21 thoughts on “Eddie Ray Routh found guilty in ‘American Sniper…

  1. We really should not require unanimous verdicts. Unanimity tends to indicate group-think, if not actual corruption. Individuals with doubts are generally not courageous enough to voice those doubts to a group unless and until they see someone else dissenting from the majority opinion.

    There is greater wisdom in the rule followed by Jewish courts, in which a unanimous verdict results in a mistrial.

  2. He won't have to worry about being "ignored" by anyone in a Texas Prison. Oh know he will be everyones girlfriend new meat on the block.

  3. Treyvon,mark brown,Garner, and many many more where killed by sane men none of these men where sentenced for murder . You want to sit behind your PC and say blacks are treated just as whites you must be out of your fuckin mind. You would wonder why blacks are pissed of ,because whoever is push to the wall is bound to push black. American Sniper ? More like a stupid murderous ( licensed) fuck,who takes a sick person to a gun range? I am glad they got killed and not any other innocent bystander who knew nothing of the decision of this praised killer and his friend.

  4. to be honest this guy didn't ptsd he is completely sane in the first place. He is there to be glorified by the national media.

  5. These are the present day young guns of Texas. Billy the Kid started all this.it's mysterious how history repeats itself.

  6. His actions did the world a favor by ridding it of another lying raciest stereotype texan piece of shit. And other racist ignorant stereotype texans will be pissed off about it so he payed the price for doing good

  7. Can't even recognize him from his other pics. Fat fuck. If he has PTSD so do I. From battlefield 4. Fuck you! Rip Chris Kyle dope movie man true hero!

  8. There are other reasons for PTSD, but Routh never acutally served in combat. I'm not trying to say vets who didn't serve in combat and have PTSD are stupid or anything but the jury obviously had a reason not to believe his plea for temporary insanity.

  9.  Eddie Ray Routh is a HERO! He did the entire world a huge favor by doing away with a cowardly monster! Routh does not deserve prison, but a pardon! 

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