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Devyn Holmes talks about surviving Facebook live shooting tragedy

100 thoughts on “Devyn Holmes talks about surviving Facebook live shooting tragedy

  1. Doesnt look like an accident tbh, the way the guy look around, nod at her and what she said before shooting…

  2. All this time I thought he died! I'm in tears right now. I'm so glad he survived and has such a positive spirit.

  3. It was your own people that did it😡😡😡😡. Keep imitating your favorite piece of shit rappers, keep being so-called “gangsta”, dumb n-words.

  4. If y'all think that shooting was an accident, then y'all smoking dope. They tried to kill that man. It was a set up

  5. The Most High was watching over Devyn. I’m glad he survived it and I pray for his continued strength.

  6. Just watched the video for the first time. Playing or not, the VERY moment that cunt put her finger on the trigger, I would've been TAKING the gun from her and throat punching her if she didn't surrender the gun. No shit, guns ain't toys, and unless you're ready to actually pull the trigger for a legit reason (self defense), then your booger hook need to stay tf off the bang switch.
    That was soooo fucked up. Glad he's alive, he didn't deserve to have to end up living life the way he is now, however, it could've been much worse.

  7. I’ve seen some messed up stuff on the internet but his video was hard to see and still is. Glad he’s got such a loving family. Keep pushing through my dude

  8. What happened to the stupid animal that shot him?

    I hope she got prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Whether Devyn wanted to press charges or not.

  9. I saw the video for the first time today ! I was so choqued ! I wished he survived !
    I feel better he survived !

  10. I’m happy he’s alive! His recovery only proves one thing, a bullet to the head IS NOT instant death, it’s not like the movies, so those who think of suicide better think it twice.

  11. I am so happy to hear that he survived. Does anyone know what kind of gun it was? I can't believe he's living!

  12. Thats insane! I've seen the webm float around 4chan and other places, never though there was anyway he could live. Power to him!

  13. You can see in the shooting video, that he was the only smart one, who said to that hoe they she was making him nervous, when she pulled the trigger the first time (empty chamber) but he listened to it to that idiot in the back seat who said the gun had no clip, and she clocked and pointed it at his head and did it again.. He should have grabbed it and had control over the barrel of the weapon, and busted her finger off

  14. Damn I thought he died, thank God he survived, he was put here for a reason, that shooter bitch can die slowly

  15. Why does anyone have sympathy for this idiot or his family? He's getting rich off people donating to him over some stupid thug ass showoff wannabe video, which ended up him getting shot by some wannabe thug girl.

    No sympathy here. You're all stupid lol

  16. Don’t play with guns, they aren’t toys or props for your selfies. Especially don’t point a gun at your friend’s head with your finger on the trigger and a round in the chamber. Wtf were they thinking?

  17. What all respect to this man I'm glad you survived but I seen the video I would have never even left the bicth hold the gun

  18. Man, it is a miracle that he survived that. A point blank headshot from a 9mm Glock. This has go to be one of the luckiest men in the world. God bless you man.

  19. Dumb ass hoe! Stupid bitch thought that she was a badass but instead is a fucking dumbass. Guns aren't toys! Play stupid games, you win stupid prizes!

  20. Be glad it wasn’t a .45 brother because you wouldn’t be living the rest of your life like you are now. The trend of 9mm and the occasional thug using .40 has spared many lives if you can call it that. Good luck with the rest of your life, may we all die twice

  21. I thought pointing a gun at someone even without it being “loaded” is illegal and how did this woman do no time ? And why would she be allowed bail

  22. That was attempted Murder! Watch the video again… watch her finger as she grabs the pistol off the counsel, she clearly TAKES OFF THE SAFETY….ON PURPOSE! I won't watch the shooting again but it's VERY obvious she meant to shoot him. How did the prosecutor miss that fact!?

  23. I love how racist blacks always are, and I can bet a black nurse would be slapping him with a spoon and telling him how he should have died, but no… It's whites nurses and I could bet a white surgeon to, maybe jewish since they have a choke hold on medicine.

  24. I'm bao glad he's alive
    I eemembwr when this happened ans the video was circulating
    My first thought was that it was a set up. I think she meant to do it. She tried to wipe the gun powder off her hands and initially told the police he shot himself.

  25. You know what I'm happy for Devyn Holmes but fuck that bitch she ment to shoot him and kill him but but the good Lord had other plans I hope they give her life in prison without parole she tried to take this man's life now it's time for her to lose her life her freedom and all😑

  26. God bless this man 🙏🏼 God bless the doctors and family for helping him overcome and continue to be alive after a horrible situation.

  27. You all talk about how lucky this dude is. If that girl remotely knew how to operate a gun, she'd not have shot him. I think it should be absolutely mandatory for any gun owner on this planet to have to take some tests firyt an prove that they actually know how to operate a gun safely. Driver's license is the same thing! Freedom should not be limited, but those too stupid to even operate a gun safely shouldn't be allowed to. Because that what you saw right there wasn't freedom. That was a failed murder! And please don't be racist. There have been a lot of videos with white gun owners out there, being a complete lunatic around guns.
    And yes, although I live in Germany, I do know stuff about guns. I'm actively serving in the german military.

  28. How in the f*CK did this lucky motherf****r survive that shot to the head?!?! I seen the unsensored version of the video and there's absof*ckinglutely no chance in hell that shot was survivable given the location and the amount of blood loss! He must have a f'n forehead made of steel! I still don't believe that's him…he must have an identical twin who they made look like he was shot with makeup and whatnot!

  29. He’s better than me I’d be rehabbing for my day of revenge on both of them. I’d go after the bitch because of obvious reasons. And the guy for not having my back and basically being like he’s a pussy because there wasn’t a clip in it well I’d find them both and they’d both get a full clip no mistake

  30. Idiot nog has another nog shoot him, gets disabled and gets state assistance and people sending him money and support for being an idiot.

    Living the American dream. Absolute state of fucking clown world.

  31. I saw the video and I was so shocked and horrified. It was so scary.. he looked like he was completely dead and the noise he made and the sound of them leaving was all creepy. I thank jesus christ and god for all the blessed things he has done. He gave this man no pain, and he recovered well and gave people messages to not mess with guns in a way where you'll be smart enough to not aim a gun you're not absolutely 100 percent is loaded

  32. Cassandra Damper is a perfect example of why other races mock us. I hope that funky thot rots in hell. That uneducated, loud mouthed, attention hungry whore will pay.

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