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Don’t Rest on Your Rifle’s Barrel!

it’s terrible. hey guys Dustin here and today we’re gonna do a little shooting
experiment now you’ve probably heard that you never want to rest your rifle
on the barrel if you’re shooting off of barricade any kind of deer blind or
bench you don’t want to rest on the barrel because it will cause a drift and
mess up your harmonics and who knows what else but the point is you’re gonna
miss and so I’ve done this years ago but I wanted to revisit it with some
different guns and all the way up so just our standard hunting rifle because
last time I just did with the AR as well and so right now what we have is this is
the facts on with a like real thin pencil profile barrel show it it may
show the most drift even though we’re only doing this from 50 yards we have
the innovative arms war upper so it’s a gas selector switch on the upper itself
so when you suppress our unsuppressed but here’s what I want you to see is so
say we were on the end of this handguard and if I give it a little flex leave
that look at that that’s with two fingers of flex and so and now it’s
probably a little more pronounced on this thinner profile barrel but that
really shows you what happens when you rest on something and and and you are
trying to shoot and if you have that Barrel on something now that’s more
pronounced you’re gonna change your shot drift just because you’re moving the
barrel up and your optics are still pointing down so what we have is three
targets down there and well we’re not gonna always have on something this long
we’re not gonna use all three targets but we’re gonna have let’s just call
Larry Moe and Curly and so on the left is Larry we’re gonna do our control
group on him shooting just from the handguard like we’re supposed to and
then on Moe we will back it up and we’ll shoot from the suppressor on the
barricade or the barrel whatever we can reach and if we have some of those with
shorter hand guards what we’ll try is is doing is a hand guard one as well to see
if I’m assuming it won’t be as much drift when we do just right on the end
of a shorter hand guard on the barrel versus of course all the way at the end
so let’s shut up and shoot alright so resting on the hand guard
like we should let’s take out Larry all right now we’re going to mow so
we’re gonna go right off the end I mean we could be Romain but we’re just gonna
go right here like we weren’t paying attention and we screwed up see how we
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it let’s see what I did so what we have here is Larry our control group very
nice very nice so we are just fine and right on target there mo with resting
improperly on the suppressor terrible terrible terrible and so definitely have
a shot drift let me pull up my tape measure here and alright to that middle
one we have a seven and a half inch shot group drift okay so even at 50 yards say
you were deer hunting and you screwed up and rested on the wrong thing complete
miss over the deers back so you got to do it right let’s keep
moving to see what else that we can do so now we have a little heavier profile
barrel with a shorter handguard to see if that makes much of a difference and
then removes this or the suppressor for you guys who some press are screwing it
up and it could be because that suppressor on the front not screwing it
up but it could have caused more point of impact shift than you would normally
see because as a suppressor itself has a pound of weight to flex your barrel
lower anyway this is the advantage arm slide side charging upper we’ll have
more on it later yeah that’s right and check it out you still have the
traditional parts so anyway stay tuned for that mess and but that’s all so
we’re gonna go control then we’re gonna go like Larry oh the samos next here and
then for curly we’re gonna put it all the way at the muzzle break shot up a
shoot let’s go at that position so sitting that sounds good to me
all right control grip on Larry make sure these ears are going good alright looks nice just a touch low I
can tell with an optic that’s nice alright dropping it down just uh just to
the edge of the barrel there Moe gets three as well all right consistent group definitely
higher all right now we’re gonna go all the way to the end of the muzzle break
this ought to be fun on my beer it may bless them paint away all right Carolee
this is yours all right good stuff there let’s go check it out
all right so I got a sneak peek because I’m shooting through this optic this
time but Larry very nice group right there very nice just right right we’re
right by our dot and then Moe this is where we rested just on the edge of the
handguard we saw about aa weird of leave my tape measure okay about three and a
half inches three and a half inches rise but still grouping okay and then curly
we’re back up hut see that would be around seven eight inches higher because
