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Draco AK Pistol Popcorn Popper

knows maybe $20.99 I’m here with the
room any injury to AK pistol have there is spetsnaz popcorn to see if we can get some popcorn on the
barrel was do this up that does not be 2019 and Juliet here like Draco and bust through this thing up see we can pop pop tunes their of I think that the coolest thing person to do problem is you have to be really careful
the gas escaping and it is gas to hear didn’t follow this shit up our releases
this might be a huge failed and so it’s pretty solid is worried about to trump card here between about 40 degrees I’m not sure
thinking even just asked magazine number one I mean could busy
number one US palm clip gets Skype school school Clippers a number to you its sleep group proper the number three type I’m movin popcorn on up done is smoking my popcorn popping agreement the company its up up on on on on up through that entire Skype for more click do it up type up group that is hot up it is not hard enough the pup first that the total weight loss way

100 thoughts on “Draco AK Pistol Popcorn Popper

  1. ……………………………………………………………………….you are a great cook !! thanks !!

  2. I know when u pops popscorns you needs oil. coconut oil I read on this pack. it's really pretty out where you try to pops it btw… whoo!

  3. I don't think this myth is busted yet. Just maybe if clip drumazines and bump fire were used the kind of rapid fire that cooks hand guards the myth might be plausible.

  4. dare to be stupid.just lost a sub. i won't waste more of my life on this channel. try a hot barrel cure for roids!

  5. Bummer it didn't work, I enjoy some good popcorn with my YouTube lol. Glad to see an operation again!

  6. The Declaration of Human Sovereignty

  7. I like how the caption when firing the gun goes: Skype, School, Sleep, Type, I'm Movin, Up, Its, Up up, On, On on on, Up, Skype, Up type, Up.

  8. Skype, school, sleep, type, I'm moving, up, its, on, upupupup, ononon, up type!….

    YOU AK SPEAKS!!! youtube captions xd

  9. Why don't you try shooting it with the ak laying on the table on it's side, the popcorn would be flying everywhere it might work!

  10. Do I see an ar-15 back there? Lol… I have a bunch of Carolina reaper pepper (worlds hottest).. I can send them to you later if you wanna make a worlds hottest pepper glock torture test

  11. Matt, do you think auto fire and a drum would do the trick? or do you think you reached the temp limit for the materials used to construct the weapon?

  12. "knows maybe $20.99 I'm here with the room any injury to AK pistol, have there is spetsnaz popcorn"
    "to see if we can get some popcorn on the barrel was do this … up"

  13. I'm clipping some 30 caliber magazines together for operator operations at longer than spitting distance. I shoot 30 caliber clipazines at over 6 rounds a minute. Popcorn don't stand a chance brahski. You know?

  14. 1:57 Oh my god it sounds like the plasma rifle in fallout 3!
    So THAT'S what they have in the microfusion cells, popcorn.

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