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Dying Light New Update – New Weapons From Left 4 Dead 2 | FREE DLC & NEW COMMUNITY EVENT | 2019

Hey what is up guys welcome back to my channel. and today we are going to be talking about the latest Dying Light Community Event and the latest Update that just came out for Dying Light So the latest patch is 1.21 Which fixes alot of things in the game and adds Some really cool weapons in the game So in the latest update the game has added a new community event called Dying Light meets Left 4 Dead 2 Its a really cool cross over event. and the event starts from today October 24 and will end on October 28 So yeah its currently like on all platforms PS4 PC and Xbox One. So you can go right now and play this community event , in this event the game has added some new iconic weapons from Left4Dead 2 in Dying Light. So in order to access these new weapons from Left4Dead 2 in Dying Light You would need to finish some quest that comes with the event. So there are 3 special bounties to get the gold versions of these weapons and another 3 to get the orange tier versions of these weapons. So in order to access these quests you would need to open you inventory and then go to the quest section scroll down and look for the community event section and select any one of the quest you see here. So for eg in order to get the gold version of the golf club you would first need to select Chasing The Turtle quest So in this quest you would need to enter the stuffed turtle which is in slums , Its a quarantine zone So you would need to enter it and collect all the disaster relief packages that’s in the quarantine zone. In total there are actually 5 disaster relief packages. Once you collect all 5 of them you will get a gold version of golf club in your inventory , as soon as you re done collecting all. You should check your inventory because you will get the item Now once done with that quest you can move to the second quest which is In The Belly Of The Mountain its a quarantine zone called Bright Mountain Tunnel which is in Slums Again You would need to enter it and collect 5 disaster relief packages and once done you will get the Gold version of frying pan. And again its another weapon from Left4Dead 2. Now for the final weapon you would need to select Dragon’s Hoard quest This again is a quarantine zone which is in Old Town. This zone is called Stripped Dragon Hotel You would need to enter it and collect 5 Disaster Relief Packages and once you get all of them You will get the gold version of Electric Guitar In your inventory So in total yes there are 3 iconic weapons from Left4Dead 2. Now there are other quest too which will actually give you orange versions of these weapons. So in order to get the orange versions of these weapons you would need to kill at least 200 Viral’s in total to get all of these weapons. So for eg Kill 200 viral’s for electric guitar and 100 viral’s for frying pan and 50 for golf club. Also while you are doing the quest you actually roam around the map and you will find something unusual in the game. The amount of viral’s that you see in the game has been Increased, So doesn’t matter where you go the viral’s will always follow you They will always be behind you in Hordes. So yeah in the community event there are hordes of viral’s in the game. Also the quartermaster will be giving out free guns for everyone who wants to kill these viral’s . So you can go to the quartermaster and get yourself some guns from him for free. Also save zones will be giving you ammo for all these guns , so you will never run out of ammo. Also in this latest update the devs have fixed some minor bugs and they have fixed the issue where the game use to crash in Old Town for the Japanese version of the game. All these issues have been fixed. Now you might be wondering well now we have all the weapons what about the blueprint ? because once the weapon breaks there is no way to actually recreate this. So how exactly you will get the blueprint. So in order to get the blueprint for these weapons You will first need to participate in the event So in order to participate you can kill anyone of these viral’s or just go and complete all these quest for the weapons. Once you are done participating you will need to wait for the event to end. So on October 28 19:00 CET time , The event will end and starting from that day the developers will be distributing the blueprints to everyone So yeah wait for the event to end and everyone will get the blueprints slowly. So guys that’s it for the latest update of Dying Light , Hope you guys enjoyed this video and comment below what do you guys think about this event and i am going to see you guys in my next video. Good Night Good Luck.

100 thoughts on “Dying Light New Update – New Weapons From Left 4 Dead 2 | FREE DLC & NEW COMMUNITY EVENT | 2019

  1. Hello BestGamerAli

    For years I love DL 1 and have long wanted new cool weapons and must say waooooo the 3 are awesome!

    I've never played Left 4 Dead before, but I want even more cool new weapons for DL ​​1!

    So DL makes a lot more fun;)

  2. Wow even some weapons have the same noises in Left 4 Dead 2 good job Dying Light also just saying who else sees that some companies doing crossovers for Left 4 Dead 2 like if you agree

  3. “Iconic l4d weapons”
    AKA generic items that people have been using as weapons for years, but because Valve are marketing assholes they are heavily connected to their game for some reason.

