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DR NEUBAUER Pistol 2 – обзор коротких шипов, тестировал Максим Черепнин

My greetings to all
table tennis lovers! In this video I’m going to try short
pips by Dr Neubauer – Pistol II. As manufactor says, these pips are very
controlling, highly dynamic and destructive. I will try 2.0 mm version, though
there are different sponge versions. To point out, they come with
a glue sheet, so it’s easy to put on. It took me less than a minute to do it. I put them on blade by Dr
Neubauer – Matador Texa Balsa. And before shooting this video, I have played them about a month. Both BH and FH. So in this video I will tell you
about my insight and findings. I will start, as usual, with pushing. Let’s see. What may I say about pushing? It’s not easy to play super heavy
underspin with these pips. Because they are of medium grip. You mostly may play no-spin ball and speed. As you may push the ball by chopping
it in speed, both FH and BH, at the edge of the table and an
opponent would fail to attack. Notable advantage of the pips due to soft sponge and being without strong grip, is, of course, taking serves. For example, if to play short serves. It’s easy to lay incoming ball under
the net: low, no-spin or side balls, both FH and BH, by easy touch of the racket. And as it remains no-spin and low,
for opponent it is hard to return. And you will have an advantage of the first serve. Now let’s see counterdrives. Let’s speak about playing counterdrives. Both FH and BH, and against counterdrive,
an opponent doesn’t feel uncomfortable. But playing FH, as the hand
is tough and moves forward, the ball flies no-spin and an opponent has
to spin it to prevent from falling in the net. BH there is ordinary ball as with pips-in rubber. Maybe, with a bit lower trajectory. It is also felt that these pips are of medium
speed, so that’s why they are so controlling. For heavy balls, you need to have technique, to move
your hand at high speed right and speed up correctly. Let’s try these pips in blocks. Blocks are undoubtedly strong point of these pips. Due to soft sponge and it being not flexible, it’s just soft, the ball stays
for a second on the racket. That’s why it is so controlling. For to those who like to
play with number two, like to control, return, of course, both
FH and BH, these pips are treasure. Without doubt, after loop, FH
and BH, the ball will be no-spin, if an opponent doesn’t adjust his stroke,
the ball would fall in the net. Now I will try counterattack against loops. First FH and then BH. Let’s speak about counterattack. It’s also strong point of these pips. You may hit against almost
any loop, both FH and BH. The only thing is it is more comfortable to hit BH,
when the hand is in front of you, against rising ball. That is to wind up tempo, speed
and dynamic of the game at once. Playing FH, you want to turn off the hand,
to swing and it’s important not to lose the control. Because playing near the table,
the control of these pips is incredibly high. If to come off of to swing
a lot, control will decrease. In general, it is comfortable
to counterattack with them, chop and give an opponent chance,
and counterattack or drive FH or BH. Let’s try opening attack. I want to point out, that opening attack,
especially FH, is striking technique. As the hand is soft, it pointless to spin, only
if the ball is too low, you may slightly spin. The ball will be no-spin and
an opponent will have to react, as he can’t just put the racket ’cause the ball will fall. If to spin it from below or fling
over, it has rectilinear trajectory and an opponent mistakes it
as straight not noticing turn. It seems to be heavy loop with spinning. But its advantage is serve against chop, if the ball is lower the net or at its level, you
may open the racket and hit both FH and BH. The serve is very unpleasant. And feels like shot, shot of pistol. And it’s quite difficult for an opponent to react at
such sharp serve, especially if it’s reaction serve. About strengthening. You needn’t swing much: BH – you move
hand forward and strengthen in the end. And the same with FH, you needn’t turn off the hand. It’s a modern technique for high-speed game
near the table, very short for both FH and BH. You can play all these with these pips. Now I will try service return.
And will show how to do it in general. BH – it’s clear, just move hand forward, I will show
short serves FH: low or side. Just throw down. Let’s conclude. So, short pips Pistol II. As you know from history, the pistol is
a handgun which was used in duels. It shot once and you needed to reload it. You may only imagine a gun that shot twice. You would win any duel or at least survive. What should I say about these pips? Soft sponge provides
unusual and pleasant feeling, and good control as due to this softness
the ball stay at the racket a bit longer. Firstly I want to point out service return. You can return any service
due to this medium spinning, even if you mistaken with low or side spinning
you may direct forward and it’s on the table. Playing near the table. All the rising balls, in dynamics, speed, in moment it
jumps off, you may return it on the opponent’s side. Of course returning of high balls is destructive,
as the ball flies very unpleasant and without spinning. I also want to add, that these pips will be great both for aggressive players, who likes to attack at once, from the first move, and for those, who like control,
shorten or return, or keep long an
opponent. These pips will be great either. That’s all. I’m Maxim Cherepnin. Learn table-tennis. See you!

5 thoughts on “DR NEUBAUER Pistol 2 – обзор коротких шипов, тестировал Максим Черепнин

  1. Максим и Алексей спасибо за вашу работу) но хотелось бы чтобы в обзорах так же применяли сравнения, например чем они отличаются от варана 2 или от киллера от доктора и т.д., так то понятно что все хороши по своему и все не перепробуешь.

  2. Почти всегда одни видео про шипы, антиспины, защитные основания, такое чувство что теннис деградирует…

  3. Очень полезное видео для Барановского – он все лучше и лучше по шипам 🙂

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