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Driver discovers handgun lodged in front bumper

take a look at what got stuck in this car’s bumper while speeding down a highway in Washington State the driver says he saw a black object flying in the air and then strike the front of his car he says it didn’t make a big impact and no warning lights came on so he just kind of kept driving and then he stopped for gas and that’s when he noticed it it’s a handgun that was just lodged right in his front bumper can you imagine he called 9-1-1 he handed the piece over to police and they’re now trying to figure out who it belongs to your stuff Wow

1 thought on “Driver discovers handgun lodged in front bumper

  1. Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 Subcompact. My preferred EDC! Clearly, it was simply trying to get to another state to claim amnesty. Poor guy.

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