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Duelling Pistol by Twigg & Bass Gun Review

duelling pistol by Twigg and Bass historical flintlock pistol hi it’s AlaskaGranny I wanted to share
with you this beautiful gun that I have as a collectible its gun that I’ve never fired and never expect to fire I love it and I enjoy having it i’ts by
Twigg and Bass it is a dueling pistol from Great Britain
and this gun was manufactured between 1788 in 1790 it has a molded walnut full stock with sharply checkered grips this is
just beautiful can see how checkered it is and it’s
gorgeous it is browned key fastened Damascus octagonal barrel and it is beautiful it has a smooth bore it has a ten and a half inch long barrel the entire gun is 16 inches long if you look closely it has some gold on it which is very rare and very beautiful it also has dual sights which are very unusual and rare for this time period it has a
little sliding safety on it even so it’s a flintlock you can see the gold in the pan and it’s very pretty so I thought you
enjoy seeing how pretty this is it’s a takes a 68 caliber ball the tool that is here that you would
use to push in the ball or clean the barrel isn’t removable anymore and I’m not
going to try to get it out because I don’t want to damage this beautiful gun I will turn it over so you can get a look
at it and show you some of the beautiful engraving on this side trying to hold it in the sunshine so you can really get a good look
at it nothing like the SUN to show you detailing I think this is a beautiful gun and I hope I have shown you enough so you can enjoy getting a good look at it please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

2 thoughts on “Duelling Pistol by Twigg & Bass Gun Review

  1. It looks like its in good condition and could be fired. Would make a great grouse gun with some bird shot down the barrel. 

  2. So, where'd you get it?   And by the way, the idea of a safety on a Flintlock firearm doesn't sound the best to me..

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