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DESTINY – Weapon Stats Explained! (1080p)

What’s Happening Guardians?!
This video is focused on a few things that will help you make the decision between those
two awesome Primary weapons when you’re not sure which one fits your playing type
the best. We’ll go over each stat quickly and briefly.
If you’re wanting to know about just one stat in particular, take a look in the comments
section for the time in this video that your stat is explained.
To start off, How do these stats help me? Well, each stat lends itself to a certain
playstyle, and subsequently, each stat about a weapon that you understand well, will help
you utilize it’s strengths in certain situations. As an example, you’re weapon has terrible
recoil, a high rate of fire, and high impact. You should get much close to your enemies
for quick and easy kills, and you know that being far too far away won’t land you any
shots. So understanding these stats will heavily
affect your combat choices, and also which weapon you’ll choose to stick with.
From the top Rate of fire:
This applies to weapon types depending on their fire-style. For Fully-auto weapons,
this is basically how fast each successive bullet sprays out of your barrel as you’re
mowing down the armies of the Darkness. For Semi-autos (which includes nearly every other
weapon but fusion rifles), the higher the fire rate, the faster you can pull the trigger.
Charge Time: This is the Fusion rifle’s version of rate
of fire, though it describes the time it takes to charge the shot. Damage seems to be inversely
related to this stat, meaning the longer the charge time, the higher the damage.
Impact and Attack: Here’s a tricky one that confused me for
a long time. It turns out that Impact is very simple. It’s the base damage dealt per shot.
Now, how does that relate to Attack? Look at it this way. You want both Impact and Attack.
A higher attack will allow you to take on higher level enemies without lowering damage
dealt. Don’t stress about this one too much. Like most of the stats, the higher the better,
for both. Range:
Surprise! This stat has nothing to do with zoom. This effects damage dealt within a certain
distance. This is the minimum distance that your weapon can deal its full damage. This
also affects the possible spread or “bloom” your shot will experience when hipfiring.
Another stat affected by range is accuracy, for obvious reasons.
Something you need to know about range, is that when a sight is equipped and you are
ADS, or (Aimed Down Sights), the range is multiplied by the sight zoom stat. If your
weapon sight is 1.75 multiplied, then your range will be multiplied by 1.75.
It can be helpful to unequip a sight when you know you will be doing close-range combat.
This will help the handling characteristics of your weapon in close range.
Stability: This has to do with the weapons kick, or jerk,
when Aimed down the sights, or ADS. Though this affects the view-kick when hipfiring,
it does not affect bloom, or spread. That is controlled by range.
This is a very important stat to take into account. Without stability, you can’t land
those precision shots, and you will deal less damage overall. In some cases, you may be
better off with a higher stability weapon with lower attack and impact, then an incredibly
unstable weapon. Recoil:
This stat differs from stability, in that it affects the direction of the kick. A gun
with bad recoil can shoot you left and right, while a better stat might have the more natural
ascending recoil. Whether or not you can handle high recoil is up to your play style.
Reload: Do we need to explain this one? Speed of reload,
can affect several situations. In PVE, this might not be the biggest problem, but if you’re
taking forever to reload in PVP, consider yourself a dead guardian.
Remember, the animation for a reload takes longer than your actual reload. If you sprint,
change weapons, or do anything to interrupt the reload sequence after your HUD signals
that you’re reloaded, then you can essentially improve your reload time. This is called Reload
Cancelling. It can take a bit of practice, but can mean a world of difference in some
situations. Magazine:
This stat is simply the amount of ammo that your weapon can fire before reloading. Don’t
think that magazine is a throw away stat, though. I spent a while debating between a
low impact, high rate of fire auto rifle with 63 magazine and a high impact, low fire rate
auto rifle with around 32 magazine and a higher attack. They both cater to a specific play
style, and were essentially both very effective weapons. I ultimately decided my control and
aim wasn’t fitting with the high fire rate and had to choose that latter. Another guardian
though might have made a different choice. Blast radius:
This is a rocket launcher stat. Imagine that around the point of explosion for a fired
rocket, there is a bubble. At the middle of the bubble, or at the point of explosion,
that is where the highest damage is given. From there, the damage falls off toward the
edge of the bubble until there is no damage done. Enemies within this bubble will be dealt
the appropriate amount of damage according to their proximity to the point of explosion.
A higher blast radius increases this bubble. Velocity:
This is another stat that involves only rocket launchers, although fusion rifles have a hidden
velocity stat, affected by their range. For rocket launchers, this stat simply affects
the speed at which the rocket travels. If you’re good at predicting a target’s position,
then a low velocity might be worth a higher blast radius. But if you can’t hit a Cabal
Centurion for beans, then you might be looking for a high velocity launcher.
Handling: There are three different “children” stats
wrapped within this one, but to keep it simple, the higher the handling, the quicker you’ll
be able to pull up your sights, switch to the weapon, and switch from the weapon. Basically,
your weapon’s movement with respect to holding it, improves if you handling is higher. There
are mods that allow for some of these stats to be augmented either passively, or dependent
on a trigger of some kind, like a melee kill. Optics:
This involves how your weapon class zooms by default. Shotguns zoom in at 1.2x. Auto
rifles, fusion rifles, and machine guns zoom at 1.5x. Hand cannons and pulse rifles are
1.7X. Rocket launchers and scout rifles are 2x. and Snipers are 4x. Any mod on top of
this default stat, only adds to the stat, it doesn’t replace it.
Inventory Max Ammo: This is the maximum amount of ammunition you
can hold in reserve for a weapon. This stat can be modified or increased by gear or armor
upgrades. Like Share and Subscribe for more Destiny
Content Kill worthy out.

50 thoughts on “DESTINY – Weapon Stats Explained! (1080p)

  1. Huh.. I think I just got my first firsties. Thanks for the break down. I'm a mid to long range style player, so this helped a lot on choices I'll be making as I play. So far only L12

  2. I just want to say thank you for saying "aim down sight or 'ADS'" This is not always a common term and actually explaining it instead of assuming everyone knows it is pretty nice. 

    Also, very in depth, great video! 

  3. Impact is the amount of impact on the target. As in, a high impact will cause the target to pause and recoil a bit. Like shooting the arms of the phallanxes causing them to lower the shield.

  4. Your secret explanation videos are awesome. I thought the cinematic story to destiny was a little weak because of what little you actually see. I learned a lot from your videos though and it makes me wonder if there is a much deeper story line that will be revealed in future games or expansions

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  7. Ok here is one for you all that may or may not know what the stat is doing it is a upgrade found on many Scout and pulse rifles and the one I am talking refering to is the one that gives you +2 agility when you hold the weapon my Mida Multi tool have it but so far I can see or make any difference when that one is selected.

  8. Quick clean information! What a great video breakdown and voice over. One thought, next time turn the background music down justttt tad, I lost some words due to the music and had to replay. Still a fantastic breakdown. Thank you!

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    What does the fire symbol that is next to the number of attack of the weapon mean? I noticed that theirs a few symbols, and one of them is a fire symbol next to the attack number that saids fire

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