DIY 3XL 550 Triple Cobra Weave Gun Sling Shotgun / Rifle How to Step by Step Instructions

Today I’m going to show you how to make
this triple cobra weave gun sling This is an extra heavy gun sling that’s
two inches wide and uses 180 feed of total paracord
An excellent option for a survival bug out bag or a regular ol’ hunting sling
Very comfortable and very rugged will last you an extremely long time probably a life
time Takes a few hours to make but the effort is
well worth it As you can see I used the bright green under
charcoal gray and this sling just turned out great, I couldn’t have been happier with
the results Stay tuned I’m going to show you how to
make your own. To make this sling you are going to need a
few things, The first and probably most important thing
is you are going to need two swivel sling mounts that fit your rifle or shotgun.
My shot gun already has the part that attaches to the gun so I just have the quick disconnect
part that will be permanently attached to the sling. The size you need is one inch, this is the
uncle mikes brand, I know there are some other brands out there but I’ve had good luck
with this brand so I continue to use them. Then you will need 200 feet of paracord, you
need 100 feet of the inside color, today we will be using safety green and this will be
cut in half into two 50 foot strands, I will show you how that works in a minute you also
need another 100 feet of the exterior color, this is going to be charcoal gray today, think
it’s going to be a really nice combination, you only need 80 or 90 feet but it only comes
in 50 foot incramints so just grab a 100 feet and cut it at the ends, you won’t be short
that way You also need a couple of tools, a lighter
comes in handy and a pair of scissors is a must. A highly recommended option that I like to
use is a four foot 2×4. Standard 2×4 you get at a lumberyard, Lowes or Home Depot. This just help keep everything straight, put
a nail in each end that are separated by 43 inches. I like to have 43 inch slings. You can make it whatever length you want but
I like a 43 inch sling so You will see what the nails are for in a minute,
you don’t have to do that, it’s optional, I find it helps keep everything neat and straight
and your end product will look better. To get started I’m going to mount the swivel
mounts onto the board I’m going to put the end into the nail Once you get your swivels mounted to the board
as shown, one for each end you need to take your inside color and cut it into two 50 foot
lengths, I like to use one color for both of the inner
cords Once you have two 50 foot strands of the interior
color, fold the first strand in half and loop it thru the first end of your sing mount here
this should be the mid point of your first 50 foot strand. Then you are going to run it down the length
of the board in a parallel strand fashion to the other end. This is where you are going
to start your first cobra weave. Once you have the first 50 foot strands looped
thru both of the swivel sling mounts you can start your first cobra weave The strands are long, make sure you pay attention
and don’t get tangled up This is just your basic cobra weave, At this point it’s probably a good thing
to check for tangles extra loops or overlaps in your double strand. Easier to fix it now
than later. So here we are at the end, we basically have
one 43 inch long paracord bracelet cobra weave that has been attached to each of these swivel
attachments I left this end loose for now, we will tie
that end on our third pass when we do our third cobra weave
Now that we have our first core done I will do the exact same thing again, what that will
do is give us two cores to make our third cobra weave, just like we needed two cores
to make this smaller cobra weave One thing I would like to note is there is
one loop down here and where we started on this end there are two loops. So I am going to do the second one in reverse,
the one loop on the second core will be down here there will be two loops up here. So we will effectively have three solid continuous
loops thru the entire sling and will have some additional pieces to tie in should be
a very strong robust sling when it is all said and done. So I started the second stand and we are well
on the way, you can see this is going to be a nice wide sling by the time we get the third
cobra weave over. These two weaves will be the core for that
top cobra weave just like these two strands are the core for this cobrea weave. We are well on the way, something I do want
to point out is I started at opposite ends for the two cores,, this one here has two
loops at this end because I started up here and weaved this direction. This one here only has one loop because I
started at the other end, this is something to keep in mind otherwise you might end up
with the end of your sling having 2 loops and the other end that has 4 loops So I like having a sling that has three loops
at the each end of my sling it gives a nice secure robust sling. Will finish this core off and we will be back. So I finished the second cobra strand As you can see it runs the entire length of
the 43 inch plank Now all I need to do is something with these
loose ends I decided I’m just going to tie them off in a knot then we will weave the
third cobra weave over the top So I’m going to tie these off and we will
get the third cobra weave started. Alright we are all set to do the third cobra
weave cores over the two inner cobra weave cores. That’s why it’s called a triple
cobra weave sling. Just to deal with these loose ends I’ve
cut them off and knotted them off nice and close to the swivel slings on each end. Here I will show you the other end, I don’t
feel the need to tuck them in, you could do that if you wanted, try and integrate it into
the cobra weave stich itself but I find this looks just fine, so let’s go ahead and get
started. Again using the exact same technique you’ve
been using, just on a larger scale. Alright I missed a stich or two starting off
I had to redo some stuff. I’m going to show you now that I have it
a little more established how this cobra weave looks as you go So again the top is always zig zagging on
the top and the bottom is always zig zagging on the bottom. You need to always go over two strands, which
is what locks everything together. And then under that one strand. Ok I went ahead and took the nail out of the
board so I could show you how the sling is progressing. Got the first couple of paracord stiches in
using the cobra weave method, as you can see it’s going to be a darker sling with some
bright green peeking thu which is exactly what I wanted. Again don’t go too tight, you don’t want
the cores to fold over like that you want them to stay nice and flat and level. Be very careful with the extra 50 feet of
paracord on each side, 100 feet total you can get tangled pretty easy, so take your
time it will shorten up pretty quick since it’s relatively big stitches and you will
have a really nice sling when you are done. OK so I finished weaving the third cobra stich
I went ahead and snipped and burned thee to more manageable lengths I had 6 to 8 feet
on each end so a 100 foot piece is defiantly long enough if you want to make a longer sling
you have enough to do that I’m going to go ahead and weave these two
strands under a couple of the black cobra stiches and kind of bury this loos end and
then we can take it off and take a closer look That’s what the end looks like after its
been threaded thru trimmed and burned, you can see a little piece sticking out there…
it will make a nice finished product I’m going to go ahead and take this sling
off the board. So here is what the final product looks like
notice that even though we used a very bright green for the lower layer that it doesn’t
become overwhelmingly bright when it’s finished if you use a darker top layer This can be a good thing if you’re looking
for a subtle color to com thru and not be the dominate look of the sling. So I wanted to do this video to show you guy’s
what’s possible with the triple cobra weave technique, It’s my favorite way to make a gung sling,
I think it’s much more comfortable the narrower double cobra weave or other styles of paracord
slings out there. It’s an extra wide paracord sling, you have
180 feet of paracord in this sling roughly which makes it an ideal survival sing because
it has so much paracord in it you could do just about anything you would ever need. Thanks for watching, please like and subscribe
and check out some of the other great videos I have to offer on my youtube channel.

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