7 thoughts on “Earthquake Warning – TechKnow

  1. Imagine IR sensors on the front of vehicles which could alert drivers to animals near or crossing the raod.

  2. One of the things that they are not saying is, that your gun can now be tracked, and more than likely it can be disabled by the government just like the newer cars.

    this is just another to track guns!!!

  3. you cannot prevent a major disaster .. the best way to protect the coast where there cascadia subduction zone is to systematically slowly move all populated zones away from the perimeter of the destruction zone ..a warning to a 50' wall of water is bullshit.. the cascadia quake is coming and soon .. you guys know piss squat about this .. check out the stats over the last five-six months.. a warning system is a waste of time.. you know you're goin to die.. big whoop.. the recent actions of all shelves as well as the predicted time footprint of the cascadia is imminent and pointing to the biggest alarm bells and the biggest thriller movie the pacific coast has seen in this lifetime..you're too late folks.. way way too late ..

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