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DUAL WIELD Airsoft Pistols – FULLAUTO Glock 18c

What’s up guys? Today, I go with volume instead of precision. The two pistols I am using for this experiment are Glock 18Cs made by Tokyo Marui. Besides aiming, the biggest handicap I am having with these two guns is the insanely long reload time. Each pistol can do 22 RPS, so I can blast away the enemies with 44 BBs per second. Which easily makes up for the long reloading time. Not just the insane volume that these pistols are pumping out is an advantage, but also the horrifying noise they make. When I pull the trigger, everybody around just gets back to cover immediately. I have zero aim with these things. Maybe I should, like, hold them parallel? Or like this, I have no idea. The Glock 18Cs by Marui are really not the most reliable pistols. And especially the plastic slide cracks very easily. Anyhow, those are the Glocks with the highest rate of fire on the market. And that’s why I chose them for this video. The Glock in my left hand is a brand new Marui pistol, but it sometimes light strikes, even though I’m using very weak gas. Alright, first experience with two Glocks, it was a lot of fun to play with. I liked how you just put so much volume out of these things, it’s just a wall of BB flying towards the enemy. You can’t really miss anything, I mean it’s 44 BBs per second. And since they have a little recoil and you only hold them with one hand, you like go like… In all directions. It’s really this wall flying towards the enemy. You can’t really aim, at least I can’t do it. I’m not, you know, I didn’t practise with two Glocks. But maybe you can hold them parallel somehow. Biggest problem was reloading. Like there was this one situation, I popped around the corner, shot a lot of guys, and then the guys saw that I ran out of ammunition. I like tried to reload like this. But it is not that slow, but it still, too slow. So the guy jumped around the corner and ‘Bang banged’ me which was very nice of him, that he didn’t shoot me in the face. Because I was totally helpless. Hope you guys enjoyed the video, I will see you guys next Thursday.

100 thoughts on “DUAL WIELD Airsoft Pistols – FULLAUTO Glock 18c

  1. I would recommend firing them in small bursts, alternating which gun is firing. This way you can aim and it extends the overall ammo capacity but keeps both guns in your hands, and both are at the ready for when people vet in close

  2. Hi..i'am your biggest fan here in philippines hope..and always dream that i bought your ssg24 one day…but i can't afford…there's so many airsoft lover here in philippines…come sell…hope that really someday..i will buy some of your ssg24…but really i can't afford…love all your videos..

  3. You're dude, I've been trying to find a fully auto pistol, I would prefer it being a Glock but I just can't find a website in the us

  4. Use drum mags so that you don't need to reload that often. Just the reload will slow you down.

  5. Hey Novritsch i can try to make you a speed loader to hold the mags my idea is thqt it sits on your lower back.

  6. I have 2 of these style Glock 18C’s by Marui. When I reload I reload one at a time so I can still shoot if necessary

  7. Want a tip? Only use one glock at a time. When you reload one, you’ll have the other one ready just incase.

  8. If you ain't one pistol at a time it should be easier so bring one up to aim Shoot and then bring the other one up to Aim Shoot so you're not firing both guns at the same time that way you always have a gun loaded it should cut your reload time in half and make it a little bit smoother playing

  9. Can these go semi? I bet every airsoft gun can, but just want to know. Because people always say don't start off with a pistol. But i mean….This.

  10. Does anyone know if upgrading the components (or specific mixes of parts like the receiver or slide) to steel or aluminum will kill the rate of fire or mess with other parts? Better than the WE or KWA in what ways? I'm gonna seek out all the comparison vids. In Canada so for parts its TM-KWA-WE. I found akimbo works really well when you do play up the terror factor, but counting shots which I always try to do, flies out the window and melts like the terminator in a vat of lava.

  11. The insanely long reload time is precisely why no one dual wields REAL pistols as well. There's no advantage whatsoever to having 2 guns in your hand, except the fact that it makes you look cooler.

  12. Clearly what you needed was 4 or 5 of these, with extended mags. Instead of reloading you just swap. XD but why stop there, get a drum mag too

  13. There is many styles of dual wield,
    I am one of those dual wielding shooters, if any ideas use one of pistol at time to shoot.

  14. In Airsoft, do you keep your empty mags or not??? I've been wondering for a while… Also can you refill a mag?

  15. Note: had experience with duel wielding fully auto Glocks and the easiest thing to do is to shoot from one hand and hold the other one opposite in case of an enemy flanker… I usually use both of them at once when I'm I'm a building where there isn't much wind to disturb accuracy and velocity and you are most likely to hit your target.

  16. Knowing how all you need 1 hit in Airsoft, I think it is better to shoot one at a time and switch with each burst to conserve ammo.

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