Dying Light – How To Get Last Hope Weapon From Dying Light 2 | New Docket 2019

hey what is up guys welcome back to my
channel and in this video I’m going to be showing you guys how to get the last
hope of weapon in dying light. Now for people who don’t know the last hope weapon
that was recently added in the game is actually the weapon from dying light 2
this is the weapon we have seen in the dying light trailer gameplay and the
latest trailer that was out today so in order to get this weapon you will have
to enter a docket code that is called hope never dies now for people who don’t
know how to redeem the docket code well you have to go to website make sure you either sign up or login if you already have an
account and once you do that enter the docket code and redeem it once redeemed
make sure to click on the linked account and link your Steam xbox or either
your PlayStation account once done go back to your game and go to the
quartermaster’s to see you will have a new docket that’s called dying light a bonus
docket 18 that’s the docket if you get that docket redeem it and you will see
that you have unlocked a last hope weapon it will actually be a blueprint
so you will need a weapon to create that weapon so you can use any one of these
weapon but make sure it’s unmodified the weapon will be either a pipe a crowbar a
wrench a small hammer military shovel one-handed axe or a pickaxe use any one
of these weapon to create the last hope weapon go to the blueprint section
scroll down and you will see Last Hope blueprint and once you have a weapon in
your inventory the unmodified weapon go and select the last hope and once the
weapon is created add either Kings or clickers and then go to blueprints again
and add your favorite blueprint on it I have added god hammer so you can choose
any one of these and once done go out and enjoy so guys if you enjoyed this
video make sure to leave a like I was not able to make a short video like the
animation types that you used to do before because for some reason the
animation and skins for this weapon are actually missing in dying light
developer tools so It wasn’t working so hope you guys enjoyed it and make sure
to leave a like and subscribe to this channel for more content and i am
gonna see you guys in my next video bye-bye

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