me? I dont know Dont procs you damn it.. You should die.. Weird.. Okay let see.. 15k without def break Without atk buff.. Okay this is 3rd try Hope we can success.. Immunity first.. This is it Should not miss this.. Should we kill Jeanne.. Ouch i see This is weird.. Dont understand… not like what I imagine.. Just weird… This damn it.. Die you!!! eat this.. Got you!! This Vio.. I think not too good.. Or I can not use it well? I think i will test it again on Arena.. Finish.. Okay we continue this Dragunov.. We will try it on Arena.. Not statisfied with the damage output Lets try Rage… Wow.. is this pain enough? lets test it on Arena We can hit this, just for testing.. This is good lets go.. Both of them will attack Dragunov… He counter.. Damn it.. Later we slow motion.. OMG thats Hwadam passive.. Damn it im drunk.. They all AOE… let see… Is it active only when got attacked? Ambiguous.. Shit…. Got you all.. Lets pose… Should be active.. Okay dead, damn it.. Let se the damage.. 21k Let see this.. 16k Failed I dont know.. Wow this one is must hit… 2 Rica.. OMG what is that Rica… Rica dead.. Okay dead.. no using Hidden aim yet… OMG Counter, then he pose again.. Feelsgood Why not counter? Not counter If Psama passive.. let see Without def break.. Okay 25k without def break…. Maybe if def break around 50k Skill 1 only 1 skill up.. Can add 40% damage Maybe around 50-60k from my raw calculation.. So this only works if we attacked in this pose That 200% But no notification or sign… so we confuse.. I though will active cause already need 2 turn.. Not too good Thats a little review from me, if something wrong just comment below.. Usually wrong LOL.. Really no benefit.. Watching this.. Thats a little review, hope you guys more confuse…. Thank you… coment like subscribe… bye bye..

19 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] Dragunov Dark Sniper Arena and Guild Battle Test – Summoners War Indonesia

  1. Covenant lebih keren ketibang ini bhaaaang…
    Pasifnya kurang greget udh gitu tergantung banget sama deff break… Covenant mah S3 nya jelas… Wakakaka

  2. kalo mw lebih cepet lagi di comboin sama tarq ato lisa bang, enak loh XD tapi saya gak ada yg dark, ak pake yang api di combo sama tarq enak, tapi kan itu snipnya cuman 137%, sama belom max lvl up jg skillnya, bikin rage aja biar mantep, build ke lushen dia bisa 100k dmgnya

  3. If I'm not mistaken:
    He doesn't need to get hit to get the 200% damage. He just gets a 50% less chance to get critical hit on him.
    The pose is loss as soon as he leaves the pose, so if you're putting Revenge it better counts or it's just wasted.
    Between Violent and Rage I'll say Rage… The idea of violent to keep on sniping enemies just works if there's a Defense Break in all of them the turn he starts spraying… But this could fail… A lot… So better just hit really hard.

  4. in 08:35 he procs… (passive that triggered 200% attack no need to be attacked) confirm by other also say so 👍

  5. Intinya sama kayak skogul, nunggu dpt turn baru bakso jatuh, kalau ini nunggu dpt turn buat dpt bonus 200% atk. Btw 200% atk itu bonusnya di itung dr base atk apa total yah, kalau dr base sih mending build tanky aja bang. Spd cd hp.

  6. Full Atk bg (rage/atk + blade) dan jgn pake revenge rune, karena bisa2 snipernya lepas dari pose.

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