ENG🔥[LIT Action] YG ft. A$AP Rocky – Handgun (Korean reaction)(Asian reaction)

Hello to the world!!! yo its been long time since the last time!!! wassup? i show up every special moment come ups and today i guess its special! cuz as u see … Sean got a gift YEAH!!!!!!! yoyoyoyoyoyo this came from!! her name is Jazmine lopez!! i took a glimpse a little bit
-what a cute name !! she s from Orange County in Cali~ um~~ ur talking about orange? nah there is place called Orange county wow fortunately u wore orange T-shirt today!! hahaha
-oh man!! i really really thank to her!!! u see?? its a big box!! but one thing i want to talk about is,,, chubby s doing really hard on the reaction vid but……he got nothing… and the gift always goes to Sean i guess… im really happy him getting this gift!!u know tossing subscribers to Sean getting all fans!!
-maybe a message for u to go on a diet? not that long ago……i tossed him… nah too sad that s it for today! and one thing another to mention!! now we r planning on Live stream from now on!! cuz u know to communicate with u guys! as u guys know!!we have subscribers all around the world! so…. we dont know what time we should to on live streaming! so Plz let us know through the comments!! then we ll sum up the comments and take action so that we could communicate with u guys!! [so plz write down ur local time u want us to live stream!!!] okay then that s enough! tell us today’s artist and the title! today we r back again to YG!!! Yang goon~ (Yang Goon is one of the typical Korean last name) hahahaha let me put this down aside yeah YG!! wow! YG – HANDGUN!!! [bang bang bang in silence] draco~ ft ASAP rocky!! ur in to ASAP rocky right? bcuz of ASAP ROCKY i almost made my music in my early 20s i ruined …cuz i suck at music…so bad….
-hahaha Today YG!!! we dont take Wiki time for today!!! cuz i already did back in the episode of YG – BIG bank and if i do it again it ll take a lot in time… if u guys r curious about YG last time we did on YG – Bigbank!! so check that out!!!
-we r gonna put that link on the side!! now u see some popping stuff….. u click that and u guys check that out
[it s on the right side dumb asses…. yeah u can check that out there and we ll be thankful if u do that!! so let s back to the song YG- Handgun….. it was brief intro and let s talk together after listening this song!! Draco draco!!!! drr dac dac dac……[WTF} 1,2,3 Lit action!!! 4 hundred? is it army? i guess so.. seems like a training camp!! u know that movie named “Hacksaw Ridge”?? i havent watched that movie i think that scene is familiar with that! savage !!!! cant understand that~
-yeah really it s saying like do u understand?? there r some guns in Vending machine
-rgiht savage !!! like the title wow picking up some guns in a vending machine!!!
-lol u hear saying handgun in there!!! yeah~~ what s that he s Asap right?
-yeah he is def him!!! me beloved ASAP!!! caught him at the stop!!! what s really funny is….. every Korean man serves in the army ! right? there s joke trend in the army when a fresh man enlisted in ur company then u make him bring some guns in the vending machine!!! like its nothing…. yeah yeah~~ make sure u make him buy!!
-right right and this is really happening in this video literally its happening as the joke really is…. yeah what a trillion country yeah let s get it!!! America is commonly called as a trillion country in KOREA (America=A trillion country : They run their national defense spending with a trillion WON in Korean currency simply put, rich country) YG!!! and him drill sergeant? i could call them? um looks good even its army
-yeah Humby? Jeep here comes the captain! BOSS YANG GOON!!! captain! looks hot there wearing a padded jacket! looks like summer looks hot tho hahahaha kinda weird?
-yeah lol how was the song like?~~~~[in that melody] it was really really good!!
hahaha uh uh uh uh~ there is uh flow there~ is YG like that all the time? i guess not last time… havent heard this flow before from him! first time i listened his song was “Latchet”!! u mean left right? it was pretty more close to pop than this… now he seems like he s putting his own art soul into this song i guess~ more like a gansta~ to me kinda crazy man! there is a Korean guy named “Young DBO” they sound similar to me …that flow he s using that “uh flow” like him? yeah he makes his melody like that but he…
-dadadadadada~~~ he uses lots of auto tune~ yeah right right these days he does that!~ okay lets get it~ uh~ uh~ uh~ uh~ he does kinda too much~ dont have much lyrics
lol hahaha getting? punishment? [email protected]#$$%^&*[ i dont know what they r saying] duck duck~ goose?
lol lol goose after duck? haha im rihgt yeah?
