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Egregious Misuse of Pistol by Off Duty from Buena Park | Active Self Protection

Friends there’s a simple but profoundly important standard for using a firearm or for drawing one and that is objective reasonable evidence of a deadly threat want to take your knowledge beyond the narrated videos join us on active self-protection extra and Subscribe for multiple videos every week to help you get better in your defensive skills. Hi, everyone This is John with today’s active self-protection lesson out of Buena Park, California. Here we are going to see an off-duty Buena Park officer who is going to act in an egregiously Irresponsible manner with his firearm and we’re going to learn significant and important lessons here about the legal aspects of Firearms use and the moral aspects of firearms use and when you can and cannot use your firearm We have something very interesting here in that the victim is actually going to walk us through this and give us a play-by-play So when he’s done, we’ll come back and think about some lessons from his perspective and from the officers I went – I saw some Mentos grab them and I put them on the counter and I gave the cashier $20 -Inaudible (Audio Footage) How much are these? – One nineteen So as he’s getting my change here he already gave me the loose change as he gives my change I grab the Mentos and put it in my left jacket pocket and as soon as I put it in my pocket Then I hear someone behind me with a loud voice say, “I’m a police officer. Take that out your pocket” “Hey, give that back, (inaudible) I’m a police officer “Put it back, put it back; Police officer, put it back” “I just payed for this” “Put it back” “He tried stealing that from you” “I just payed for this” “Get your cash and leave” Hey “Get your cash and leave!” “I just payed for this” Did he pay for this? Yes he paid for it. Yeah. He paid for it?! Are you sure? ‘Mmhmm’ My apologies sir, my apologies I go, “I just paid for that.” So I’m trying to explain to him that I just paid for that And he was just so adamant – about… you know – treating me like a criminal So just a normal day here until it’s not And that’s how you’re defensive encounter is going to go as we go back and think about Some lessons here this guy clearly had done nothing wrong and clearly I think anybody with a brain could see that this was an Unjustified use of force and should be called out as such. So this guy’s just doing his normal thing decides He wants to buy some mentos and think about now from this officer’s perspective as he walks in here Is there any evidence that there’s wrongdoing going on here… you notice here? I do want to say that the officer puts his hand in his pocket and that pocket is where his firearm is . I can’t tell you enough friends if you have a firearm in a pocket don’t put your Hand in that pocket unless you need to draw the firearm. Don’t play with your gun That’s a great time for administrative problems to have a negligent discharges So that was a mistake from the giddyup tells me he’s not thinking about firearms safety very carefully now as things go down You’re gonna see this guy here again. He’s just gonna pay for some Mentos. He’s paid for them. Is there any reasonable objective evidence of a deadly threat? There’s not whether you’re an officer or a regular CCW, you can’t pull a gun unless there is objective evidence that you needed that firearm to defend your life for others It’s the same for officers as anyone else. So he had absolutely no reason to draw his firearm here Even if the guy was stealing some Mentos, someone stealing Mentos is absolutely no reason to draw your firearm There’s no objective evidence here that this guy is violent or could be a problem in that vicinity Even if he’s a petty thief. So you cannot draw a firearm. I don’t care if you’re an officer or not This is not an effective use of a firearm, and not an authorized use of a firearm, and he should be Certainly fired for it and and and up on charges Now you notice that when he pulls a gun out of his pocket there. This is from the officer’s perspective pulls it out has a holster but then has to use both hands to get the Holster off the gun and that is a bad idea you want to have a pocket holster that stays in the pocket whether it’s got a clip or a wedge or something on it that Keeps it set that you can draw it with one hand And also notice his lack of firearm safety that he’s now pointing a gun at himself So you got it if you’re gonna carry in a perspective like pocket carry or something You got to know how you were going to go about doing that Now thankfully at least he doesn’t point the gun at him and he has good trigger finger discipline And I also want to say here from the perspective of this victim notice that he complies. I think that’s the right decision here I mean
Obviously, you’re not gonna wrestle a police officer for his gun or whatever But instead of arguing with him instead of giving him a hard time. What are you doing? You can’t do that I’m gonna you know, sue you or whatever. It just complies. Hey, no problem, man I’ll do what you want and then fight him in court let the lawyers deal with them and trust me the lawyers are gonna deal with this in a significant way and this poor victim is going to definitely earn you know, Get himself some money for his time and effort and the heartache that he has had to endure it here so friends listen I think that was a great decision on the victims part to just comply do what the officer said and get the heck out of There the officer here needs to be disciplined in a significant way and actually could be brought up on charges for aggravated assault Because of what he did with a firearm in an unjustified manner under California law, so we’ll see how that all plays out But let’s make sure we learn the lessons here only use our firearms in legitimate ways to cover our ASP

100 thoughts on “Egregious Misuse of Pistol by Off Duty from Buena Park | Active Self Protection

  1. Let me be clear: I am very pro-LE. I think LEO are some of the best people in our communities and they do a difficult job for little respect and relatively low pay. That said, I am not pro-bad-cop and not pro-abuse, and very much for keeping check on authority.

