100 thoughts on “DUBSTEP GUNS

  1. I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS BY CORRIDOR Omg, such nostalgia, I recently found corridor crew and started watching them and saw this pop up there in one of the videos and I was mind blown!

  2. CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE DO MORE WITH DROP SQUAD? These guys are cool as f*ck and I'd totally watch a movie about them!

    Imagine this to some Carpenter Brut! Every fight could be a new piece of music! IF you MAKE the music too, the soundtrack would be an awesome thing to sell, and it gives you complete creative freedom!

  3. Guys, I believe you need to see dubstep gun in this clip;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfOSp_EwJKA

  4. I want a remake-sequel to this now that your talents and abilities have evolved over the last 7 years.

  5. I just recently discovered Corridor crew vidoes and I canzt believe it was the makers of this video I saw in 2011 when I was a Freshman in college

  6. Wtf how is this 8 years ago…

    2011:dubstep guns
    2111:actual dubstep guns

    Edit: if dubstep guns actually
    exist they would be in area51

  7. I remember this being featured in an =3/ RayWilliamJohnson video way back!
    Can't believe how much those guys have grown, I'm currently going through their entire catalogue and enjoying the heck out of my evening 😀

  8. I remember seeing this 8 years ago as a twelve year old and thinking this is is the best video ever, honestly… not much has changed

  9. I remember watching this back in middle school, and now I’m wondering how much fun you guys had with the visual effects and such. I could honestly watch this shit for hours.

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