100 thoughts on “Eminem – Darkness (Official Video)

  1. How can people not realize that this song is, of course, to raise awareness about the gun control problem in the US, and that he raps about the point of view of the shooter before he did what he did, and also he's rapping about how he feels before he jumps on stage… This is real rap people, wake up. Learn to ear what he's saying

  2. Dear Eminem i really wish that this video you dont make….but in USA never will can stop the Lobby on weapon's,many power on N.R.A. + many caraless people(many youtubers famous) in USA = FATAL COMBO for innocent people,for students !!!! R.I.P. Stephen Paddock National Real American….lover…!P.S. Who will be the New Recordman American on speciality made in USA in mass shoting? Today the National Record American is "only" 59 KILL and 440 wounded….

  3. Very fucking deep yo…he just brought whole shit to life…what a sad situation…em back to his best for real tho 😨

  4. So this is off trending but everytime the migos come out with another garbage song it goes trending? Thank you libtards at YouTube

  5. I'm glad Eminem pointed out how The News Media profits from violence. Also it's great to see Eminem be political in a unique way(instead of saying fuck Trump like everyone else, I just find it annoying to hear after awhile).

  6. Think everybody needs to give Royce da 5’9 his due, he helped make this album a great fucking album, Great wordsmith and producer 👏🏼 thank you Royce

  7. I was in Vegas when the shooting happened, though I was not at the concert but we were locked down at the Mirage for about an hour. This song is very powerful.. my heart goes out to all the victims.

  8. That's the darkest video I've ever seen…but the truth of it brings tears to my eyes…what is wrong with humanity….why must we take lives for granted this country is the greatest in the world and all i see is abuse….why 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. I like the way this song sounds, but it’s just kind of weird how politicized this video/song is. I feel like it’s better if music is an escape from our crazy society, not a reminder of it and how horrible stuff is.

  10. my friend: who's your favourite rapper?
    me: eminem
    my friend: who's your favourite celeb?
    me: eminem
    my friend: say some body who's not eminem
    me: slim shady
    my friend: who's that?
    me: eminem

  11. I wonder why he didn't mention the nearly 1,000 people killed by police a year Or the two nypd officers killed by nypd cops hmmmmm

  12. Yo idk bout ya'll, but I've come to this song once every couple of days so far and I think the view counter is locked at 19 million.

  13. If this was still trending it would of been more then 19 million or 30 million views but youtube is just like damm this is deep let's not make that happen

  14. Yeah let’s ban guns because they kill people!!!… oh wait..the uk did that and shit like this still happens just instead with knifes and cars . So I guess we’ll have to ban those to 🤷🏻‍♂️

  15. This song hit me hard because I lost good friends in one of these shooting thanks em for letting people know 💪💪❤ your a legacy man

  16. This song gave me chills
    I had to take a minute to breath because THAT was a punch to the face
    – A punch to the gut
    – A punch to the stomach
    – Multiple kicks to my ribs..
    *wipes tears*😭

  17. While Eminem is great and always will be, I think we are missing the whole point. He didn't make this song just to show great he is; how many have to die before the rest of us care? Before a change happens. The way the video ended was amazing. Instead of being America that's so great, we are known for how many shootings we have. That's the America we live in now. "Another school shooting."

  18. This is the most genius rap song of all time…
    How can you describe a country in a few minutes?!
    This has to reach every damned screen, everyone should see this

  19. I dont know what he means by lets change the law. But this is a thing fire vs fire. Hard to swallow pill but if we take away protection from the innocent more innocent people will die.

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