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Did Justin Trudeau commit a crime? | Andrew Scheer

Today, I sent a letter to the RCMP, with new information on the SNC-Lavalin scandal, and I requested an investigation into Justin Trudeau’s actions. The Ethics Commissioner’s report – which found Trudeau guilty of violating Canada’s ethics laws provided shocking new details about the lengths Trudeau went to to stop SNC-Lavalin’s criminal prosecution. Now, my letter, based on the Commissioner’s report, lays out how Trudeau and his office plotted with SNC-Lavalin officials to get Jody Wilson-Raybould to let the company off the hook. Trudeau broke the law to help his friends. And he lied about it when he got caught. He also refuses to apologize. Now, this whole affair strikes at the very heart of the kind of country Canada we want. Do we want Canada to be a country where the Prime Minister is above the law, where he or she can decide who gets prosecuted and who doesn’t? Remember, Justin Trudeau wanted Vice-Admiral Mark Norman prosecuted, and he was. He wanted SNC-Lavalin let off the hook. If it wasn’t for Ms. Wilson-Raybould, they would’ve been. We now know that Trudeau broke the law. Now we need to know if he committed a crime.

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