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Destiny HER FURY vs 1000 YARD STARE Sniper rifle Comparison

Swaye here with a destiny video! Today we
are going to compare the new Sniper Rifle Her Fury with the 1000 Yard Stare.
First lets talk about Her Fury, this is the new Sniper Rifle that you can earn from the
Prison of Elder end game. At the time of this video not much is known yet about Her Fury,
but based on the current information we have we can say is that this is most likely a High
Impact Sniper. You might be asking how would you know Swaye?
Well Destiny in general has 3 Sniper Rifle archetypes, the low impact sniper rifle like
the Glass Promontory, mid impact like the defiance of yasmin and the high impact snipers
like the 1000 yard stare. If we put the Her Fury next to the 1000 yard stare, they look
very similar. If you compare the two you can see that Her
Fury does belong to the High Impact archetype of snipers, and that it lacks a bit in range
and stability in comparison with this fully upgraded shortgaze 1000 yard stare. Do take
into account that we are currently comparing this with an unleveled Her Fury, so these
snipers might end up to be very similar in the end.
Now we know that this is a high impact sniper I know a lot of you will be very happy about
this because it means that this sniper can be used for trials of osiris to rez snipe! Lets now talk about perks , you might have
noticed that Her Fury has some new nodes we have never seen before. I am talking about
the Chroma Glow, we believe that this allows your gun to glow in a certain color. See also
this titan where it seems that the chroma glow is activated. The two nodes would simply
be to turn the Glow ON or OFF. The perk tree again looks very similar like
the 1000 yard stare in the 1-3-1 set up. For a PvP sniper you will be looking for Underdog
or Life support in the first tree, followed by either snapshot or quickdraw and Hidden
hand for the last tree. For PVE you will be looking for Triple tap
, quickdraw or stability perks and something like mulligan to sustain as much damage as
possible. I believe that the Her Fury can take the throne
of the 1000 yard stare to become the next popular sniper rifle. First of all it can
be dropped at light level 335, this is a high impact sniper that can rez snipe, and the
Chroma Glow can make this gun look bad ass! Stay tuned once I get my hands on one I will
make a full review of Her Fury and I will let you know how these base stats translates
into the feel of the gun which is to me very important, some snipers just feels good when
you use them, so stay tuned. Let me know your thoughts about Her Fury, Do you like the gun
and what are you looking forward to in the april update? Let me know in the comments
below. Subscribe to stay up to date on my latest videos, and I will see you later guardians!

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