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Dry Practice Training Article #12-Firearms Training Article #12-Front Sight Training Article #12

front sight training article number 12 at
front sight we administer a skills test near the end of your course a skills
test is essentially a qualification course and accomplishes several things a
skills test adds a little self induced stress to the training since everyone
wants to do well on the test they will naturally be a little bit of adrenaline
this gives you a small taste of the stress you will feel in a real gunfight
your performance on the skills test gives the front sight staff an idea if
you are ready for more advanced training in other words we use the results of the
skills test as a prerequisite for the advanced courses most importantly the
skills test gives you a snapshot view of your own skill level I say snapshot
because your skills are always evolving and will be different tomorrow than they
are today regardless the test lets you know what skills you need to work on
since everyone who wants to perform well on the skills test some students spend
countless hours dry practicing for the skills test to the exclusion of
everything else as an example they practice standing seven yards facing a
static target taped to the wall and drawing their handgun at the sound of a
shot timer or buzzer while their sort of practice is certainly beneficial for the
skills test it doesn’t translate very well to the street I’ll bet the ranch
that when your gunfight happens for real you won’t be squared off against the
stationary opponent at exactly 7 yards and they’re sure as hell won’t be a shot
timer involved so practice for the skills test all you want but practice
for the street too gunfights are horribly scary and most of them are
chaotic and unpredictable the vast majority of gun fights happen at night
what’s more the time and place of the gunfight will be determined by the bad
guys not you most elements of the gunfight
you’re out of your control the only thing that you can control is you
therefore you better practice everything you might face in real life
below is a list of topics you should consider dry practicing this list is by
no means all-inclusive but it will get you thinking in the right direction
practice avoiding the gunfight get in the habit of using the color code of
mental awareness the color code is a skill that you can practice like any
other if you don’t live in condition yellow you were asking to be a victim
visualize what you can do under all sorts of circumstances create your
rolodex of tactical plans now practice a tactical retreat in other words if you
can simply run away you should I know that many states did not require you to
retreat but if you can simply walk away and avoid a gunfight you should to that
end practice getting out of the house
practice communicating with your loved ones come up with an emergency plan and
practice it practice gathering your loved ones into one location practice
verbal commands and challenges if you can defuse a situation with your voice
instead of the gun so much the better many people are reluctant to shout or
give orders get over that hesitation by practicing practice using cover and
concealment put something between you and the bad guys practice winning the
gunfight practice shooting from various distances ranging from arm’s reach to
maybe ten yards become adept at engaging multiple adversaries rats travel in
packs practice moving while you shoot a moving target is much harder to hit than
a stationary one practice one-handed shooting you may have one hand occupied
by holding on to a loved one practice support and only shooting
this will pay big dividends if you’re firing sidearm is ever injured practice
tactical movements around your house office etc this includes corners doors
t-intersections stairs the garage and your vehicle’s try clearing a friend’s
house because the architecture is different which will increase the
challenge practice when you’re tired sick distracted you will not be
operating at peak performance in the middle of a gunfight practice dialing 911 on the phone I know a guy who was so stressed after a gunfight that erroneously dialed
411 I know this sounds ridiculous but people do ridiculous stuff under
stress practice what you will say to the 911 dispatcher practice that
night practice all of the skills mentioned above in a low light
environment the rats come out at night you’re low light practice should include
gun handling chamber check magazine check reloads and malfunctions
marksmanship including the use the night sights and tactical movement it’s much
harder to move around your house in the dark practice with a flashlight but with
handheld and weapons mounted even if you have a flashlight mounted to your hand
gun you may find it necessary someday to use a handheld light practice both
practice at night without a flashlight using only the ambient light at the risk
of sounding redundant follow the dry practice rules exactly and at all times
never let down your guard just because you’re in a familiar environment if you
get complacent even a for split-second your world will never be the same stay
focused and dry practice correctly ok enough conversation get started today because dry practice is the key to success go to to subscribe to our Free Gun Training Reports go to www.FrontSight.TV to watch informative and entertaining front sight original TV shows

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  1. Dry Practice Training Article #12-Firearms Training Article #12-Front Sight Training Article #12
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