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DotA 2 Guide – Sniper Done Quick

Hello my name is Blinks and this is how you
play Sniper. Sniper is an agility based ranged carry. His
Q is a ranged aoe slow/damager, his W gives him a chance to do bonus damage and mini-stun,
his E passively gives him bonus-range, and his Ultimate is a super long-range nuke. Sniper is one of the easiest characters in
the game. His fast attack-animation makes last-hitting a breeze, and his ultimate is
great for picking off fleeing heroes. Sniper’s Q is only marginally useful at low-levels,
and is generally not skilled until maxing his E and W first. Once you hit level 6, go
help your team gank, and remember to conserve your mana so you always have 175 mana for
your ultimate. The range on your ultimate is larger than
the area of your screen so don’t be afraid to use it on a far-away enemy. Remember to
use it as a finisher rather than an initiator as this is the most effective way to use it.
NEVER-EVER ultimate a hero that is within your attack range, as your auto-attacks will
have much higher dps than your ultimate. When leveling Sniper, prioritize his R>W
>E>Q. You can even delay maxing out his Q in favor of getting stats late-game, if
you are hungry for health or mana. Sniper does not have an escape mechanism, so a rush
a shadowblade after boots to give you some survivability. After that, get a manta-style
to increase your damage or a BKB if you are against
a caster-heavy team.

27 thoughts on “DotA 2 Guide – Sniper Done Quick

  1. Pretty good guide. I'd add that sniper's E on lvls 3+ makes him outrange towers and I like the fact that you added BKB in situational items, because he's one of few carries in this game, whom doesn't rely on it – focused is very often dead, no matter if with immunity or not.

  2. Agree on everything except for the skill build (because sometimes stats can be important and Shrapnel is a great pushing skill if that's what you're going for, as well as only needing 1 level of headshot in most builds) and the fact that you didn't include a desolator or skadi. Both great choices, even if Mjolnir works wonders.

  3. Yeah, one of the problems with making these 60-second guides is that dota is a very complex game and you can't really explain everything you would ideally want to in less than 60 seconds. The thing we try to do is give a skill build that is easy to use and will let people who are new to the game be effective at playing even if they don't have the best mechanics and / or positioning.

  4. Don't get it wrong, but this guides are aimed to newer players. Q is great for pushing, but new players would put them more in trouble rather than doing good push. Also pushing isn't viable currently much, due to meta that gives space to farm on that lane after first tower falls (sniper is usually on safe-lane, which means he pushes enemy's hard-lane). Pushing their safe-lane/mid is much more viable.

  5. Well it stands to reason that a LEGACY player will have a better idea what we're talking about if we use QWER than a NEW player would if we referenced legacy controls.

  6. Q is bad for farming, cause you push the lane – just lasthit. For fightning it's mediocore… It needs AoE CC oriented team, cause it deals dmg over time thus requires enemy inside area to be effective. Also as farm deny… I'd preffer poke them from long range because once again – you will unitnetionally push lane.

  7. Its usage is killing towers, it gives sight over the area and sniper can shoot with his max range safely. It also slows down initiation, it is a situational skill

  8. i hate it. i want to know the names of the abilities. that way when its said in a cast i know what its called, you wont hear toby yelling "OMG HIS Q IS SPOTTING ALL OVER THEM".

  9. This video is 59 seconds too long.
    How to play Sniper:
    Get Head shot
    Get Range
    Get Ultimate
    P.S. Never get shrapnel. Seriously it's useless you'll never need it.

  10. Its realy annoying "the Max Q" and stuf cuz i have a difrent setup with hotkeys. Just name the ability name please. Btw u didnt take deao in ur build? Thats odd.

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