the same thing but check out that pretty shot group yeah that’s right there I’ll
touch it so I was applying a little pressure just because to keep it in in
it well anyway we pulled those off well now so that makes me that confirms what
I was thinking if you have like a regular m16 like you know my m16 but the
m4 style profile without a free floated barrel it’s not gonna be so much when
you’re pushing on it but got rest going up the further down you go on that
barrel the more leverage you have and the more it’s kind of move which is what
we’re seeing right here I brought my lil because it doesn’t have a free-floating
barrel but it has a heavy profile barrel and we’re gonna check that out so we’re
gonna test this on the very beginning of this handguard and then we’ll test it
right there and then we’ll test it on our suppressor just because we have one
alright let’s do this all right that’s three you know Larry ah
you know what I changed my mind let’s go at the end of the handguard and
then we’ll just go all the way to the front of the barrel because not
everybody’s got a suppressor to mess with anyway so we’ll make this work for
you all right and now just right there in the middle just a nice medium spot all right cool deal. Let’s go check it out.
group I guess this is zeroed in for ya a hundred yards because it is about a two
inch two inches low at 50 yards so that was our control resting on the very back
of that handguard and this was limo here and it’s about the same except I
probably pulled something there so we’re still about two inches low below our
point of aim and then curly it changed but not as much so that’s about two
inches high so if we wore two inches you know if the others so that’s a 4 inch
shift so not near as much as the 6 inch or 8 inch shift that we had with the
longer thinner barrel a profile day our hint with the free floated hand guards
but definitely a difference 4 inches at 50 yards would be 8 inches at a hundred
yards so then think about the ARS with the thinner barrels 7 inches at 50 yards
would be 14 inches at 100 holy smokes you you’re almost not on a torso at that
time so very good stuff to know now let’s do the hunting rifle this is the
one I’ve been waiting for because it’s the most relatable to most of at least
the hunters in my community because we have a 308 rifle with just a traditional
barrel and in fact this was one that I got to fly out to the Savage Factory and
build myself so like I put it all together
was able to do the run the machine for the barreling and do the the
straightening that they do and all that jazz and look if you can see there oh
there’s a Signature Edition oh there’s the de alright cool deal and I’ll show
you the magazine too because its exception yeah crazy thing is I’ve had
after I built this I’ve hardly shot it because right after that Texas a
legalized suppressors and so I used other guns with suppressors on them
because this isn’t threaded but maybe Monday so we have some just some German
ammo that Tom Bowers donated to us so we will go with that just because we’re
printing some paper let’s do it I didn’t pull that much left
maybe we shouldn’t they used this em oh there we go all right our control group
is their improper resting all right off the edge of that handguard and get in
the position and send it oh I think I see a fly on the target we’re not gonna
hit it Oh surprising all right we’re gonna reload again and go to the end of
the barrel alright so Larry with our control group just boom boom boom right
around where our point of aim is a little low because of course this thing
is probably sited in for a hundred yards like I said it’s been years since I’ve
shot it mow mow mow mow look at that one two
three right around the center so it drifted up just a touch just a touch
maybe maybe a half inch to an inch right there but I mean this one’s low so it’s
almost like that didn’t change it at all going off the very edge of the handguard
but on the barrel of course Curly’s gonna be a different story so
there there’s curly so if we were about Oh an inch low here so is that okay
that’s two holes in the next one so we’ll go right between them so 3 so 4
inches of 4-inch for its rise in elevation from 50 yards
but that was almost to the end of the barrel but again at a hundred yards that
would have been eight inches and so while we didn’t see much I expected to
see more drift there we didn’t have too much but for the most part yes every
time you rest your rifle barrel your shots lift and because this one’s all
the way up the main thing is don’t do it guys make sure you’re on the handguard
and doing it and shooting properly and so that’s all we got to do today so I
did it so you don’t have to thanks for watching remember to Like and re-subscribe because you will be unsubscribed youtube hates me and then
click the notification bell and even then you won’t get a notification but
it’ll make you feel better like you tried right at least you try Thanks
for watching and I’ll see you next time go mm yeah

