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we are getting brand new weapons and new
exotics coming into the division to wit title updates five today we’re going to
talk about them all esse this is laser bolt today we’re gonna be talking about
the brand new weapons and exotics that we’re getting within the division to
with the new title update five and it seems just like yesterday we were
talking about title update four but now we’re already into title update five and
there are a lot of changes happening and different builds that we’re gonna be
able to have but we’re not gonna talk too much today about builds we’re mostly
gonna be focusing on the weapons and week what we can expect out of these
weapons because we don’t really know what talents they come with but I want
to give you guys a complete overview of what to expect what the weapons might
feel like and how they might be a little bit viable and game-changing in the
division too but before we get started I do want to remind you guys about our
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we’re getting three brand new weapons – regular standard weapons and one exotic
weapon plus one exotic glove now the weapons were getting our the carbine
seven assault rifle these stoner LMG a Diamondback lever action rifle and of
course the exotic gloves called a be TSU the black toe special unit gloves so
let’s dive a little bit deeper and talk about what we could expect out of these
weapons how are they gonna change the dynamic of the game and are they
actually gonna be game changers is something that everybody’s gonna be
trying to farm and trying to get a good role for or is it gonna be a weapon that
you’re just probably gonna pick up test it out and just drop it afterwards we’re
gonna get started with one that I know everybody’s trying to figure out how
it’s gonna work and that is the carbine seven assault rifle another carbine
seven assault rifle is a weapon that I’m really interested in actually getting
once it drops the reason is because I like the kind of family tree this weapon
is so imma give you guys a little bit of a backstory so you guys could kind of
get it you’re already in your hand what this
weapon will feel like and what you could kind of expect out of this weapon so
currently right now in the division two we have a weapon which is the m16 and I
like the m16 the reason I don’t run an m16 all the time is because it’s not
that viable it doesn’t hit as hard as you know as my p41 six and it’s just
that a weapon that I usually go to but I do like to feel and I do like the way
the weapon fires I also like the way the handling of the weapon works and this is
what kind of has me really excited for this weapon in addition to that we also
have the seat art currently right now in the game and this is what has me really
excited for the carbon because the carbine is a variant between the m16 and
the Setar it’s like a combination of two it’s a more lighter version of the m16
and it has the same kind of fire rate of a seat are now in the military there are
two sets of carbines there’s the m4 and there is the m4a1 I believe the one that
we’re gonna be getting is the m4 carbine the reason being is because the m4a1 is
more like a long range rifle weapon and seeing how they put this in the assault
category I think we’re gonna be getting a look at the m4 what makes this weapon
actually pretty standard is the fact that it comes with the magazine of 5.56
ammo so you actually get an idea of what type of attachments we’ll be fitting
into this rifle so pretty much anything that you currently have running on your
P four one six you’ll be able to attach to the carbine now two things that
actually have me pretty excited about this weapon and I don’t know if this is
actually gonna be introduced into the weapon but I really have high hopes that
it actually happens and I want to know from you guys in the comments section
down below if you guys feel like these two things that I’m gonna mention right
now should be part of this weapon so the m4 so in the military if you’ve ever
used the m4 carbine there are a couple things that you’re able to do with the
weapon number one is you’re able to attach a grenade launcher you’re able to
mount an m203 or m320 grenade launcher which makes the weapon very viable
because not only does it serve you as an assault rifle but it also sells you to
throw little thumpers out now I don’t know if they’re gonna be adding this to
the game but I think it would be a very nice addition to actually have an
assault rifle that also gave you the advantage of launching grenade launchers
I think that would be completely dump let me know what you guys think
addition to that guys the m4 it gives you the different sets of fire weights
you’re able to fire it semi-automatic and you’re also able to fire it in a
three round burst I like the ability of them having the different fire modes and
I wonder if the new introduction of this carbine will give us the possibility of
firing it fully auto or firing it in three rounds burst let me know what you
guys think to you guys thinks these two types of attachments should be added
into the carbine so just to give you guys a base reference points if you guys
want to know what the gun might feel like you might just want to go ahead
pick up the m416 and see how that feels like if you like to feel that you’re
pretty much gonna like the feel of the carbine it the only difference it’s
gonna be a little bit more compact in size and that the muscle is a little bit
shorter but that would be the major difference between the m16 and the new
carbine so you guys could get a better idea of what the gun might feel like now
let’s take a look at the other weapon that we’re also gonna be getting and
that is the stoner LMG now this is another weapon that has me pretty
excited the reason why I’m actually excited for this weapon is because what
we currently know about the weapon and the reason why this weapon was ever
created now the stoner LMG the reason why it was manufactured it was developed
by Eugene stoner hence the name stoner now what the reason why they went ahead
and designed to sell em G was the fact that they wanted to reduce the recoil
that was produced from a light machine gun and they went ahead and changed the
design of LM G’s to fit this better design that will allow you to reduce the
recoil the changes that they made was making the bolt open meaning that the
movement of the ball backwards as in more conventional is removed which would
reduce the vehicle this is combined it with a buffer located in the stock to
further reduce the recoil pattern so the reason why this LMG was ever created was
