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‘Dreyse Infantry Rifle M1841’ by Bavarian Infantryman – (Ludwig II, 2012)

Fire! If you will, the new Needle-guns. – Right away! Come on now. Chop chop chop chop! Come on! Let’s go. Ready! Fire! Did you see that!? Bravo! This needle-gun is a stroke of a genius. – Please, if I may? Even from a thousand steps, you can still take the shot. The enermy’s heart: Bang! And again reload quickly, and again: Bang! Thanks for that impressive presentation. As I hear, Bismarck has already ordered this wonder weapon for the Prussian Army. Therefore we should also be using it. One day, you will be the highest warlord of Barvaria Do you realise that? Woah-ho! Bravo! Did you see that!? May God help me then, to prevent wars. In order to secure the future of our country, we need a powerful army. -It’s that simple! -But military, the guns … How is one to… You are a dreamer, Ludwig. And always with your Wagner! The writings of this man are just as dangerous as his music. Do you know what is your love for art is in reality? Weakness. Nothing but weakness. No. No…

82 thoughts on “‘Dreyse Infantry Rifle M1841’ by Bavarian Infantryman – (Ludwig II, 2012)

  1. Funny thing is that the Bavarians later developed their own rifle, the Werder-Gewehr M/1869, which was way better than the Dreyse.

  2. Its ignorant to polarize your beliefs against another person's, when in reality both are correct and you are biased and taunting.

  3. Strange that Wagner is the good guy here considering how openly bellicose he was and just so happened to like to use the Jews as a scapegoat. Historical note: by the time the Needle Gun was used in a major war with France, they had discovered the principle and made a rifle using the same principle that was superior. But the Prussians still won the war despite inferior weapons technology. Repeating firearms were stymied by persistence of Napoleonic era tactics.

  4. Ya think I he artistic ability had to do with the guys other abilities? Weakness my ass. Phuck that dude.

  5. Man someone should really tell the father that taking interest in art and warfare aren’t mutually exclusive. After all, the art of warfare is an art in itself. Not to mention there would be a certain German leader in the future who was also an artist and ended up starting a world war.

  6. FYI any German made film portraying war will inevitably be anti-war regardless of historical accuracy. WW2 made certain of that, which I think is a shame. The Germans have a long and proud military history but few Germans today embrace that pride. Anyway … glad films like these are being made to remember these grey areas in history but don't be surprised if this movie goes down the "War and Armies suck" road.

  7. Ludwig II was biologically and mentally a faggot. If his country was strong then it would have developed much more favorable circumstances for his love of art.
    But of course, an infantile faggot wouldn't see that.

  8. The importance of the"needle rifle" was that it was one of the first practical and efficient fast firing(for its time) bolt action rifles first used by the Prussian army, when most other armies were still using muzzle loaders. The" needle" in the rifle was used to penetrate the cartridge which was made of paper and powder on one end and a metal "bullet" on the other end.. It was a transitiional weapon which performed well in Prussian wars vs. Denmark and Austria which had muzzle loaders. Bolt action rifles were produced and refined over the years resulting in the famous MAUSER rifle which served as the basic German infantry weapon(with moifications and refinements) through 2 World Wars. By that time, all modern armies were using various types of bolt action rifles and continued to do so for many years, until the more advaced automatic and semi-automatic weapons finally replaced them.

  9. wasn't Ludwig the second king of barvaria at the time , so ripping up the kings book would of been treason woudnt it .

  10. All these people talking as if war was something glorious should enlist and go to Afghanistan and see if they survive more than 30min of pure glory lmao

  11. Ludwig was weak as soft f*dge on a sunny sidewalk. Peace is built through strength, (mutually assured retaliation) in order to deter aggressors as a defensive power. You can do such in a defensive action, but If you simply refuse to militarize, you WILL succumb to another power seizing the opportunity to take advantage of you, whether that be economically w/your inability to respond physically, or militarily w/your likewise self-inflicted weakened situation. As far as the 'fire-arms' portrayal is concerned, I love how film liberals need to blow the whole silhouettes shoulder off to portray power. The repeating bolt action's strength wasn't that it had greater fire-power, but that it could be fired faster w/a metallic cartridge. A spitzer bullet (or more rounded pill in this case) would also simply pass straight through the target as in any other case. Silhouettes do not operate like people, you need mass to inflict damage w/any bullet, EXPANSION of said round is what conducts wound channel harm & damage to the target.

  12. Sure, the needle gun was faster than the standard muzzle loaders, about 1,5 maybe 2 times faster at best, but the claims made about the range are nonsense. It was a spitter compared to the muzzle loaded riffles of the time. The reason why Prussia beat Austria in 1866 wasn´t because they had some secret superweapon that could fire bazzilion times faster, but because the Austrians used outdated tactics, failed to use their superior range and artillery and instead opted for bayonet charges, directly playing into the strenghts of the faster than standard reloading time of the Prussian rifles.

  13. when Bavary was independent and no a german state. Good old days. Now Germany is a cuck state. They want more muslims reapers.

  14. if you would have peace prepare for war. fuck these pacifist small cock cuckold cowards. Waste of space and gas chambers for all of them.

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