51 thoughts on “Don’t Rest on Your Rifle’s Barrel!

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  2. something so simple that many overlook. i am not at all surprised by the hunting rifle. the way the barrel is attached to the action as well as the taper of the barrel and barrel length all comes into play. it would be interesting to duplicate this with handguns because i have rested those barrels a lot and see very little shift within competition distances of course.

  3. I see people resting the barrel all the time at the range. Shooting all over, try to help but wont listen!

  4. keep the videos coming..this was interesting to watch and keep up the discounts too!!!!! Stabbing the tree..lmao!!!!!!!

  5. Are you ok disclosing BDU prices? Other channels (like MrGunAndGear) said its against the rules and they cannot do it in the video.

  6. Good and interesting video, would not have expected that much movement. But, then again, I did not know what to expect. Keep up the good work.

  7. Love the outro. I did get this video showing up in my recommended videos, but not my subscribed videos. I am still subscribed to your channel.

  8. I live in France, where it's a pain to be allowed to shoot a gun, let alone own one. I never even shot a real fire gun (only air rifles), and I still enjoy learning those things.

  9. At my first major 3-gun match, on the long range stage you had to shoot through a gap in a set of stairs. I go up, my 40 round Pmag with a 5 round extension sticking out the bottom, and try to rest on the step, but my magazine hits the step below, so I back my rifle up 2 inches. My first shot at 75 yards was 5 feet high! I have no idea what's going on, so I Kentucky windage that thing down in 12 shots and clear a plate rack. I spent the next 30 rounds trying to hit the 100 and 200 yards. I had no chance at the longer range targets, but threw some rounds at them to "engage" them.

    I come off the stage, totally mystified at what had happened, and then somebody broke the news to me: those 3 inches I moved back had caused my barrel to rest on the stair, which lead to the inconsistent offset… Thanks for putting out this information so others hopefully won't make the same mistake!

  10. I thought everyone knew that then recently I was looking at shooting benches at midway and found some cheap ones that just have a coated wire to rest the barrel of your rifle on and the picture clearly shows a guy with the rifle barrel on the rest not the forend stock

    Larry Potter must have never got the message about that I think LOL

    I got my DB10ELB last week an of course it has been raining cats and dogs now for 7 days and nights LOL

    One of these days it will stop raining and I will make another neat shooting video with it and hope to kill a bunch of hogs also but waiting on the brass catcher and stud mount from midway so I can get my bipod on it so it has an easy way to rest it

  11. I've always heard don't rest your rifle on the barrel while shooting because it will affect your accuracy so I've known not to do it. I've never seen a video actually demonstrating it though. Cool video showing how it changes your barrel harmonics. Thanks Dustin!

  12. When you’re shooting at the start, YouTube is captioning the gunfire report as “applause”…glad they’re cheering you on! 😆

  13. I actually try this by my self before and wondering why im missing I thought it will give me more accuracy

  14. Like other comments I’ve always been told the same thing. But never tried it. Thanks for the video. Out of all those guns, suppressors included, how cool would it be to have that .308. Sweet !! On the negative side Dustin, where’s Mr Pig 🐖?! I love that pig in the background. Kinda disappointed. Lol. 👍💪🇺🇸

  15. Regarding AR15 accuracy, the majority of it comes from the barrel, as barrels are not created equal. My most expensive AR15 has an 18" heavy profile barrel outfitted with a 15" m-lok freefloated hand guard. To make a long story short, I cannot consistently get 1 MOA at 100 yards. I also have a 20" government profile upper with the standard A2 front sight post and plastic USGI handguards that shoots 1 MOA at 100 yards with iron sights with boring regularity.

  16. Great video with excellent information. I posted this video to a gun group I'm in I hope that's ok, should get you some more subscribers as well lol.

  17. I love it! I wish I could show my Hunter Safety, Students this video in class….But I will advise them to watch it!

    Thanks Dustin for all your great information. Keep up the good work.

    I am guessing the .308 shot better, because the barrel is bedded into the stock vs. free floated.

  18. I have that same Epsilon muzzle brake, that you have on your side charging rifle, and that thing sucks. It has so much side and rear blast, it blows the ears out of the person shooting next to you. It is way too loud when you can get a brake that is just as effective but nowhere near as loud to the side/rear.

  19. It’s funny that this can also cause issues with Airsoft guns. A guy at the last game I went to was trying to zero his new VSR (a replica of the Remington 700) but he had the barrel rested on the fence, and wondered why he couldn’t hit anyone at 50meters. He zeroed it to shoot with pressure on the barrel.

  20. 😀 Larry, Mo & Curly. Poor guys….
    edit: Btw your Livestream a few min ago was short but awesome 😀 You got some really cool Kids buddy, congratulation man 😀 Was this your first Livestream? If not, good gunfriendly Youtube didn´t send me a Notification 😉 If this wasn´t your first Livestream please tell me where or if you announce them anywhere else so i can catch up! Greetings from Germany!

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