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MORE TASK ON YOUR FACE NATURAL REMEDY. Hello all the family I hope
Everyone is doing well, today I bring you homemade care
to remove facial imperfections, this remedy works 100%, suddenly go
in your kitchen start ^ look for alpe Vera plant, because it is with
her we are going to work. Then I wish you all
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because we publish every day Well This home remedy is very easy to
prepare and very effective in eliminating facial imperfections, which could
be caused by either the sun or because of age.
If you suffer from tasks caused either through
acne or bad body milk so
This remedy is excellent for treating this kind boredom.
main ingredient of this treatment to alleviate these
tasks is no more no less alpe vera , when we talk about beauty on all levels
then the alpe vera is never far away. With k’alpe Vera we are never disappointed,
because this real medicinal bomb like I nicknamed it is full of multiple advantages
in the field of beauty and health, alpe will see is
excellent against burns, this one allows to refresh the face, to strengthen
hair and bring it shine, if you also have infections or
itching in your intimate area, this plant is
excellent for dealing with this problem, by the way if you look in my videos
you’ll see that I talked about it So after cleaning your aloe will see,
you pass it to the mixer then you use a drummer to make it go up in snow, made
for a few minutes, when you go to the blender especially do not add
the water, you’re going to beat snow until get this gel, then you’re going to have to
add a little turmeric more exactly a tea spoon,
Then mixed very well Know that turmeric is
be used in masks to mitigate and
lighten the spots on our skin, this the remedy is excellent because it clarifies your
face, removes all impurities and helps remove buttons and tasks in little
of time. You will not regret it when you
go try it, if you repeat this process as explained then you will see the results
in so little time Because it is a treatment that refreshes
your skin and leave it softer and more delicate. After stirring very well, you should
hang a small amount you apply on your face by making gentle massages
and circular, leave to act for 20 minutes then rinse with plenty of water
and hydrate, for more efficiency do this 3 to 4 times a
week, the rest you can keep it in the refrigerator for next use,
this maximum for 3 days. Here it was tut for this video, I hope
that you will not only take into account of the recipe but also of the instructions
so I mentioned you above, do tell me about your experiences in the comments,
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