Don’t miss your Perfect hit! MISSIA Shooting Tips

[Music] one two three hmm is there a third heat or not I clearly see only two holes on the paper for competitive shooter just one miss can make a dramatic difference you can waste years of preparations and lost a gold medal because of unfair coincidence but it is possible to save some precious points if you have right experience before I didn’t know that I actually hit the target if so how could I prove anything to arrange officer it’s a practical shooting channel and eduardo de koba’s master trainer of misha now we have right man for the job who going to help us Eduardo de Kobus is multiple national and European champion and one of the best shooting instructor in the world he represents master international shooting instructor Association we have an interesting situation now when you hit the target here is three shots but it looks like only two Eduardo explain us what we have to do in how we can distinct this kind of shoots well that’s problem happens many times so we have to shot in the target we are absolutely sure that we hit the target but we have only one hole when the range officer come in here and he put the other day the target food to check how many hot they are of course there is only one perfect 9-millimeter Hall there is nothing to indicate that there is to shot here the only indication is the color of the hall is absolutely that in comparison with the other Hall the only thing that we can do is check the other target I’m tell to the rani officer to check the other halls in the other target of the stage and compare with the color of this hall that’s great experience for us we always have to go to the target and to check the rounds on the target sometimes it’s somewhere here but sometimes it’s two bullets in one hole it’s the best way to check it very carefully and you if you see the color is darker it means you hit it twice in this case you better ask rich officer remove the target with this hole in coal for a range master see you next time [Music]

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