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Donald Trump’s Guns

– [Voiceover] Hey guys,
it’s Alex C with TFBTV. Whether you love him or hate
him, don’t try and mug him, because he’s sufficiently armed. Donald Trump, billionaire
businessman and United States presidential candidate
is on record as saying he is, in fact, a gun owner. While TFBTV is not a political channel, it always catches our eye when someone in the public arena is an enthusiast. So when it comes to the
Donald, he owns a few firearms. In a Washington Times interview, Mr. Trump admitted to first off, owning
a Smith and Wesson 38 Special. Now he does have a New
York City carry permit, and he said he often, if not
always, carries a firearm. It stands to reason for this
purpose he would most likely own a small and concealable revolver, like this 642 Airweight that is optimized for personal protection. Most of Smith’s larger
revolvers that can also fire 38, are also able to fire 357 magnum, so Trump most likely has a J Frame. The J Frame Smith and Wessons
are a great choice because they are light, small, and easy to use. You can easily conceal them on your hip, inside a suit jacket, or even
inside a pocket if you wish. While they are by no means
optimized for target shooting, even amateur shooters can
make effective use of them at 10 yards or so. It is also worth noting that,
being five shot revolvers, J Frame Smiths are legal
in more restrictive states like New York. (gun firing) Next, Trump said he has an
H and K, 45 caliber handgun. H and K has dabbled in 45
ACP pistols in the past, notably with the P9 series,
but the most prolific is, by far, the USP. The USP comes in many
varieties, but the one seen here is the standard model. For carry, there is a
compact, and for competition, there are the match and elite versions, but I don’t imagine that Trump
is an avid target shooter. HK does make a newer
line of 45 AC pistols, simply called the 45, but they
are not nearly as prolific as the USP. The USP is a fantastically
well made pistol. They come with all kinds
of different trigger and safety setups, and they
are extremely reliable. Shootability is great,
and while more expensive than the competition, aspiring
presidential candidates usually are not hurting for money. I’ve owned this HK USP
for several years now, and I’ve probably put
close to, if not over, 1000 rounds through it. It was one of the first
semi-automatic handguns I ever purchased in fact,
however right when I bought it the cost of ammunition
went sky high, or at least, a lot higher than it was
at the time of purchase. However, if I were to
swap bank accounts with Donald Trump, you bet I would
shoot with this a lot more. Buying an HK pistol is
kind of like buying a BMW instead of a Cadillac. They don’t necessarily offer
much more, but there is just something about them that
maybe is a little bit cooler, or is tailored a little bit
better to the individual user. So we’ve taken a look at
the guns that Donald Trump told a reporter with the
Washington Times that he owns. I’m not surprised that he’s a gun owner, and I would really like to do
this for other presidential candidates as well, however a lot of them are very tight lipped. Big thanks to Ventura Munitions, this is Alex C. and we
hope to see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Guns

  1. Not surprised about the wheel gun.
    I'm a bit surprised about the HK though, probably came from somebody who worked security for him at one point. I would have expected him to sport some guccified 1911

  2. Teddy Roosevelt needed no pistols he had his own guns and the ability to get shot in the chest and finish his speech.

  3. I would love to see Donald Trump turn the Obama basketball court into an indoor shooting range, just to drive the left wacky.

  4. Ahh.. good old trump, the Republican president who has supported more gun regulations than Obama. Dont bother criticizing me for bringing up the facts.

  5. A speed loader!
    I used them during my training way back in the 70's!
    Not to many folks today would even know what they are!

  6. If hes such a huge gun guy why did he pass the bumb stock ban and why do we have red flag laws. Im sure there are many more out there that i dont know about

  7. Biggest problem here is the Washington Times is a right wing propaganda site owned by the Moonies so ya gotta take what they say with a dose of salt

  8. Do they got suppressors or bump stocks? Are they affected by the trade tariff? I don't regret voting for him but gd i hope he gets his act together for 2020

  9. Well I'm not gonna mug anyone especially Trump but it's not Trump I'd worry about, it's those secret service guys that protect the guy. No one knows if Trump owns guns, he's a terrible liar after all and often says things just to get votes. According to Trump he's also a devout Christian although he never goes to church. Oh and the Washington times is a propaganda site not a ligitmate source of information.

  10. I like his choices lol yeah he probly does carry alot dat 38snub is like da best carry if u need to conseal it well and shoot from the pocket lol

  11. ….I can just imagine a indoor range in the basement of Trump Towers with automatic pop-up hillery clinton targets….

  12. I carried a snub nose 38 using hollow points. Had to shoot a suspect in the head one night. It spun him around and he actually ran and escaped. Arrested him in the hospital later but decided i wanted something with more knock down power so went to the baby desert eagle 45, using hollow point ammo for max knock down power. Been happy ever since.

  13. Let's not forget that more gun laws have been passed during trumps presidency than any other not saying it's his fault but let's keep that right

  14. Too bad you can't believe anything that comes out of Trump's mouth. He probably hasn't shot a gun in his life.

  15. So he likes gun?? Way in the hell is he going after suppressors then? I think once again the president has lied to us and all you guys are falling for it like he does all the time! He's a gun owner why I've are bump stocks gone away why is he going after silencers why is there a red flag law!!!!! All these are happening under President Donald Trump's Administration.

  16. The USP is a fantastic weapon. 😂 what a laugh. Just make sure you pick up your magazine each time you fire. Asine mag release is lame

  17. This is one case where the new red flag law should apply, and take his guns away from him, he's a pathological liar at best, has daily delusionals of grandeur, and thinls he's the next dictator in chief for life! A very dangerous and admitted amoral sexual predator.
    How many more reasons do we need to disarm and imprison this sick treasonous bastard!!

  18. tRump constantly shoots himself in his bone spur laden foot…… I hope he aims about 6 feet higher just one time .


  20. Oof these comments thinking all of us left wingers are anti gun Karl Marx himself said we should be armed plus I love me some Soviet and German firepower!

  21. You know I just thought about it, even though he has Secret Service agents around him is there anything that says the president can't be "packing heat"?

  22. Does anyone even care? I mean really I’ve never got the impression he was at all interested in firearms right other then to push an agenda truly not a second amendment defender how sad we elected a fake republican con artist

  23. Wow. What a true patriot and supporter of the constitution. He is a smart. The smartest. And for he is going to mak america great again. Hooray for Donald trunkt! I like car!





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