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Easy Shotguns 101 [Payday 2]

Shotguns 101 is a pretty straightforward achievement
for most of us but for some, the accuracy requirement can
be a stumbling block. And that’s why we’re here today, for an easy method to getting, the Shotguns 101 achievement. But before we learn how to do so, let’s first understand the requirements. All shots fired, have to be from a shotgun. Then we’ll need to end the heist, with at least 50 kills and a 101% accuracy. Now that’s the difficult part. You see, shots fired indeed can only be from
shotguns, but that doesn’t prevent us from using melee,
sentries or throwables, which doesn’t affect our accuracy at all. See what I’m getting at yet? So all we need, is a good double kill (or
200% accuracy), before chalking up the rest with melee, sentries
and throwables. The fun or weird part here is that civilians
count, both towards our kills and accuracy when using
bullet weapons. And what better way to get a double kill, than a crowded store with people just standing
around? Hint: Ukrainian Job. So load it up on Normal and bring along a
high spread shotgun like the Grimms. Grab that double or even triple kill and then
work on the rest, with said melee, sentries and throwables. The tedium here would be keeping track of
the 50 kills, which can be easily solved with a HUD mod. Or we could also count it manually, which
is what I did. And that, is the easy way to get Shotguns
101. Stay awhile for some clips and gameplay, and I’ll see you in the next video.

4 thoughts on “Easy Shotguns 101 [Payday 2]

  1. I can't get more than 100% accuracy, i kill 4 civilian in one shotusing shotgun, then do 67 mele kills on cops and didn't get the achievement

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