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Hello everyvone. Im Şevkan Söner and this day with yours We will examine WE Glock 19 It is one of the best glocks on the market WE Glock 19 You can find the price from the link below İf you want open the box of the toy Here the weather is a bit windy Do not look at its fault Lets open his box classic User guide is coming and a That way you find the glock Lets get glock Lets get glock packing packing The Glock 19 is like that The glock 19 is shorter than 17 and 18 it is compackt toy look at the words above we see 19 austria 9×19 in the other side in there serial number made in taywan there is made in taywan you know And this is Gen 3 Im tell this is gen3 magazine is like gen 3 short ı dont like its 25 bond magazine Glock 17 magazine becomes Glock 19 but the space below remains ı dont now if you want to use you can but I think the view is bad the sight is classic 3-point The toy has blowback and what is blowback the toy go back
on every shot the toy has double safety without the second trigger you cant shot he has rail you can wear things like a laser flashlight The toys fps is 300 You can remowe the word of Made in Taywan This is my first glock i bought Glock 19 earlier ı have glock 17. 18 turned to embroidered glock 17 But my first toy is Glock 19 I would recommend it for the first toy the price is also really affordable really suitable compared to other toys If you want Let’s go to Glock 19 shot we are removing the magazine we take our bond I use 0.28 ı dont use 0.20 Let’s put the gas of course ım shot on the targets we have 2 targets like you see we are ideal for pistols weights are between 0.20 and 0.28 If you use 0.28 starts to fall after 25 meters while the distance is around 30 meters Lets shot again ım reloaading its finish the WE glock is like that can be bougt for the start if this is your first toy I recommend it you saw the shots that were promotional ım thank you for watch me if you want to see more of these videos, subscribe if you have a question about this toy go tu comment Goodbye for now


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