23 thoughts on “Downtown Seattle shooting could impact gun laws in 2020 legislative session

  1. Start by putting guys in jail, instead of allowing criminals run the streets. Let the cops do their jobs and start prosecuting those that break the laws

  2. Masonic matrix shown on back of $1 purdy clever.
    On the one hand they ramp up the gun confiscation agenda while simultaneously empowering criminals via lax repeat offender sentencing and punishment.

    Send the wild boiz to live free in the Congo or, Amazon…maybe Siberia.
    Prison doesn't serve humanity and neither does the Luciferian New World Order Totalitarian Communist Police State Plan being ushered in.

  3. Gun problem? You said they had been repeat offenders and dozens of convictions as soon as 2019. The GOVERNMENT failed us in not keeping them off the streets and provoking continued violence. Shame on the law enforcement and state officials responsible.

  4. Makes sense. If you have gang members illegally obtaining guns you should make more…gun…laws…? Am I having a stroke or is this really the logic being used?

  5. How are more gun laws going to help when the people doing the crimes don't fallow laws! Get your heads out of your asses and start fixing real problems!

  6. How convenient! Take away guns from law abiding citizens always stop criminals from using guns right? Right?Right? Then why data shows that the cities with most strict gun laws have the most violent gun crimes? Is it because criminals cannot read the "gun free zone" signposts? UK has banned guns, and knifes in areas. Now they are talking about only making blunted knives. And UK is now a fascist country…….

  7. People who commit crimes with guns
    mostly illegal gun owners.

    Attacking responsible gun owners is backwards thinking.

  8. Sounds like the politician needs to do something about the criminals . Just a slap on the hand is not enough punishment,

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