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Hey, YouTube. It’s me that guy who calls himself iwanPlays. How you doing buddy buddys Sistas Bros So Fuxicão Mondardo Rossi Foxy cow, mundo de Roxy Asked me to plz play this game It’s called FPS test from gamejolt, and I thought uh whatever okay So then I just go to browse games and best games and then here on the first page It’s actually here and the developer calls himself шнайдер35 Sheidar 35 but on their home page the name is Davide Lovecchio and they have an .it website (email) So I guess it’s an Italian developer doing some first steps game development, so I’m just going to go and check it out. Oh Ooh, look at the text you have a first time I just skipped that and then walked over here and whatever just shoot that guy And then I was totally stuck But there’s like switch type So I do this and boom boom boom boom boom you have left and right mouse button all of a sudden Man I don’t know why it says judas. I think in some countries at least that would be an anti-semitic comment. I’m not so sure I guess not in Italy. So Targets… CtHulhu. Cutethullu Some I have no idea what oh yeah boxing, and that guy wants us to double jump right between their pants, okay, okay, okay? So there’s another mode oh, yeah, and if you right-click. Oh, yeah This is this is going to be such a gangster game for real and you can just do a single pistol thing too so turns out you also have a shotgun and check out our BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM Okay, if we’re going to do that later There’s this frickin thing which can be used as a shotgun. Which is totally not how these work at all, but that’s awesome I mean this game already reminds me so much of no, nono of this thing by hyper Let’s hope he’s gonna make some animations in this game, and I really hope so In the readme of the game or maybe even on one of these in these text bubbles the dev talks about how he made nearly Everything in this game alright, then we have a sniper The zoom is really crazy Kind of interesting and we have freaking balls You know one ball for the Americans and one ball for the Europeans Which ball sport is most popular in Asia? I have no idea okay, and then we have this thing. We could just drop these guys and We can tell them we can activate a single one, and then he’ll just follow us and try to punch us But we are invincible, haha And then right click and drop drops a dummy I don’t know, maybe that’s a photo of the developer? Yes. I guess this is Davide! so let’s let’s activate all of them with enter and Let them have some fun with Davide. and then we’re going to totally… Oh yeah, there’s another gun. AK 47 which for some reason does this thing. oh man that reminds me of a mod, I still have to test for you, in Ravenfield. Yeah, thumbs up Play Ball! Play Ball! oh come on Play b…, okay So then there we have these texts which I totally skip because there’s too much text. Okay welcome to his test game I’m trying to develop a good first person shooter totally from scratch at the moment only in the input Movement and the weapons mechanics are At a good point the enemy AI is totally approximate at obviously there is no environment or a style But I really want to know from you how it feels playing? Well buddy, Davide, this feels quite good, that I have to tell you And the camera Shake can cause seasickness on the left screen there… *sounds* DOUBLESHOTGUN Yes Quadruple shotgun, that’s all I that’s the only thing I could ask for more and even more ridiculous to reload animations perhaps Okay, we have instructions. We have Controls, and we have double jumping okay. He has his website and let’s go to the next checkpoint. I mean info point and engine I think I mean whatever Yeah, so Dummies we can drop them and we can stack. That’s good. He calls this one bait Obviously, you can kill them ,torture their body and other nice things …”Nice” things Is this a nice thing, Davide? Is this a nice thing? Or this? Yes, yes, that’s reload animation with the sound that is a nice thing Alright, so there are two green checkmarks on the top right if you as you can see if you can see I hope you can see and then there’s this one more Here you can try pulling double jump so we have to shift for running and then jump and jump again And I fail and let’s try again Go and go and tada Great you’re officially clever enough to play this game, and I thought now I can start the first mission But no, so far. We only have this test thing, but hey there’s a secret. Let’s go over here and read this If you’re reading this I confess that I’m too lazy