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Dr. Ed Lynch on gun control proposals in Virginia General Assembly

29 thoughts on “Dr. Ed Lynch on gun control proposals in Virginia General Assembly

  1. We will not give away our God given rights to self defense ever no matter how much the so called news pushes the propaganda

  2. Those Democraps might as well be singing cadence, "We will pass a law today…And wipe our ass with the NRA".
    Kind of a spin-off from the USMC cadence, "One Marine will shit today…And wipe his ass with a Green Beret".
    No doubt Richmond passed more laws today…And they surely will tomorrow…And the next day…And the next day…And for many more days to come.
    Northam and his bunch seem to be on the page of, "Okay, Virginians…You all are a population of goo-goo gah-gah babies, and we need to take those nasty dangerous guns away from you. We need to protect you all from yourselves".
    As though everyone in the civilian population attended special schools, and have IQs ranging from 17 to 42.

  3. I think just about all county’s are a gun sanctuary by now. Being a totalitarian government is good for Japan why not move there if that’s what you want.

  4. The real enemies, some but not all, are anti-freedom globalist's in the national intelligentsia who are spying on you now. The risk of exposing them on social media is great, but the world we leave behind for our children is on the line. We must vote in leaders who will challenge the status quo of the deep state in all it's particulars.

  5. Why is it when the mediator stories like these they go to these like meeting they only show old white guys like that's the only demographic in Virginia that likes gunslot more than you think why you think the second amendment sanctuary thing is so successful you know
    Just look at Virginia Beach you know Newport news media so biased it's disgusting

  6. Im from Ohio I called the Virginia house of delegates one of the Dems and told them the eyes of the nation are on them !! There UNCONSTITUTIONAL BULLSHIT

  7. The risk of exposing them on social networks is great, but the world we leave behind for our children is at stake. defending them 😒

  8. Boomburglar (aka Bloomberg) is trying to steal firearms from innocent Americans. He and others like him are unconstitutional and shall never represent any part of America.

  9. The "underground market" for guns will flourish under any gun control laws. The "underground market guns" will be much more dangerous and powerful. Great opportunity for criminal entrepreneurs (buy two bags of heroin and get a gun at half price)!

  10. Between the hike in gas taxes…..the gun laws…..and the under the table dealings about the useless and costly vehicle inspections….
    Virginia is turning in to a Police State with Socialists inclines…

    Mostly to satisfy the rich….at the demise of the Middle Class….

    Time to move…

  11. Very important these proposals of Dr. Ed Lynch the control of weapons is of great importance for our safety and that of our environment these should be used with great awareness

  12. The government has no say in how a person chooses to defend themselves. This goes for everyone. From Democrats to conservatives. Regardless of your stances on other topics outside of this, the 2nd Amendment is for ALL citizens to fight off a tyrannical government.

  13. Politicians always ask for a lot then settle for a little, over time all the littles turn into a lot. They have been chipping away at the constitution for a long time, at some point the people will have to take a stand and just say no more or lose the constitution all together.

  14. I support the second amendment sanctuary cities. Under the socialism I believe they would try to take control of local police force turning the government into a police state enforcing laws to help keep them in power regardless of the election results. I do not believe that the past election was a mandate to do away with individual freedom.

  15. …the will of the people IS the law of the people… others ARE illegal/ irrelevant …those seeking the demise of the republic need be put down, … eliminated … pure & simple… there is NO compromise in such !

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