Destiny TTK: Weyloran’s March 1 Minute Review Iron Banner Sniper Rifle

Swaye here with a 1 minute Review. Today we
are going to review the upcoming Iron Banner Sniper Rifle Weyloran’s March. The descriptions
says “ A sharpshooter’s weapon, forged in fire by
the Lords of the Iron Banner.. You will be able to get this dropped in the
upcoming February 2016 Iron Banner when you reach rank 3 or you will be able to buy this
from lord saladin when you reach rank 4. The base stats shows high rate of fire & high
Aim assist of 79. This is one of the lowest impact sniper rifle like the Eye of sol, you
can not rez snipe with this gun thought but if you like to 2 shot people with a sniper
this might be the one for you. In order to make this sniper work you want
to maximize the stability so you can easily hit your follow up shot with perks like injection
mold or handlaid stock . With some of these perks you will be able to fully max out the
stability. This will be very similar like the Vault of
glass sniper rifle preadyth revenge where the stability is also totally maxed out, which
can be a lot of fun. Low impact sniper rifle are not as popular
as the harder hitting ones, i am talking about you 1000 yard stare. It really depends what
kind of perks you will get on this sniper , but personally for me I will skip this and
focus on buying legendary secondary engrams from the cryptarch instead and hope for the
god roll 1000 yard stare. So yeah thats it, what do you think of this
year’s iron banner sniper let me know in the comments below. Subscribe for more videos
and I will see you later guardians

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