to model the door -Davide Lovecchio. so You know we have this red x on the top right we need to get rid of that And I’m sure we have to get up there And I have no idea how and I’m not going to make it so what I’m going to do is what I can do I’m just going to hack it Here we go Fps. Test. Let’s get in there and managed and drop the assembly just playing a game could be considered copyright infringement But I’m going into the source code and showing it to you I mean no harm intended and on the other hand you can just do it is easily yourself And take a look at all this But just thinking about this this might be so offensive to some people who don’t like other people seeing the code But that’s what you get when you use Unity without a Scrambler anyways, I’m just going to search Control shift K and search for jump and then we get all these variables we can totally zoom in. That’s awesome So jump already checklist I mean, I try this before or else doing a video C’mon just wasting hours with weight looking for variables Okay, jump speed. That’s one. I want to jump to speed, and that’s just okay So there’s a weird thing where we cannot use the bottom part to search for occurrences of a string So I’m just going to search inside of FPS movement. Which is over here, okay, and Yeah j… jump… speed, and then we’re gonna search over next one, okay It travels grounded then you can speed if this is get double jump I don’t want – actually yeah, let’s let the limit our packing to the double jumping part So let’s multiply this by – IDK maybe 3. Oh, yeah We have to right-click and then edit method, not class and just say 3f* Does t compile? It compiles! and then we just go file save module okay, and just restart the game So we just hacked ourselves some nice jumping Hopefully, let’s see if it works *KACHING* Yeah Look at that If if you’ve reached up here you have too much free time on your hands My feedback: don’t use apostrophes in this case. Just write have. Be like a pro, also. Let’s jump up here. Oh yeah F alling is a bit floaty and slow, but anyways I just want to get all these arrows cros… x-es… Red, Green yeah, yeah 100% ONE HUNDRED PER CENT! Okay, this calls for some entertainment. Hey . What happens if we do this up up there will they actually come down? –
whoa! They will be totally stuck here, won’t they? But these guys, they will totally just drop down. I’m sure jump jump off the building possibly killing themselves, probably not probably there’s no phony damage yet whoa All right Let’s get this party going Come at me bros! Woah holy crap. They are actually getting up wow. They are way too fast. Yeah DOUBLE SHOTGUN Man, this is delicious. Let me just get out of here. All right all right bam bam Bam Bam cannot shoot and run at the same time that’s illegal in 20 states How the heck are you reloading one-handed, dude? Allright, time for this… crazy… YEAH! *laugh of a murderer* Man, it’s a good thing he used some wooden figurines for this Would have been bad otherwise Okay, let’s just try out some guns no getting attacked right now. Oh boy Oh shotgun… double shotgun, oh it’s so good So good. How’s that knife goin’? Yeah. Yeah, quite good actually Man, these guys drop too fast This. Yes, this provides some kind of satisfaction actually That was just silly. OK. And the sniping it’s just crazy Maybe maybe you get used… Maybe I could get used to this. I’m not sure, it’s It feels really specific The camera movement when you zoom Maybe people who actually ever used an actual real sniper will tell “Yeah, that’s how it really feels” Oh yeah, they even drop at the touch of a ball this calls for an experiment Hey, there’s double double side strafing like in unreal tournament. Oh, yeah so so, ball? Yes, yes Well, I mean this ball didn’t kill this guy so –
it’s not completely stupid, but it’s pretty cool yeah chain reaction ball action Baller. Dude, that is weak. Oh yes Come at me wooden Bros! Okay, you are too freaking fast This is the best The only thing better than this would be 4 shotguns Thank you for joining. I will see you in the next video. I suppose. Maybe this ‘lil’ game will get even crazier I sure do hope so until then Ciao Ciao. Yo, thank you – I would feel Tchau TCHau

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  1. if you didnt know the sniper is a barrett 50 cal i have an airsoft for it and the sound is from cod moder warfare 2 abit distorted but the same sound

  2. ey iwan download this game called burst the game its free and its a first person shooter
    Edit:heres the link:

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