-i guess so duck duck duck!!goose~ LMFAO~~ lyric is so DOPE!!! ori ori ori geowi~ [ori means duck in Korean, geowi means goose in Korean] oh that padded jacket is made out of duck??? duck down?? aha~~ maybe~ nah it cant be ~~ lol hes genius~~
-duck first and saying goose at the last~ cuz saying goose for the last is most expensive really fun tho~ yeah very funny!
-hahaha this doesnt have much lyric in it
-yeah and… SAVAGE!
-the middle part,, right right we couldnt follow the middle in the lyric bcuz cuz it has too much N words
-aha~ so we couldnt catch up repeat that part yeah lets get it~ AMMO~ uh uh uh uh uh it s good! addictive!
-yeah uh uh uh uh uh it ll be really hard if u have that kind of drill sergeant for real! savage! like always! Asap killing it!
-he s dope!! spilling all that dope! he s just cool!! yeah really he s renowned for his fashion! music also.. he is def cool! he s like the iconic person something like….. he just reminded me of hiphop! like icon as a America rapper Biggie~ smalls??? no way.
-Notorious BIG? (sigh) okay… 2pac 2pac
-you’re so outdated… lmao
-they are classic i be going with classic let’s keep it going!! think you won’t stop bullshiting then hope you don’t pause anymore lol Mercedez? he’s full of groove wanna see YG again asap is it ASAP? goose goose wow~~~
-Bang!!! that’s so fun tho lol aight~ we’ve reacted to Handgun by YG ft A$AP Rocky Drako wow
-Drako Drako this was very addictive feels like we should talk with this flow like ‘How was today’s song?~~ it’s very very awesome’ think i’m getting crazy with you guys duck duck goose to be honest, i had listened to this song before we did this reaction actually that was not my type at the first time but i think this is definitely addictive from the second time well i hadn’t listened to it before this reaction but i had seen the thumbnail since i saw the thumbnail, i decided to wear this weird vest to follow the concept of this song lol you think that’s kinda tech wear but it just looks like a fishing vest -no no way
-okay boy!!! now it’s the time for Sean to be blamed lmao no way never lol no way
-good bye Sean~ we must keep him so popular Arigato Arigato (Thank you in Japanese) so anyway, we had such a great time to watch and Asap Rocky is my best Artist ever as always, he never let me down and he was also good in this song he barely shows up but his skill and rap is always on fire think he’s great artist and I thought it’d be such a hard track because of the tittle but i think it’s about just his swag with something like handguns but the video was hard tho yeah
-the video was like military training camp and speaking of the lyrics,,, i’m not sure about it but i guess he’s talking about the real real something like real n-word…? oh.. ah… yeah it’ could be
-like Real N-word.?? i got it yeah i guess that’s about it it’s like flexing that i can buy a handgun from the vending machine duck duck
-goose okay
-goose down aight we’ve reacted to Handgun by YG briefly and i’m gonna say what i said at the first of this vid for other people we’re planning to do live streaming on youtube so please leave comments about the proper time for you to watch our LIVE then we’ll count all of you comments and we’ll choose the proper time!! and have communication with you guys we’re thinking 1PM in Korea is good 1 pm?
-yeah around 1 pm evening time in your countries would be good right? now we need compromise between LA time and Brasilia time well .. two place is not that… far away okay then later if subscribers like our live streaming, we can do Live reaction on other MVs that’s right
-let’s plan it then before we finish , we got something to say like always please say in Eng if you guys like this video, press like subscribe and alarming~~~ then we’d be so grateful
-and the last thing? promotion to the world wide tell your friends that it’s good it could be bad but you lie to them it’s good
-wow lol could be better with you guys teacher yeahhhhh
-tell your parents, uncles to grandfather , to grandmother good and your child lmao aight then we should close this for today! Arigato!!!(thank you in Japanese) please wait for our unboxing video!! aight then let’s finish with saying! LIT action!

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