    Our community guidelines WILL be enforced in the comments. and in particular, read and abide by #10:

    In this vein, ASP believes that the vast majority of law enforcement officers (LEO) are good, hard working, honest people who do a job that really stinks for fairly low pay. Not only that, but as the community has grown it’s become apparent that their job is often done on behalf of people who are rude, disrespectful, and question every nuance of every word they say. As veterans we remember this same standard applied to the military and disagree with it on the grounds that they can’t possibly be perfect. We believe that they are generally good folk, generally looking out for average Joes and Janes, and require that conversations be respectful of their position of authority (Romans 13:1-7) and the job they do that you probably couldn’t. We really believe that every citizen should do 3 ride alongs with a cop before commenting on the job they do. We do not mind disagreement with a particular action of an LEO, and bad cops make us very angry. We won’t defend the actions of abusive cops any more than we defend the actions of any other abuser. That said, we will maintain respect for the office and function of LEO and ask that our fans do as well.

    To wit, using the slur "pig" is unacceptable in this space and will prevent you from further commentary.

    Call out this officer's actions. I did. Be mad. That's fine. Be critical of his actions. No problem. In all of that, be mindful of the boundaries we set.

    The vast majority of us are doing just that and I am grateful for it!

  2. Reasonable mistake, the customer paid for the mentos before the cop got there, all the cop saw was the guy quickly putting the mentos in his pocket and had not see him pay for them and therefore assumed that he is stealing them espacially considering all thr 7/11 robberies across the US. I think this is a reasonable mistake and the cop did apologize upon realising his mistake so I don't know what the uproar is all about.

  3. Clearly cop has daddy issues cop was in need of attention…he be like hey the cashier is part of my hong wong clan let me show off….

  4. If anyone can answer this please do so. If that cop was to be shot, would that have been justified jus for the fact that he didnt really know that it was a cop?

  5. Clearly, this police officer was playing the badass role. He shouldn’t be allowed to wear a badge. I have no problem with police officers that follow the rules and don’t let ego make them behave like this jerk. He could’ve easily shot someone. The clerk deserves a slap in the mouth too. The dude clearly paid for his mentos, he should’ve said something right away. The victim had terrible luck in the situation.

  6. As an Ex – police officer, any fellow cop that drew his weapon over a shoplifting incident would probably be fired or phased out..

  7. John, couldn't agree more! 120% on point, I would take this guy to court and go to his superiors!

  8. All cops are criminals! The so called "good cops" cover for bad cops and THAT makes them all bad. I am so glad cameras are everywhere to expose how crooked and corrupt they truly are!!!

  9. Thanks to the cop, The guy got a free gum, "Wait a minute" Was it just me? Did he just get his money back and got to take the Gum too. Big win for the guy.

  10. Jesus, even if the guy stole mentos there is no reason to pull a gun on him! That cop is a ticking time bomb, I hope he lost his job and got arrested for this.

  11. (when pulling the gun being a habit)

    and 1:43 how good the cashier, just turn on his silent mode 🔇.

  12. Hi, I think that the cop was off-duty, and as he had'nt his badge. I think that he wanted to reinforce his authority when saying "I'm a cop", by "just" showing his firearm. he didn't point it to the customer. It's really a bad use of firearm, and he should be sanctioned for that.

  13. I totally agree with you, John im glad he didn't challenge the officer, or try to scream and holler about his rites, compliance maybe saved his life. I comment so much on people need to comply with law enforcement, whether they are rite on wrong, let the LAWYERS figure it out.

  14. That retard should UNDERSTAND that human life is worth much more than mentos.

    What's next ? Shoot a guy smoking weed to stop him from breaking the law ?

  15. Imagine if the dude was carrying. And was like I felt I was in danger cause a dude pulled a weapon and says he’s a cop, then used it on him. 🤷‍♂️

  16. What the officer did was very ,very stupid!!! could you please do a follow up on this story? I would like to know if any action was taken on this officer thank you so much for showing these videos they are so very important for everyone to watch!!We could all learn something from them!!

  17. I subscribe to this channel but I'm going to need a better explanation of why the officer is egregiously wrong here. It looks like the cop thought he was stealing, sure the perp is only stealing candy but how does the officer know that's all that's going on here?
    What about counter ambush and being prepared?

    I feel like if this guy was in a different video where he was robbing the place and pulled a gun you would be celebrating the officers reaction skills.

  18. That off duty officer was right to make sure coz the guy acted as thou he was stealing.. even me I thought at first the same, look closely his body language!!

  19. The schmuck that pull the gun needs to stop watching too many lethal weapon movies, he's freaking walking liability!!!

