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Does The USFA Zip Gun Work yet? weird 22lr bullpup pistol.

Does The USFA Zip Gun Work yet???? weird 22lr bullpup pistol. when Hey Dude snappy $20.99 here and we’re
here deals if 22 long rifle this thing and play with the
thing about a year and I notice that zips family released a
bunch other upgrades in accessories and what not have time am i
buy a couple those and see what’s up so the last thing I did was I install
the apps great-great springs which increase the reliability but this going
drastically after the box it sucked barely worked I install the springs it was a huge a
nine-day difference i mean it still wasn’t flawless really started to work it was a usable
firearm Sonam issued this thing and Sharon year
approaching a bi couple those accessories and I do have the top rail I don’t know
where it is taiwan I like you know site this thing
actually shoot it with a scope the chemical and a couple other
things are buying put on hearing make some videos for them
measured it has been pretty and popular Bilotta views like actually more views
than they should so book are put away to the plane was blown
a description if you wanna see the others it videos but I you’ll see if this thing works a
mature tit for tat to head a little bit and I’m be awesome if you guys did
something might like her drop a comment or something somebody
shoot 11 tee times too but dollars worth am I here the surface
cares hard to come by and cast ten times as much as they used to
do so thanks it’s a step back and see if this thing
works of parents if I can remember the whole like this year from goes in
there this near goes in here to charging handle for many years on old are likely land ok excuse me I had
to clean the lens there so see if I can remember how to load
this thing can awkward and weird don’t train its
there we go we r per box clip have at the joke mares barbar triploid properly but the see if we can okay I think around is chambered yes he sold the thing like an operator take our safety of whose care is aiming down side so I
can’t really see the sights camera can though the medicare from by
by but wow that was impressive actually well we’re after that okay so the last round we had a ferry to reject for from exactly so those to another bar trippin both rap threat but now from Chain failure to feed had to check that ram their Caruth I’m changing my dangles like actually a must by me at
the forehead looks like I’m actually having remaining thats impressive so we ran through that mag the only one failure sold this game is this country liability
has increased significantly or drastically with the new springs but
it’s still not 100 percent still a fun little gone is put this game there we go of if their best probably me 10 her time loading I want safe K me sometimes in three hands to work
this John I can’t get the damn thing now hey action accidental discharge wants stupid ass
slammed it down it muscle playing away from a downrange and ejected the box mag and discharge
around I can it was the same situation where
this thing is so jammed up I can even took the stupid Scopus enough damn good Kenya screwdriver something them unsafe
in this year round chambered by the worry is if you hit hard enough
it’ll chairman around and shoot of probably won’t do cuz it unsafe for I’m I need to go get my of K bar k so gonna it the mag release lever I’m in a
fun putting it into a back rhythm backstop and century like a bar
in hearing tricking his actually really dangerous I don’t know what to do can make perhaps tap para go ahead a hit with a cave are in it chamber the route while okay let’s shoot this bad boy safety of by by care we didn’t or other weird farrier ferry to reject no that’s interesting using up more precious 22 when you have two years kissinger one final box together this that both to work okay I did not ride the thing 50% off bust fail but the current state is it again in a pro take apart clean it get some
upgrade parts make another video the thanks for watching crappy out already did he made it this far I would really appreciate it if you drop
a comment tell me what you thought poor giving the suggestions or ideas for new videos and
if you like or dislike pet huge and helps out my channel whole lot and check me out on Facebook thank you for watching

100 thoughts on “Does The USFA Zip Gun Work yet? weird 22lr bullpup pistol.

  1. Demonstration of the USFA Zip 22LR Pistol. An interesting bullpup pistol that was fraught with failures and malfunctions when it was released to the public. There is an upgraded spring kit which I have installed. The gun functions much better new, however not perfect. Noticing that USFA has finally released a bunch of upgrades and accessories for this pistol, I intend to purchase some and test them out. This video is titled: Does The USFA Zip Gun Work yet???? weird 22lr bullpup pistol.

  2. Good thing you are just target shooting, or that “safety” would have got you killed at least 3 times. Being “on safe” and “the safety” are misnomers and only serve to get people shot by surprise, whether because your gun fired when it wasn’t supposed to, or your gun doesn’t fire but the other guy’s does.

