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Duty vs. Target Ammo | Episode #23

What’s important to think about when we
look at Duty Ammo/Carry Ammo vs. Target Ammo, is not just the type of projectile and the
velocity of the projectile, but the QUALITY of the projectile.
And the quality of the entire cartridge. This is an entire cartridge. We have the bullet,
and the totality of it is the cartridge. So if someone says give me bullets, technically
they are just talking about the projectile that comes out of the end.
But where I’m going with all this with the quality is, with carry ammunition the primers
are sealed. They are built to be rugged. They are built to handle moisture variation,
hot, cold, things of that nature… and still function when needed.
Some of this stuff is being carried around in people’s pistols for months, and even
years. And you want to know when it’s actually time to deploy it, to use it that it’s actually
going to go bang. The cheap target stuff that you’re purchasing
does not have sealed primers, meaning that moisture can leak in between the primer pocket,
which is right here, inside of the cartridge case where the powder is stored. Whereas the
quality stuff is sealed up. You need to think about that. This stuffs
not cheap either. I’ve got this box of Winchester Rangers,
this is $33 for a box. And your going to want to be practicing with this stuff too. It’s
almost two-to-three times the cost of practice ammo, but it’s going to do something completely
different. Another thing I’m going to point out about
this stuff is, vs. a practice grade ammo… by the way, this NATO rated ammo here. This
is not really a practice ammo. This is what our boys are carrying in their
Berettas overseas. This is what’s being issued.
NATO means that it’s loaded to a higher velocity.
So what I’ve got laid out here right now, these are all very popular brands. Every one of these six that are here (and there are others… this is just what we had in our
inventory), are all proven in the field. By concealed carry scenarios and law enforcement.
Every one of these has been used time and again to stop a threat.
Things we want to think about. Reliability. Ability to expand quickly and dump all their
energy… so they don’t pass through their intended target and continue on to cause collateral
damage. Why do I need all this? Why not just use one
for everything? Well, as we know this stuff might work perfect
in my Glock, but shoot poorly in a Beretta… Or vice-versa.
You have to find the ammo that works best in your particular pistol. And when we are
talking best, not just the ability to make nice tight groups. We are talking about the
reliability of feeding. Back in the old days hollow point ammunition
was known to not feed reliably. All these manufactures have done so much testing, they’ve
created a radius to help them feed through the feed ramps. Hey, thanks for watching. This is Mickey with
Carry Trainer dot com. We appreciate that you guys take the time to view this stuff.
Concealed Carry is a lot more than bullets, guns, and holsters. It’s a lifestyle.
You need to train with this stuff. Don’t just buy it. Having it and putting it on you
does not make you safer, in fact it makes all of us a lot less safe if you’re out
there in the public untrained. Train hard. Always be learning. There are
no absolutes in this world, especially when it comes to weapons.
Carry Trainer dot com

2 thoughts on “Duty vs. Target Ammo | Episode #23

  1. your videos are so informative, just what i am looking for as a new gun owner. thank you for doing this. also, the random facts that you throw in along the way are awesome.

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