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DON’T GIVE CHIEF A GUN | Living With Chief Ep.02

have you shot a gun before look okay okay now it’s not like hallo so you press that thing right there and hey John dude you want to come to the cabin what’s your lame excuse I’ll have to get a haircut you kind of have to get a haircut we’re gonna go right now no I got pizza and then I got work one eye missing what the heck are you doing dude hey man you want to come to the cabin oh no no you’re not you’re not gonna no no no no no no hey hey hey hey you’re gonna ride in the passenger seat oh come on dude come on it’s like you can’t just drive a car plug this up yo come on man I’ll let you driving some other time all right I promise here’s got his head all right I think you fit [Music] welcome to the cabin this is by far my most favorite place on planet Earth hey Mikey I don’t know if Master Chief has ridden a four-wheeler before and he’s kind of crazy would you want to teach him how to do it sure okay careful dude you turn it on right here the Chiefs been gone for like 30 minutes thankfully my dad brought his drone so I’m gonna go try to find it with this drone [Music] wait a minute if Master Chief’s helmets here I’ll thank God Oh chief thank you oh okay are you ready did he hit it you hit it Hailee’s he’s not going too fast this time it’s not like halo okay just just take it easy go good job go so I’ve got some tannerite set up we’re gonna shoot a 300 yards with this gun in it oh my god I’m gonna kill you you are my best friends [Music] that’s but that’s not friends do [Music]

100 thoughts on “DON’T GIVE CHIEF A GUN | Living With Chief Ep.02

  1. So I don't think chief knows how to drive a four wheeler. Me fool do you not know the meaning of mongoose

  2. Riding in that car is unrealistic, Chief’s massive titanium balls would have the car dragging along the ground.

  3. Lol 3:15 "we r going 2 shoot the tanarite from 300 yards with this- BOOM😂😂😂and at 3:23 Spartans never die.!!!!!!!!!

  4. rayos encontraste a Halloween Alex parcial lo encontraste dónde estaba contraste Dónde estaba en qué lado estaba

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