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Doomfist Destroys ALL with 2600 POUND PUNCH

We’ve made a few things from overwatch so far including reinhardt’s rocket hammer, Genji’s sword Tobjorn’s turret and even Zarya’s particle cannon, which I gotta say is probably one of our best builds yet But on this episode of make it real we’re building the Doomfist Now to build the Doomfist we’re obviously gonna need some kind of giant fist so why not start with a Hulk fist? We found a 3d model online and sliced it up using Autodesk slicer Then we had it laser cut out of steel and well, you’ll see what happens all right So we got the laser cut pieces in for the Doomfist But I’m really regretting not spending that extra five minutes labeling the parts in CAD because now we have to figure out where these go All right now, let’s start welding. We bought extra welding wire right? Do you ever wonder how we’re able to do such awesome projects? It’s because we have great sponsors like today’s sponsor war robots War robots is an awesome tactical 6v6 multiplayer game with tons of robots to choose from you can define your gameplay style and compete with over 70 million other players who have downloaded the game! With great graphics and constant updates it’s no wonder You’ve heard me talk about this game before I just love destroying robots after a long day of work try playing with me today! Install war robots right now and get a huge starter pack of the Vityaz robot 2 pinata weapons 1 thunder weapon 400,000 silver and 100 gold to spend on any upgrades you want! So what are you waiting for support the channel by playing it today! Where does this piece go? Good enough I’m hoping my cylinders can actually move it Alright! Who wants to get fisted? Lets cool it with just the snow hitting it More! So we actually made an entire different video showing off the Hulk fist you should check it out right here It’s not programmed yet so I have to use it manually I’m just worried about destroying a very expensive piece of equipment The programming is actually super easy once you know what you’re doing you just press a few buttons on screen And then you’re good to go See there now it’s gotten really nice. It’s not making any noise I need to bend this down to that knuckle. I’m gonna drop it Alright the Doomfist is done! Now, we need a way to actually accelerate it to deliver a critical hit and to do that, we’re using pneumatics Six of them. You guys might recognize these because they were actually the pneumatics I used on my exoskeleton And when supplied with 200 psi each one can actually put out 440 pounds of force! So altogether that’s some kind of math and large number that’s two thousand six hundred forty pounds of force and this thing weighs like… What does this weigh now? fifteen point one kilograms So for all the people using archaic Imperial measurement system this weighs about 33 pounds Oh, there they are! It’s gonna have to do a few modifications to make this a little easier to wield One we move the handle up a little bit So my fist is a bit closer to this which means I’ll have a bit more leverage on it And then we need to cut this down actually quite a bit because right now when I pick it up it digs into my arm When I’m holding it and that kind of hits but other than that this thing Feels deadly powerful Now, you might be wondering how the heck are we going to power this thing it’s gonna take a lot of air to actuate those cylinders Well remember my exoskeleton, so this is the power pack from my second exoskeleton and it’s basically a compressor with the tank on a backpack that you can wear and Actually gonna be necessary just to use this thing. If you guys want to see more about this project we’ve got a massive playlist It’s called the Call of Duty Exoskeleton and it was a really cool project that I did a few years ago. Yeah, no this is all I can do Yeah, okay my back says that’s enough already yeah, I think that was the whole way out 21.1 5 kilograms or for the Americans We have 46 pounds so it’s relatively similar to picking this up and trying to throw it above your head! All right, so we’ve finished the Doomfist now, It’s time to test it! Just gotta suit up first Now if you guys want to see the ultimate power fist showdown we actually have a collab video coming out very soon with Jairusofall And full metal engineer where we see whose power fist comes out on top Make sure you’re following the channel because that video will be coming up very soon. Alright, so those breaks were just warmup Let’s see what I can do that door Oh boy! All right so for the grand finale of this Doomfist video We are going to be destroying this 70 inch plasma TV that was donated to us by a few friends of ours Unfortunately, it is a bit broken, but otherwise we’d be wasting a perfectly good TV It is powered on so hopefully maybe I’ll get electrocuted. Should I test-fire it just make sure it’s still working? Yeah, Running Start That’s a pretty old TV They built them a lot stronger back then! How much do you think this thing’s worth when it first came out? Let us know in the comments below Well we hope you guys enjoyed that video we had a blast building the Doomfist! Big thanks to Jairus of all and Full Metal Engineer for helping out with a build and make sure you’re subscribed with notifications turned on Because we’ve got the ultimate power fist showdown coming really soon in the meantime Why don’t you check out Jairus of All’s and Full Metal Engineer’s channels?

100 thoughts on “Doomfist Destroys ALL with 2600 POUND PUNCH

  1. … youve been expanding it too quickly so it was already max length before it hit the target most of the time, which wastes all the energy from the fist itself : …

  2. The actuator didn't make difference because according to Newton's 3rd law your hand must be pushed away from the fist

  3. You need hydraulic biceps to hold it up. And something to counter balance the punch. Then I think you might have something.

  4. I can’t wait till these guys make something so powerful that it actually becomes like a real super weapon thing

  5. U have an idea take everything you made and combined it into a powerful exoskeleton shields weapons with long handles can't be apart of it swords retractable gun holdsters

  6. The pneumatic cylinder are useless..(other than making the fist heavier) when they activate it just pushes your arm back. It’s the momentum of the weight of the fist not the cylinders that do the work. In saying that you blokes aren’t the ones sitting down watching videos. Making it happen 👍 Nice

  7. The government gonna show up at his doorstep to either hire him or threaten him to stop this assuming they haven't already. Because this guy has got innovation literally coming out of his nut sack.

  8. Dropping a 35 lbs piece of steel with spikes on it will crush anything without pneumatics. I thought the pneumatic wiring would help maneuver the fist with ease but I guess they're not there yet. Awesome job though.

  9. When your punching stuff with it, your extending it a bit too early… You want to start extending it RIGHT before it hits the object, so you have the hydraulics and your strength behind the punch…

  10. Should’ve called the robots in War Robots Omnics because this small series is on Overwatch. XD

  11. Hello hacksmith I am a game owner called phantom and I would like to sponsor you can you make suit metro and like a monster

  12. if you made one that was lighter, mabye with the fist itself weighing closer to four or five kilos, then you could wield it more realistically. Depending on your physical strength. I happen to box for fitness and when I do weighted punches I use 8 or 9 kilo dumbells over the course of four minute long rounds of continuous clean, strong punches. Its obviously not fast, but if you keep form, you'll find you can swing pretty heavy weights around in one hand with enough training. As a reference, I'm about 78 kilos on my home scale. I could confidently utilize a 10 kilogram functioning doomfist. No problem. Sure it would be tiring, but keep in mind i don't really have to punch you. Just get my fist close and activate it. I don't know if you've ever thrown a punch as hard as you can but its tiring. by not actually swinging the fist and just kinda aiming it you would eleviate a lot of the physical strain. It would almost be practical if not for the massive air compressor on your back. keep in mind i happen to be an archaic american and all of these numbers are just the closest I could get with a pound to kilo calculator without using decimals.

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