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DUPO-28 Shotgun Slugs – Steel Fragmenting Slug

What do you do with some Clear Ballistic gel that had gotten a little bit dark Well, you make your own mold out of a giant gummy bear Today we will be shooting some Dduplecs Dupo 28 steel slugs and these have 6 razor-sharp teeth that fragment when they hit something We set up six of our ballistic gel gummy bears I want to thank William from the Wound Channel for donating the gel to us We put these on a table at our shooting range and shot them at a range of about 20 yards Our guest shooter today is Doug and I want to thank him for helping make this video Well, you hand a stranger a gun he never shot before… well, at least he got a good shot right in the ear balls (That’s a joke, Sheldon) He definitely did better on the second shot KAPOOYA!!! Right in the face! When this slug hit the first gummy bear The steel teeth immediately separated and flew in six different directions The main body of the slug continued on It went through 3 of the heads then it started skimming across the tops of the heads We will be using these in future videos because these are awesome! Let’s look at the damage The first bear took the brunt of the impact It started skimming across the tops of the heads on bears 4 and 5 Bear one was hit in the eye you can see the teeth immediately splayed out You can see the tracks left in the gel from the teeth in bear 2 Bear 3 doesn’t have any damage from the teeth Matt wanted us to shoot a REAL 5lb. gummy bear whoo hoo! Unfortunately that was the thinnest part of the bear The bear was no match for this heavy steel slug The bear DID slow down the velocity of the slug so much that we did not have any “hydro-shock” in the water jug Let’s look at the damage The slug did a lot of damage if you look inside you can see it stopped the steel teeth Here is our water jug. It still has the cap on it. Normally when you hit a jug of water with a slug the jug will almost disintegrate from the hydroshock These slugs are normally used for hunting This one of the steel teeth These slugs are made in Latvia and they really are STEEL a few viewers actually tried to tell me otherwise If you have any suggestions to shoot at these bears Please leave a comment! Thanks for watching!!!

100 thoughts on “DUPO-28 Shotgun Slugs – Steel Fragmenting Slug

  1. throw them at matt from demo ranch . why he still refuses to stop making self lookin like an idiot. why you ask. he plays with a manaquin. wich lowers his subs an viewers.

  2. Can you guys produce a FAQ video where you explain why you don't for example use Breechloaders (which has been laughed at, but never explained) and other Frequently Asked Questions.
    Such videos are great as annotations for the people new to the channel.

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  4. That big music screen at the end made me laugh, I immediatly thought this was made for the people always asking for it in the comments

  5. Im only commenting because i want to spread my profile picture. Its SeaNanners. Also Is it possible to shoot a liquid?

  6. Can you do a ballistic teddy bear test with your magnet shot? I'd be very curious to see if they would hold together as they travel through the gel! It would be a miracle, but that wouldn't be the first surprising thing on this channel! Haha

  7. Have you considered shooting one of those fragmenting slug into your 1 inch thick lead plate to see what kind of impact it would make? I've remember the bismuth slug and how that crumbled and stuck in the impact crater, but how do you think a slug that fragments in a more regular pattern would fair?

  8. Love these videos so much! It'd be pretty funny to see a gummy bear hit with something slow and heavy – Jeff, do you know anyone who has a musket?

  9. You should do a video about how to become a friend with anyone. It will help me a lot!!! Also how to get laid or get out of your basement would be cool too. Thanks!

  10. Why feed em lead when you can feed em steel instead? Dinner is served! I've captured a few of these slugs before, and just like the fragments there is zero deformation. Very nasty rounds they are.

  11. I dislike "like R.I.P. for a shotgun"…. considering how long these have been around and also the fact that it's got an integrated polymer band and wedge… not to mention reliable, consistent separation between petals….

    R.I.P. rounds are new and have neither of those things…

    the video by brassfetcher is really telling and confirms the companies claims on the incredible shock these impart creating a huge temporary wound cavity….

    surprised that first gummy didn't just disintegrate… probably too small to capture that kind of shock though…

  12. What do they mean by a rang going "cold" and why did they have to wait for 20 minutes? I thought cold just meant no fire-ready guns where around.

  13. how did i miss this video?!?!!?!!! good to hear someone else say "earballs" lolz and so appropriate too! they really do have li'l round earballs! "right in the face!" love it!

  14. Yeah once I get my mill and lathe up on the stand and running, and get some more resin I'mm make some resin/steel and resin/aluminum rounds for it.

  15. How about a hollow point slug filled with gunpowder and capped with a .22 blank to keep the powder in and ignite the gp on impact?

  16. Those slugs are brass. It was being magnetized by the gamma rays produced by the video camera. Biology 101 stuff. No need to reshoot the video. Just throw up a correction citing me during the offending segment.

  17. I don't know if you've tried this, but what about slugs made from bone or solid antler? That could be interesting if you can find someone to make some.

  18. haven't found anything worth shooting a hexolit 32 with, but man when you shoot a dupo 28 it sounds like a car crashes

  19. Testing Self defense at 20 yards WTHF,,, 10yards is still 30 feet which is two or more rooms in normal residence… and you MIGHT shoot at BG (Bad Guy) at that distance across your yard… Testing for Long or longer Range Accuracy is a different test to complete self defense info on a particular round of ammo. Wet Phone Books bound together AND Clay block are bother excellent medium to COMPARE Ammo from one type to another. davzway

  20. Need to reupload as ballistic gummy origin story!
    shot in the ear by a random stranger. These ballistic gummy beasts relentlessly stalk the taofledermaus ranges in search of revenge!

  21. Have you created a video, or tried any of the ammunition with the ELP projectiles?
    Several Synergy Business Development divisions, including the Extremely Lethal projectile (ELP) division, were recently acquired by SAMS Small Arms Munitions Systems ( and the products are shown on this site. If you have, plan to create or know of video’s that I can link to please let me know?

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