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Dota 2 Hero Spotlight – Sniper

Salut les gars, ici SUNSfan avec une preview de Sniper. Sniper est un hard carry à distance que reste fièrement à l’arrière des combats tout en bottant les fesses de tous les ennemis à portée Shrapnel est une compétence avec une aire de 235 unités que inflige 48 dégâts par seconde en plus de ralentir les ennemis de 30%. Cela dure 8 secondes et fait un tiers des dégâts aux structures. Headshot est une habilité passive qui donne 40% de chance d’infliger 50 dégâts et d’appliquer un ministun à l’ennemi. Le ministun en lui-même fonctionne extrêmement bien en fin de partie. Take Aim (Viser) est le second passif de Sniper. Il augmente sa portée d’attaque de 260 unités, ce qui lui permet de surpasser la portée des tours. Juste pour vous donner une idée de l’amélioration, sa portée de base est de 550… ce qui lui donne 810 de portée au niveau 4. Pour faire une comparaison, c’est la meilleure portée du jeu entier, loin devant Techies (650), Lina et Drow Ranger (625). Assassinate est l’ultime de Sniper y lui permet de faire beaucoup de dégâts à une très longue distance. La portée du sort, au niveau 3, est de 2500 unités et les dégâts sont de 655. Cette habilité demande 1.7 secondes de canalisation mais peut être annulée au milieu de l’animation, sans se préoccuper de l’avoir gâché. Assassinate interrompt aussi les canalisations, même sur les cibles immunisées à la magie. Merci de m’écouter les gars, comme d’habitude, n’oubliez pas de vous abonner à DotaCinema, votre chaine pour les vidéos de Dota 2 et passez aussi visiter et Mon nom est SUNSfan et… à la prochaine !
(Traduction par Nagalfar)

100 thoughts on “Dota 2 Hero Spotlight – Sniper

  1. honestly your right at first i thought he was fun and took him but after a number of games he becomes boring and now i dont take him anymore

  2. ''Oh, I see that you're chasing down a near-dead hero, allow me to finish them with my ultimate'' Damn it sniper!

  3. He is easy? Yeah, if you are playing against 0 matches pubs that don't know how to attack. Sniper is one of the most fragile heroes, and he doesn't have any sort of escape. Positioning is key to victory as sniper.

  4. Get off of here clone, anyone can take you down, A sniper taking down me? I love to face snipers at mid just like drow, viper and Lanaya, free meat.

  5. The Sniper in Dota 2 actually quotes the Sniper in TF2. After killing an enemy, he sometimes says, "Thanks for standing still, wanker!" The more you know.

  6. playing against a sniper
    Me: man we`re really owning them! a little farm in the jungle wont hurt to get some extra loots!

    Sniper items:threads shadowblade desolator mantastyle butterfly.
    Me: How the Fuck does this happen!!!

  7. SNIPER is the most fucking stupid hero in the game. Its not fun playing with him nor against him. The only thin he does is cast his ultimate bing-bang and youre dead FUCKING HATE HIM  

  8. I get that sniper needs a nerf, but do notify he has no escape until shadow blade, and he is extremely fucking squishy. AA with a Euls could kill a sniper in seconds with stun and damage.

  9. I play dota since 2005 and play it again 2013 on dota 2 feel nostalgic and old im working as a psychologist by day and play dota at night with lol and smite and im gay and it hurt me that they use as a them for those that are weak fyi . There are gay pro dota players and dont typecast you can a support as a carry or a mage as an tank like krob . And i love this game it brings old memories as a student and stress buster. And they need hero set that makes magina sexy and beast master topless with abs . And a chuck noris set for purifer .

  10. Useless piece of shit hero than antimage in the early and mid game, i dunno why people in every game pick this hero along with rikimaru. If he's on your team its either he feeds the enemies or kill steals with his ultimate. I do love fighting against this crap as pudge, its like a free kill

  11. I was not looking forward to this guy for my "All-Hero Challenge"… Despite it being hard to believe, the only time I've played sniper was during the tutorials… D:

  12. Updated


    – now has 3 charges

    – no longer damages buildings

    – does not stack

    – slow and dmg stay the same


    – now only slows both move speed and attack speed insanely for the same amount of chance.

    – damage stays the same.

    Take Aim

    – no changes


    – no changes

  13. I love seeing him chosen when I can use my nyx or bh. He has no reliable escape. Just choose an "assassin" type hero

  14. Changes to Sniper have been made since this video was released. This list will contain those changes (not including number changes, since they are very frequent)

    Shrapnel: No longer damages buildings. The 15 second cooldown has also been replaced with 3 charges that recharge every 55 seconds.

    Headshot: No longer mini-stuns the target, but instead slows the movement speed and attack speed by 100% for 0.5 seconds. This means you can't cancel channeling abilities.

    Aghanim's Scepter: Can now be purchased on the hero. This makes Assassinate target an area on the ground instead of a hero. Any enemy within this area will, after the cast time of 2 seconds, take 2.8x of Sniper's damage. Running out of the area before Sniper is done casting won't stop him from hitting you.

    Remember to like this comment if it helped you, and feel free to ask me any question.

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