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Enfield No.4 (T) Faux WW2 Sniper accuracy review – Greek HXP/ British Radway Green RG 8Z

Hello and welcome to 9 Hole Reviews
It’s almost hunting season, and today we’re looking at a homage to a classic
This is my personal “faux” Enfield No.4 MkI (T) sniper I’m sure many of you tuned
in just to see the fast action cycling of the Enfield bolt, so let’s cut to the
chase, and do 10 seconds worth of bolt cycling The original No.4 Mk I (T)
rifles were hand-picked by British Ordnance specialists and shipped off to
Holland and Holland for upgrades they would be restocked, scoped, and a cheek
piece would be added Enfield sniper rifles command a top dollar, and I would not likely take one of them out to go on hunting trips My rifle was a 1943
wartime build. It’s not as pretty as a peacetime Enfield, but it certainly holds its weight My No.4 was purchased for $150
at a gun show, and through the years this Enfield turned into my
primary hunting rifle The price was right, but most importantly, the rifle had signs of a good shooter It headspaced tightly with the number “0” bolt and a
clean bore I added a cheek piece from Sarco, worked on the trigger, and put on an old-school 1960s antique Weaver 2.5x scope on a steel “no drill”
mount that replaces the original rear sights in the mid 2000s, reproduction
British sniper scopes were not readily available The old scope with a “T” post
was a closest thing I could get to an original British “T” post reticle So let’s get on with the shooting! It has long troubled me that some shooters claim
that their military surplus rifles can achieve sub MOA groupings with military
surplus ammunition. From my experience surplus ammunition is fantastic for the
price, fantastic for practice, but rarely is it fantastic for sub-MOA capabilities…
unless you are Swiss [Swiss-German accent] Then everything must be accurate… and better than yours For surplus 303, I have acquired some British Radway Green
8Z ammo and some Greek HXP ammo Both types munitions were at one point dirt cheap, readily available and they’re both loaded in the standard 174
grain bullets I also brought along two sets of hand
loads that I had made from Greek HXP cases Sierra MatchKing bullets in 174
grains but differing in match-grade primers and regular primers This way we can see the difference between British ammo Greek ammo,
reloaded ammo with match primers, and reloaded ammo with regular primers
the first group we started was with Greek HXP ammunition from the 1970s
This runs a MKVII type pattern 174 grain Spitzer bullet with a reloadable boxer primed casings the second grouping was shot with ROF Radway Green 8Z ammo, vintage 1960 This machine gun
ammo is loaded with a 174 grain boattail bullet with 37 grains of nitrocellulose
powder. Then we progress to the reloads and shot the match primer cartridges, and
the regular winchester primer cartridges so how did we do? The Greek HXP yielded
a 5.88 inch grouping while the British Radway Green printed a 3.734
inch grouping my hand loads with regular primers yielded a 9 Hole
grouping of 1.826 inches while the hand loads with the match grade primers
gave us a 1.649 inch 9 Hole grouping out of the 75 year old war veteran so our Greek ammunition was printing a
grouping 57% larger than the British ammunition and 3.5 times the size of
hand loads with matched primers British No.4 Snipers were rifles that
initially shot a grouping size smaller than three inches with British ammo and a
standard for a normal rifle was to hold a grouping between 3-4 inches at 100 yards The British ammo here seemed to hold true to the standards in World War 2, but the interesting thing was seeing that the hand loads were able
to help the rifle achieve modern hunting rifle accuracy I’ll remain skeptical at
anyone who claims sub-MOA accuracy with surplus firearms shooting military surplus
munition. Why would the British MOD set a standard of 3-4 MOA, if the general
issued combination was able to achieve sub MOA? I’ve shot Enfields up to 600 yards, and the HXP has miserably failed at that distance.
I can only speculate that some characters indulge in un-gentlemanly pursuits, such
as three-round groups, and discounting fliers to artificially shrink their
groupings down “these allegations are false
I did not have sexual relations with that woman” An interesting observation with the match primers, was that it shrank the grouping down by an additional 10% so the next question is
do match primers actually make a difference? But perhaps that’s for the
next review. Thanks everyone again for tuning in we’ll see you during the next review

