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Drago Gear Rifle Bags Review

Ok, so this our first looks of some Drago Gear
rifle bags we just got in I haven’t seen them so we are going to look
at them together They look attractive right
That looks to me to be and it is a carry strap so we can backpack this, it’s pretty cool
Let’s get this open here, it’s got some big zippers, compression straps
and this particular case appears to have a possibility of two rifles, so you can have
rifles synched here buttstock or muzzle on either side
Pad in between another rifle on the bottom, so one here and
one on the bottom Obviously a little shorter rifle these aren’t
super long So that’s pretty cool
Also have little eyelets here on the zippers so you can lock the bag if you needed too
Tons of pouches here The seem to be snaps as well as velcro to
hold them close So that’s kind of neat, you don’t have to
worry about them falling open and things falling out
Looks like space for mags or whatever in here Also have the ability to tighten this if you
want to synch something to the outside Again velcro for quick closing and then compression
straps to keep everything in place which is a nice feature
Got some straps here and I”m not sure what they do, let’s look
They basically allow the bag to grow and then you can use these straps to compress it if
it needed to be smaller If you’re carrying smaller amounts or open
them up if you need the full spread on the bottom
Handle, decent handle, kind of basic, flips around a piece of velcro material to hold
it Again these compression straps on the top,
which again is a nice feature if you have a lot of weight in here, it keeps it from
pulling too much. A little “D” ring here if you need to clip
something on there And then we’ve got these straps so you can
actually carry the bag with you Assuming this was set up appropriately you
can snap this together I think this would ride very nicely
Let’s look at the stitching, double stitched in all the right places here
Material looks good, very rugged, looks like, I don’t know what it is
These are running again if you see this video three years from now it’s not this price,
but it’s running 89.99 it’s a 36 inch tan, 2 rifles, padded backstrap, 3 large pouches
dual zippered pocket, and it says all firearms must be unloaded before being placed in this
case Good concept
Drago Gear Comes in tan or khaki, comes in grey or greenish
These two are the same size And then I believe this is a single rifle
case This is for longer rifles
this is 42 inches 3 compartments in the front, still have your
backpack straps here A little different layout in the front here
they have zippered pockets for storage and they have MOLLE or PALS webbing on either
side and pocket on the other side as well So you can put on a med kit or whatever you
want And this single rifle case 42 inch is running
84.99 So well priced they look to be well built
And available at Openrange And by the way don’t forget to like us on
Youtube Yelp
Facebook Nobody’s answering me it’s ok like us anyways
We will talk to you later Barry out

13 thoughts on “Drago Gear Rifle Bags Review

  1. Subbed.  Nice review but you missed the huge compartment on the front of the bag that hides a bunch more storage.  I have two of these bags.  The only brand I'll use now.  

  2. I just purchased one of these in the black 42" for my new DPMS Oracle AR-15 and I couldn't believe all the storage space in this thing!!  I still have pockets/space left over after loading it with my rifle, 3 mags, a mag loader, cleaning kit, and sight tools.  This is a top of the line rifle/range bag.

  3. Purchased one this afternoon. Build is high quality and lots of space! I run a Scar light (16) and heavy (17) and I can fit either in the bag with no problem what-so-ever! I picked mine up for $69.

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