  4. God im new to this game so i was wondering how could these zombies so hard to kill? I didnt know the controls well and there were too many virals! 😂😂😂

  5. Hey Best Gamer Ali i just wanted to say that your making Great Videos! and keep up the good work i love dying light and i bought it because of you and i like your videos they are well done and i also wonder if you wanted to play some day or maybe i can help with a video some time 😀 Have a good day 🙂

  6. Thank you very much for explaining the process for the event. Apparently Google doesn't use keywords for when I tried searching "dying light x left 4 dead event location quest how to get started" 🤔

  7. me, a pc gamer:
    Left 4 dead 2 dyling light mod pack made by techland? awesome!

    console players who have never played left 4 dead:

  8. As someone who just bought this game in the Steam sale and it playing it for the first time, this event is horrible! I can't even complete the First Assignment because there are hordes of virals everywhere. Experienced players might enjoy the challenge but being brand new and dying 30+ times trying to activate the first safehouse sucks. If I didnt know this was a temporary event I'd have returned the game for a refund.

  9. Ughhh I made a super big mistake.Played Rainbow6Siege instead of DyingLight…How I supposed to do this…But I want to be sure about one thing.Are L4D2 weapons will be always available to use? I just read the description and the answer is yes 🙂
    But what about the event?When it'll end?As I see in the comments it's probably over :'(
    You still inform us faster than live streams(xDDDD) and I hope you answer to my comment ^^

  10. I bought this game cause there was a super Steam offer, but I must say that as a first time game experience with all these fast zombies it is really not much playable.. I'll wait till the end of the event lol

  11. My ps4 broke and I beat this event and had over 100 hours of game play put into my world…

    1 like=0.1% that my ps4 will be fixed…

  12. When this shit is going on how the fuck i can finish my single player game? I got 0 time to relax or do missions cos endless virals are hitting my butt and alerting every hostile there is.

  13. For dying light 2 Imagine if the last city was harran and the final boss was crane or the last mission was to find a cure to turn crane back into a human being and go on a rampage destroying the GRE

  14. Hey BestGamerAli, I messaged you before but didn’t realise that you replied. If it is ok with you, could you please give me some gold weapons? If not then it’s ok I understand. If you do want to give me some gold weapons though, could you please send me a message on PS4. Psn: OmgAshleyBtw

  15. Lets make a petition so they can let us Toggle this mode "on" and "off" at will. Because I cant get enough of it. I LOVE THIS!

  16. I started a new game bcs I lost my saves… Now I`m Lvl 5 and got no fckn chance! Help, how can I disable this nightmare?

  17. Did it end today? I started my game up and all I see are events about potions and nothing else wondering if I missed it.

  18. I have been facing the issue some others have recently faced, which is that we did not receive the L4D weapon blueprints after the event was complete (even though I murdered like 5000 virals, which was my personal contribution). I don't know why this glitch is happening, but I thought I would post this comment so others would maybe relate to this issue as well so the devs can possibly fix this mistake.

  19. Is it me or this game got easier when the new update came out (1.20) i started from a new save file and i know i older versions like 1.16 zombies would need god knows how much hits from a water pipe to die from 1.20 the game was so easy i would kill zombies with pipes in 3 hits human AI have much less health and demolishers too another thing i noticed is that virals or the zombies that run actually dont spawn that much i know when something exploded or when i fell trough the roof there will be at least 5 of them and now there is barely 1 chasing you
    Note: im playing on normal difficulty

  20. Why did this event last only 4 days and not at least a week. I missed out on all this chaos because I was 4 days late. I’m not mad just disappointed that this crossover lasted for so little time.

  21. What they need to do is give us backpack space for 18 weapons, not including the 4 you can have equipped, only 14 is so annoying! Should be 18 at least

  22. I wish i can get those weapons why oh why i all ways miss the events, i hate how the game don’t show me any notifications they just gave me “There a new update for Dying light enhanced edition” and bla bla bla yada yada yada.

  23. So I wasn't able to participate due to school and my wifi out, will I still get the weapons update later now that I'm connected? I really want that frying pan

  24. Alguém ai chegou a pegar a guitarra dourada, ñ deu tempo pra min pegar, alguém ai consegui duplicar pra min ?

  25. I got gold blueprints but my boyfriend got blue ones. I don't get why. We did almost the same as far as I know. Any ideas?!

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