  3. What possible benefits does bullpup form have over the more standardised shape, when it's going to be a small handgun, either way? On a rifle, absolutely, i get it, but trying it on a pistol just seems like… I dunno, overkill in the design stage? Certainly, it's overengineering at its finest, and clearly the reliability suffered for it… Still, I'm genuinely curious what the intended purpose/benefit was, other than looking so little like a gun that it wouldn't be easily recognized as one.

  4. That is by far the nastiest, worst designed, most pointless and most dangerous piece of crap I've ever seen. Charging the fucker with a lever either side of the barrel is pointless to begin with, especially since the frame of the thing only needs to be that bulky to accommodate the lame solution. But that's not the biggest issue with the charging solution. Even if it wasn't the least reliable weapon, requiring the user to place their fingers near the end of the barrel to rack it is utterly insane. But it's clearly not necessary. An AR type pull setup would work better, would be easier and far simpler to deign and manufacture, would be safer by a million miles, and would of course be easier and more familiar to use – due to its ergonomic advantages. And that's the biggest flaw in this piece of crap: you literally have to figure out how to hold the damned thing, therefore it scores in the minus ratings on ergonomics. And for them to have failed so miserably at something as simple as matching a device to a human hand, the designers and marketers of this piece of crap deserved to be bankrupted and have their mental health examined by professionals. What on earth was their motive?

  5. My god… That's got to be the worst design for a pistol in firearm history. Charging handle near the end of the barrel? Stupid ring finger loop? Why is the grip soooo large? The reach of the trigger is a mile long. Charging it and pulling the trigger sounds like hell made of sand paper. The way it looks? gtfo of here with that thing. At least it's cheap. Rather have a hi-point, or save money for a Mark iii hunter.

  6. Am I daft for thinking that most magazine fed pistols are bullpup given that the magazine is behind the trigger group ? Or is it the position of the chamber?

  7. It does seem that the zip gun is far more dangerous to the operator than the target. Apart from having a laugh it's applications seem to be next to useless.

  8. Okay I really don't know why…but I want this gun…it's unqiue and weird. And I like stuff like that even though it looks like junk

  9. Strange design just for the sake of being different ? If it increases the usefulness or function ,but it doesnt seem to.

  10. The brains behind this pistol/design, was that of a con man. They released a product that did not work at all, but had a different look and feel to it so as to get there targeted audience excited. Once they got the initial payment into there scheme, they then released upgrade parts to supposedly make there initial investment worth the money. This is the oldest scam in the book and it even goes beyond the bait and switch scam which is a gem all in itself.
    This company should be the subject of a class action lawsuit for exactly as i described. Nobody that is honest and out to sell a product to the public would let anything like this piece of garbage to be sold to the public.
    The owner / owners of the company that are selling this product are laughing all the way to the bank.
    I hope y'all make them regret doing what they have done. This is just B.S.

  11. Matt v where the hell have you been? I subscribe no mattv BREEEAAAKYOSELFOOL!
    Haha! Guess you were out operating again doctor
    Can I you please gimme a video where ya go
    por favor at eazz soldja!

  12. @MattV2099-Not that I am being a smart ass or anything. Make sure you do not ever pack that weak ass gun out here in the street. Especially here in Dallas, TX. If you live out here. LMAO!🤣😄 Because SOMEBODY out here or anywhere else will be whooping your ass! I will beat-up, stab, and cut up the living blood out of somebody if they were taking that long to use that fucking gun on me if I ever got into it with somebody about something outside of my house or outside of my vehicle. LOL!! You really are a funny guy.

  13. Crappie gun. Why release a product with so many issues? It must have exhibited these failures during development.

  14. Chambering mechanism right at the barrel tip is just total ass, I have to say, even ignoring the rest of its faults. Just ass.

  15. YOU TALK TOO MUCH !!!!!!!! GET TO THE POINT!!!!!! EDIT: You can´t hit a football sized target at 6 feet? Not a SINGLE hit? Wow!!!!!!

  16. I'd rather bring a butter knife to a gun fight over that piece of shit. Maybe if you throw it in the trash it will finally feel at home.

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