to give more flexibility of the person that was firing it for them to actually
be able to control the sway of the gun hence lending more bullets and more
precisely in addition to that guys the starter LMG gives you the ability to add
four sets of different attachments it’s kind of similar to what we have to the
colonel LMG that we have in the game but we get a better reference point of what
we can expect that on the LMG now the stoner LNG also runs with
5.56 ammo capacity this means that any attachment that has a 5.6 will be able
to fit within this weapon now I don’t know if the variant that we’re getting
it’s gonna come with this ammo type but I’m assuming if we were you talking
about the standard stoner we will get be getting the 5.56 cartage within this
weapon if I had to kind of give it a base comparison of what we could have
currently right now in the game that would be very similar to this I’m
probably gonna go with the infantry mg 5 or the MK 46 that’s kind of like the
best base points I could give you for this type of weapon now let’s talk about
the exotic rifle now this one looks amazing now the reason why I think it’s
exotic is just by the design we have that nice beautiful design by far one of
the nicest designed weapons that we currently have in right now in the game
I mean the eagle bear has a really nice design but this one they really went all
out on this one they went ahead and wrapped a Cobra or a snake around I
don’t even know it’s a Cobra what is it if you guys know what snake type of that
is let me know in the comment section down below they went ahead and wrapped
the snake all around the weapon and it just looks amazing guys it looks really
really dumb I mean I’m really really looking forward to picking up this
weapon and I’m really hoping that this weapon is as good as it looks now we
don’t really get a base point on to what weapon type this weapon is we just know
that it’s a rifle and it looks really amazing but I believe that the most
similarity that we’re gonna have with this weapon is with the 1886 now the
1886 by far is one of my personal favorite rifles I’m in love with this
rifle because it’s just amazing that’s my favorite one out of all the ones we
currently have in the game I mean we do have the m1 a which is pretty good
we got the urban but I’m in love with the 1886 if you guys have ever tried the
1886 let me know in the comments section ever though of you guys liked it as much
as I do now what really has me excited about this weapon is I really want to
see what type of talents they’re gonna be adding to this rifle and I really
hope that the rifle lives up to the look due to the fact that I want to rocked
his weapon yeah I just want to run around with it it just looks really nice
but the talents need to actually be very well for us to actually be able to adapt
this rifle because trying to find any good synergy for rifles right now
currently in the game it’s not in a really good state the most we have right
now in the game we have LMG and we have assault rifle that’s like the medic
currently right now and I would definitely like to see the rifles get a
little bit of a boost in the game to make the game a little bit more
dynamic and intuitive for other play styles last but not least guys we’re
also gonna be taking a look at the brand-new exotic
pair of gloves called the BTS you black tough special unit gloves now these are
brand new exotic gloves that are gonna be favoring any sword of skill-based
build yes guys as you guys know in title update number 5 we are getting a big
boost to skills now I’ll have a separate video going over about the major changes
and we have coming in two skills and also what you should be farming for
before we move into the new skill based meta which is gonna be pretty pretty or
P now in addition to that guys these gloves are getting any hands your skills
basically what the gloves are gonna do is there’s gonna be a hybrid skill based
build type of thing it’s gonna give you offensive and it’s also gonna produce
Cal control now what they did show in the video is that when you switch the
skills you will unlock very good buffs for example the remote pulse will have a
detonating effect when you actually do the remote pulse skill so it’s actually
pretty interesting to see the different combinations that you’re getting when
you offset a skill and what other effect you’re able to apply when that skilled
is applied so the gloves are actually gonna be pretty interesting I am gonna
have a couple videos going over different skill builds like turret
builds firefights builds you know all that good stuff let me know in the
comment section down below out of all the skills we currently might
have right now which one do you guys think we should make a bill for first
should we use the turret should we used a drone which is you guys think we
should do let me know that in the comment section um you know I hope this
does give you a better idea of the new weapons that were coming and what they
compare for I hope you did find this video helpful and enjoyable if you did
guys I want to give you guys a big THANK YOU because I know you will be smashing
down like button so thank you very much in addition to that I want to thank you
as well for sharing this video with your friends cuz that does help us out a lot
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you guys for watching and don’t forget wgat AP and i will catch you guys on the
next video you


  1. Thanks for the video, when do you think they will fix loadouts. I still cant activate 12 of my 24 available. I have 4 characters maxed out

  2. The guy interviewed said the rifle was called “the diamondback”, I’m assuming that is the type of snake

  3. OK, so we're getting new exotic weapons. What about the current exotic weapons that drop at a 1% RNG. You think they should address this issue first or just create more distance from MASSIVE and the community that is asking these very questions?

  4. the weapon is a h&k 417 semi automatic assault/ rifle which is a 7.62×52 so it'll be classified as that moderate to slight recoil rpm 600-750 I own this weapon personally

  5. In my honest opinion I was hoping that they would give us the opportunity to roll over our exotics weapons from division 1 on to division 2 and since the New York 3hrs and 40 mins away it would be cool to travel back and with vehicles and have missions also in Washington and new York

  6. Diamond back rattle snake you can find these type of snake in Texas, Arizona also they are getting bigger I saw one that was 7ft long.

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