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Dragon Nest : Sniper Revamp (Wind Shot)

Physical Damage 12053-20241
Critical 20298

9 thoughts on “Dragon Nest : Sniper Revamp (Wind Shot)

  1. kota the knock back can you cancel it by tumble/urgency trick? 
    does that have I frame? i can immagine getting in to the fires in mino BDN by using that skill have you tested it yet?

  2. kinda risky too .. does it have SA when u get hit does it cansel or not or its just like youll still have the stance even getting hit … ??

  3. I may be demanding too much. But I'm quite not satisfied with the change on Cheating Point EX specially on it's increased movement/action buff. Just 15% + too little AOE. They should have given it a bigger circle so others can just roam around it and still receive the speed buff, speed is a must especially on parties.

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