100 thoughts on “Enfield No.4 (T) Faux WW2 Sniper accuracy review – Greek HXP/ British Radway Green RG 8Z

  1. 6,5×55 surplus isn't bad either. A very well made vid. Six n half min. of interesting entertainment after a long shift. Thx and keep 'em coming

  2. With my 2-6 leupold i consistantly get 2-2.5 inch groups with store bought ammo. My best group was a 1.4.

  3. My Father said he got 2 1/2" from his sniper squad in Italy 19-44 NZ Divison he was squad leader till he joined bludgers hill ie attached to MI5

  4. You need to adjust your sights lol. I'm an NCAA USA shooter and I was sitting there watching you shoot like "Adjust your sights dammit," Your grouping is fairly good you just need to adjust your sights is all. good shooting.

  5. Great video and a channel overall! My Lee-Enfield is the same crap when it comes to accuracy. They all are like that.

  6. Lol. I actually just inherited this very same type rifle from my grandfather. Im running blind with it. Any info would be appreciated, things to look out for etc.

  7. My father became Sniper leader after Monty Casino his squad issued with N4T 's 1 of which was 2 groove !

  8. My father owned a No 4 Mk1* (it was his army issue rifle, which he bought after he was demobbed), complete with the original rifle storage box and sniper scope.

    It even had the original scope box with the leather strap.

  9. Finally… somebody else who will say it. I keep telling people pretty much 0 military surplus bolt guns, even "sniper" models will shoot 1 MOA or even sub MOA with ANY surplus ammo. With exception to the Swiss GP-11 stuff and some K31's. I've seen completely stock K31's at Camp Perry shoots taking 1st place. But I know countless guys who tell me they have a Mosin Nagant that will be 1 MOA or some crap like that…

    Most rifles in WW2 shooting for practical accuracy was often considered 6 MOA in many cases. There's always exceptions to the rule, and the fact that a good shooter can make a poor rifle look better than it really is, but often times I've found most war time bolt guns can only produce 4 MOA on average. Some semi autos can do better, but not often. The worst I've ever seen is with some Italian Carcano rifles, but that often seem to be because of 3 major reasons. Lack of quality surplus, which often leads to using surplus ammo nearly 80 years old and not functional. Lack of properly sized modern ammo, which leads to wild inaccuracy beyond 50 meters and sometimes closer. And being that MANY Carcano rifles were reissued from WW1 to fight in WW2 and even used into the 50's, many are shot out to hell and back and when they came into the US on the surplus market they were dirt cheap and have been abused as a that cheap piece of Italian junk as many put it.

    I've got a few I've managed to get down to about 3 MOA with some hand loads but they wont print any better than that. Same goes for most military surplus rifles even with the best mil-surp ammo you can find for the caliber. You have to go into hand loading or buy new production premium ammo to see better often.

  10. Love my .303 it's a 1943 product too. I hope to relocate to Texas soon and start shooting more and working less. Just found your channel a few days ago. Great work. Keep it up.

  11. the P-14 is capable of sub moa, but not with mil ammo. First you have to find one w/o a pitted barrel. I recommend hornady 150 gr interlock, win primer, and H335. makes a nice deer rifle.

  12. I've got literally the same set up mate, right down to the Greek surplus and Weaver t scope the closest I'll get to a proper one, I reckon.

  13. They will shoot good. I have a 1903a1 ( replica 8x unertal ) standard 1942 barrel. Hand loads half inch groups. 1 inch w surplus. But I dont shoot as fast as you

  14. Great review and practical test videos. Would you be able to do one on a K98 in the near future? Would love to see you guys to a practical test for the bolt action WW2 rifles.

  15. Love the channel bro! Is there anyway we could see an SR25/M110 clone with a mixture of some IMI 168 razor core, FGMM 175gr, and maybe some ppu 168 hr match in the future ?