  20. Miracle he was not murder'd by the cop. INNOCENT man being treated like criminals..They do this EVERYDAY to people now..I won't even speak to a cop.. offered my table to some officer's so they would have a seat for lunch..Treated me like I kicked they're dog..Can't stand police after that..

  21. If the Mentos guy was armed would he be in the right to engage the person who pulled a gun on him. Mentos person life was at risk and I was trying to put me in that situation.

  22. Sure would like to know what happened to that officer so out of line,can you say accidental shooting has to be a shield gun toting rookie

  23. Dude your videos rock but you should go to the gym man. Active protection is also staying fit and strong in the fight. If your not strong and explosive it puts you at a huge disadvantage

  24. To protect and to serve….not to harass and humiliate…

    I hope the poor guy pressed charges….but he probably didn't

  25. That fake ass cop needs to be fired and brought up on charges! The cashier needs his ass whipped for not saying anything. The guy, that was a victim of aggravated assault, should’ve gotten more information, went to the police station and file charges on that asswhole that was pretending to be a cop

  26. So pro LE. All police do is defend the wealthy and politicians. They criminalize the innocent. Cops earn the hate. The only good cop in the land of the slave, USA, is the cop taking the room temperature challenge. Bootlicking civilians too. Be sure to thank these heroes for me. More like zero's.

  27. John you and everyone else is wrong, this guy is a criminal. Look at 1.38 minutes, the guy steels a pen on the counter. There was not a reason for the gun but this guy is a criminal not a victim.

  28. Just an ignorant, power-tripping cop. You just know this is a foreshadowing of a much bigger screw-up in this cop's future

  29. If he had thought that guy stole the mentos, he could have simply asked him to put them back without drawing a gun… that cop is a dangerous idiot!

  30. I have a question here, if anybody comes at you with a gun saying he is a police officer should you just believe it? In that case, is it justified that you draw your own weapon and shoot him to defend yourself?
    I think if the guy had a gun and shoot that cop he could be on his right, because he did not know that he was a cop effectively, is just a guy with a gun pointing at him, from his point of view could be a normal self defense action. Otherwise, any criminal can come at you saying he is a cop and you just have to believe it and not defense yourself…
    Is it like that or am I wrong?

  31. Now if that was a CCW holder instead of a cop he would have his CCW permit suspended…..Let's suspend that officers credentials for a few months !!! He's an IDIOT !

  32. Was the officer arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law or did he take a paid vacation followed by a stern talking to? I guess it depends on whether or not this nation have one system of justice or two…

  33. “You tried stealing that”… No officer ! I paid for it! … don’t lie to me… grab your cash and leave. Lmao 😂

  34. I suspect this capper has already killed in the line of duty and gotten away with it. And if I'm wrong, I predict he will.

  35. Guns seems to make a lot of tough guys. Some people seem so dependent on it. Hope they never forget it. They would have to change underwear if a situation arose.

  36. If cops pull out their gun on someone for something trivial, like the convenience store confrontation, imagine what they'll do when they become butthurt cuz someone is calling them a piece of shit?

    How about showing those videos where cops are pointing their guns at unarmed civilians while screaming at the top of their lungs, that they're going to blow the civilians' heads off, because the civilians have dared to question the cops' actions in any way, shape, or form.

  37. If cops pull out their gun on someone for something trivial, like the convenience store confrontation, imagine what they'll do when they become butthurt cuz someone is calling them a piece of shit?

    How about showing those videos where cops are pointing their guns at unarmed civilians while screaming at the top of their lungs, that they're going to blow the civilians' heads off, because the civilians have dared to question the cops' actions in any way, shape, or form.

  38. This is an officer who needs some time off and some counseling.

    Great that we are LEO friendly but that includes calling for them to get the help they need to stay safe and effective.

  39. Asian cop asian cashier, I blame the cashier for not stepping up and saying he paid for it. That said the cop needs to be shot.

  40. Cop was way overzealous, but the cashier should have cleared it up IMMEDIATELY. He just stood there and let the whole thing unfold until after the fact. Smdh.

  41. Leo should be charged Sam as anyone for pulling guns when not faced with a weapon. We used stronger ROE in Iraq than they do here, against our own people. Pathetic.

  42. Remember to film live when dealing with officers like this one, if he would draw his gun on a man doing nothing wrong is he above deleting footage.

  43. It looks to me at about the 1:20 mark the officer thinks these two are together and makes his decision about his perceived character of the victim, in big part based upon the other individual with the shorts, flannel shirt and cigarette in his mouth.

    The other thing here that is strange here is since the police officer felt this guy was a threat enough to pull out his gun, you would think that he would then have him drop to his knees, cuff him and then follow through with investigating the potential crime. He would have called for backup, identified the individual searched his vehicle etc. I have never seen a cop pull his gun on someone and just tell him to leave. That to me is just as if not more questionable than him pulling his gun in the first place.

    Perhaps there was a split second epiphany that he had after pulling the gun, that he realized that he fucked up and just wanted to get out of this situation.

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