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Disappear like a sniper

We’ll push through different camouflage
areas, change our camouflage all the time until we get to the end, our firing position,
where we’ll be completely invisible from the enemy, where they can walk past within
five metres and they shouldn’t be able to see us. Well, we start off with our ghillie suits,
completely break the head with natural camouflage. That will then blend us into the environment
like a chameleon. Then we’ll go onto our weapon systems and
we’ll do exactly the same with our weapon systems. Exactly the same with our sights. Movement, really slow and methodical. Especially when you start pushing closer towards
the enemy, the bigger the movements, the more they’re likely to see you. We could be sitting in position for a long
time, possibly days if it’s an OP (observation post), and we have to have that patience. Sometimes it might not pay off and we might
not get the chance to fire, but that’s not all of sniping, we’re also really good at
gathering knowledge and passing that knowledge on.

8 thoughts on “Disappear like a sniper

  1. I got so effin' much respect for snipers, the way they manouver through the terrain and the level of patience these people are able to present is mind boggling!
    I'm absolutely not bad with a rifle myself – sure I'm a bit rusty now, but it has also been a very long time since last time I practiced, especially on long range!
    But even when I was top of my game, I would probably still have been unable to show the amount of patience they do – and without that, being okay at hitting the target isn't enough!
    Thank you for all you do – you're real hedgehogs!

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