  16. Watching your videos on the Lee-Enfield convinced me to bite the bullet (no pun intended) and attempt a build like this with my 1942 No4 Mk1. That thing has been in my family since I was little, I remember my dad saying it was broken and shot out because he used machine gun .303 and couldn't work the action due to overpressure. I cleaned it up thoroughly, finally bought some .303 and took it to Missouri with my friends for the 4th of July and sent some lead downrange with it. If he could've seen it hit the 600 yard gong not once, not twice, but 3 times in a single magazine in low light conditions, he would've been speechless. A true diamond in the rough, it's my favorite rifle of all of milsurps to shoot. I've been binging all of your videos and they're some of the best out there, short, to the point while being informative and enough humor to prevent it from getting bland.

  17. Not a great idea shooting Mk8z in a No 4, as it was designed for M/guns. The pressures are too high for the action DH..Read the pressure spec's.. too dangerous and a good way to f—-k a top rifle..

  18. I have a suggestion. I enjoy the target rifle reviews. But the rifles are normally out of the reach of working class stiffs like me. I would like to see your reviews with more affordable rifles . Maybe in the $1500.00 to $2000.00 range.
    With respect

  19. The greatest rifle ever produced. Those in the know will know of the mad minute and the .303 going through 3 men. AK47 only accurate at 300 yards can reach 600yds. Lee Enfield .303 5 Miles FULL RANGE. The Germans in First world war thought they falling on Machine Gun Fire. It was the Mad Minute of thousands of Squaddies they were facing. The rifle I was taught with.

  20. Hi buddy from England. Why are you loading from the top?? Why not drop the mag. An feed it that way. The 303 is a classic rifle.

  21. The .303 is a well regard hunting round here in New Zealand as well, but personally I've never seen one quite as neat as yours most are hacked to pieces and topped with tacky tascos 4x haha excellent review as always gents

  22. From my time within the Brit Army, we were allowed to declare only one shot in a zero grouping. Plus if you did declare a shot, you had to give a indication of were the round went, i.e. low right or 4 o'clock. If the fly away round wasn't in that indicated area your declared shot was included in your zero grouping size. Great content by the way. I would love to see you have a go with the L85A2.

  23. I've got a k31, Mauser, Springfield, etc, I load for them and they shoot very well, you guys put out great videos, keep em coming!

  24. Great video! I'm curious to know what you did to the trigger, and any other modifications that you may have done to make it shoot better. Keep up the good work!

  25. foul the day lights out of the barrel and then shoot for accuracy….. the progressive out of spec rifling is beyond the diameter bullets you are using. The British MOD were primarily concerned about reliability after they experienced North African conditions and "loosened" up tolerances. If an average soldier could nail the enemy in the torso that would be sufficient enough. Well for one thing you like rapid firing your rifle….. does that tell you anything? Your group shrinking is great but now you have vertical stringing… no match primers aren't going to do you any justice, sorry mate. Fix your vertical stringing and you'll have something.

  26. You can achieve sub MOA with this rifle if while reloading your ammo you don't resize the body of your spent cases after firing. The accracy problem that keeps this rifle from being a target rifle lies in the rather loose tolerances of the chamber, during war time this allowed dirt and grime to enter the chamber and the gun would still fire. Hence the rifles reputation for realibility, but this effects accracy. When you fire your rifle the case will expand to your chamber. Try just resizing the case necks next time and then check the accracy.

  27. British min acceptance standard was 4 out of 5 shots within a 4.5 MOA circle, the placement of the 5th hit was disregarded. The K98 min acceptance standard followed a similar rule considering the different CEP(circular error probability) method, where 5 out of 5 shots had to place within a 120mm circle (4.6 MOA) at 100 m with a common center. Obviously most of the rifles produced were far more accurate than this as it was after all the min acceptance standard. That said with actual German & British WW2 milsurp ammo I find the K98 to be the slightly more accurate rifle, but it only really shows when both rifles are scoped.

  28. I've shot a genuine 4t and it was a lovely piece to shoot. Very accurate, very well balanced and a joy to cycle the action.

  29. During the first and second world war the Germans and the British would routinely accuse each other of using dum dum type bullets for sniping. The truth of course was that the Lee Enfield and the German Gewher put large holes in people with normal bullets and a sniper will always use conventional rounds for accuracy.

  30. I'd like to see the test again with reloads. May I suggest you fire s-l-o-w-l-y with care. You're not under attack. I must take my two out again with my hand loads and give'em another go. Thanks.

  31. the best .303 ammo is always reloads with heavy ( 174gn) bullets. Having used HXP in the past, it was a good analysis of their groupings.

  32. Great video👍 what is your hunting load? Im currently using the 180gr PPU soft point factory rounds and saving the brass,then would like to reload them with the 174gr Woodleigh protected points, and see how they go. My old no4 mk1 sporter may be a bit rough around the edges, but usually the first rifle i grab out of the safe, especially for culling mobs of pigs off the bike here in western nsw Australia 🇦🇺 love the videos great shooting 👌

  33. I've still got mine that is mint and pulled out of the "mummy wrap" some thirty years ago….paid $49.95 for it.

  34. Interesting video. I have a no 5 that was nested in a plastic stock by someone else. When I got the rifle the barrel looked like a sewer pipe, but after three days & countless bronze brushes with J & B bore paste she cleaned up nicely. Groups shrank considerably. I bought a Lee loader & started handloading for it & the groups got even smaller. I mounted an old but verified Weaver K3 with the post & crosshair & off the bench at 100 yds. I put 3 rounds in 3/4". Over the years I have put the first & second shot thru the same hole at 50 yards. Say what you will about a no. 5, but mine shoots like a house a fire.

  35. I owned an SMLE 303 for many years it was cut down to a carbine with a fully floated barrel fitted with a 4 to 12 x50 scope it was very accurate but I never used military ammo because Australian military ammo was basically crap mercuric primers with cordite powder 174 grn bullets in a rifle that was better suited to 185 grn ammo my biggest regret is that I sold it I wish I still had it because it was a great rifle

  36. The ongoing electronic chirp tone in the background ruined the video for me. Maddening because I was interested and wanted to hear what you had to say. Dislike.

  37. Love this Rifle, my grandad still has his surplus one from the 60s. Was the first rifle I ever shot and got my first caribou with. But never had the scope on it. Just makes me think about all the British 303 surplus ammo box’s in his porch.

  38. Thanks for the great video. I’d like to know where you were able to find the ammo belt for your rifle?

  39. I have the No.4 Mk.2 Irish Contract enfield.BR-2 Lg RIfle primers, IMR4064 powder and SMK 174 .015 off the lands gives me 1.21 moa 10 shot groups (single loaded as per length of COAL). Surplus ammo was 4plus moa. Tried some Berger 190 VLDs in my other No.4 Mk.2 with a new .30cal (US) barrel, and can get moderately decent 5 shot groups (again single loaded) to .99 MOA at 100 yards. Bedded Stock, bedded action, 0000# steel wool polished trigger contact points, and iirc I even bedded the mount and locktited the rings with a Weaver V-16 F/C scope in Warne 1in Low rings.

    Edit; It is my go to hunting rifle for much of my NW US game. Killed my first elk, and the rifle killed my dads and my grandfathers elk the same day. Its bolt cycle is very smooth and makes follow up shots very easy.

  40. My old man has an original with original scope. Great rifle. A few years back I got him a repro scope tool but we have yet to ever take it out and really zero it. I have a No3* made in 1918 but it's fairly beat.

  41. Love the video. Never got my hands on either of those surplus loads; but my No4 loves the German MEN ammo. Best I've done is a 5 shot group at 1.2"; followed by another 5 shot at 2.0". Mine is a Savage 2-groove from 1942.

  42. My father used one in ww2 during the Burma campaign. Unfortunately due to uk gun laws it was handed back after serving in Japan. Would love to fire one an a range, but gladfully not experience what his ‘job was’ as he described it as.

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