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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: How to Get Divinity – Raid Exotic Trace Rifle

The Garden of Salvation has been cleared and
the raid exotic revealed. Today, I’m gonna show you how to get Divinity. Your mission starts at the raid entrance,
but you’ll go there on patrol. It’s in the Lunar Battlegrounds, aka First
Light, aka the very start of the Shadowkeep campaign. Go to Sorrow’s Harbor and then follow along
on screen. Once you get to the vex gate, you’re going
to fight 3 waves of vex, with the next wave spawning in after you’ve killed all previous
adds. There is nothing special about this at all,
you just kill stuff. Once everything is killed and you kill a boss
that spawns, an exotic will drop on the ground. Pick it up to start your quest. You’ll need to hit up 3 Lost Sectors on Nessus
in order to get the core analyzed. The first is in The Orrery in Artifact’s Edge. Before the main stairs to go up to the boss,
jump up on the left side ledge to find a tiny alcove to walk in. You’re going to interact with the oracle,
some enemies will spawn, just kill them, and then interact again to get some progress. The next oracle is in Ancient’s Haunt in The
Tangle. The cave you’ll be looking for is maybe about
halfway up the lost sector, again, use on screen instructions, it’s the same thing here
as in the previous. The final node is in The Conflux lost sector
in The Cistern. About halfway through the lost sector, you’re
gonna jump up high on the right side of the area to find the final oracle. The next part requires Decryption Cores, 120
of them, from Vex enemies. You can do this via the vex invasions on the
moon or from the Vex Offensive activity. If you choose Vex Offensive, there is a brief
quest you’ll need to complete first in order to unlock it. Killing vex will get you the cores you need,
so just keep killing until you have 120 cores. The next part is to gather up 30 Phantasmal
Fragments at the Lecturn next to Eris to turn them in for an Empowered Decryption Core. Phantasmal Fragments are dropped from Nightmare
enemies, but they can also be bought for Helium Filaments from the Lecturn. After this, it’s time to hop into the raid. I am still working on the raid guides and
they will be worked on and uploaded after this video goes live. But if you are capable of beating the raid,
then you can get the gun. There will be some minor spoilers for the
raid in terms of actually seeing it and locations and what not, including the final chest room,
but no boss encounters will be in the video. The raid contains 7 puzzles, similar to an
Outbreak Prime situation from D1, the monitors in the raid, although not nearly as crazy. I believe these all need to be completed in
the same raid, you can’t do a couple of parts, leave and come back, or if you can, I have
not tested it. To activate the core, you’ll spawn into the
raid, turn around and jump off the cliff to find a secret tunnel under the entrance. Activate this node to start. The first puzzle is before the first encounter. You’re going to go up a big stair case that
leads out into the open and then turn around to find 2 tiny alcoves, one on each side. If you’re facing the stairs going up, the
left side alcove has the start and the right side, the finish. The goal here is to chain the start of the
tether from the left to the right. 3 people will be on the left, 3 on the right. From here, it’s a matter of orienting yourselves
in a way that will get the tether where it needs to go. In the case of this first puzzle, it’s a pretty
simple zig-zag pattern. The left side starts it, you chain the tether
to player 2, 2 to 3, 3 will chain to 4 who is waiting in the right side alcove, 4 to
5 on a lower platform, 5 to 6 and then 6 to the node you drop it into. You’ll know when you’re done when you get
a message to pop up. The 2nd puzzle is after the first encounter. When you loot your chest, you’re going to
turn around, bright eyes, and then you’re going to drop
down on the right side of the area you’re standing on, right side being the side after
turning around from the chest. Look for a tree with pink leaves, there will
be a tiny cave to drop down into. The goal here is the same as before, chaining
the tether around from start to finish. The area you drop into is the end of the chain
and as you walk through, you’ll assign people to spots. Player 1 will just hang out where you dropped
in. Everyone else goes through the hole in the
wall. Player 2 will hide in the right side hole
here and player 3 is around the left corner. Players 4, 5, 6 should also go into the right
side hole to drop down into the next section. Player 4 is going to take a VERY windy path
to their spot, follow instructions on screen. From player 4’s spot, turn around, go straight
until you hit a wall, make a left and then when you see the outside, you’re gonna dip
into a cave on the left side of the wall. From there, run straight hugging the right
side for player 5. Player 6 is going back the way they came to
go outside. When you get outside, hook a left and you’re
taking the path ALL the way down, then making a left. Head into the big cave and you’ll see the
starting box. Activate it, make sure everyone is within
proper line of sight of each other and you’ll unlock this puzzle. The wall breaks down here and you can escape
by taking the route player 6 took to get to their position back outside and then climbing
up to progress. Puzzle 3 is after the first encounter when
you head into the platforming section of the raid. Head off to the right side of the playspace. You’re looking for a big branch coming out
of the ceiling that has a bunch of shootable pods around it. This puzzle is much more straight forward. 6 nodes will appear in the space when you
activate the tether. The goal here is to have the tether hit all
of the nodes. Player 1 will start at the lower section next
to the box. Players 2 and 3 on the leaves before the branch,
in this case to our left, and players 4, 5 and 6 will be on the big branch away from
the group. Player 1 will activate the tether, which will
chain to players 2 and 3. Player 3 will chain to 4, and 4, 5, and 6
will get chained and then move to their positions next to their nodes. Player 6 will then link themselves to player
1 if they are within line of sight and a circle of tethers will form, which is what allows
player 1 to jump to their node to complete the chain. When all 6 light up, you’re good. Puzzle 4 and 5 are after the third encounter. A tether box will spawn to the east of the
mini jumping puzzle tunnel thing. Activating it will spawn 6 nodes. This puzzle works the exact same way as puzzle
3, all nodes need to be hit. When all 6 people are tethered, players 1
and 6 will link themselves together and you can all move as a group. The way my team did it was by making a circle
of people and carefully jumping over the pillar to make a ring around it. This is funny, but not the best way. YOU should set people up in a way that resembles
our position in the video after we do our jump strategy, then start the chain. Don’t break line of sight. Then, jump a whole bunch to get the final
nodes in the air. Puzzle 5 is activated in the same way, player
1 starts, chain it to everyone, then 6 links back to 1 automatically. As a group, you need to get to the other side
of the jumping puzzle tunnel, but you can just take the path to the left of it and go
around. I think you’ll enjoy this next puzzle more
on the first try if I don’t tell you what happens next, so give it a shot without watching
this video first. I’ll give you 10 seconds. Alright, so if you want it spoiled, Supplicant
harpies will spawn in during this time. You need to bait these harpies into exploding. So, you’ll just stand near one, wait for it
to start exploding, and then back away. Rinse repeat for all of them. Then, you’re going to make a little bowtie
shape with all 6 players on each node to solve the puzzle, this one is pretty simple. Puzzle 6 is also after the 3rd encounter after
the wall climb. You’ll walk into this big field and walk towards
the waterfalls in the back. In between the 2 waterfalls is a cave. The start node is down a path to the left,
you need to shoot it to spawn the end node, which is towards the beginning up on the wall. The chains you need to make here need to be
as long as they can go between players before breaking, that’s really about it. The final puzzle is where puzzle 6 started. There will be 6 plates on the ground. When you chain everyone together to start
the puzzle, two nodes will appear. These two nodes will make a line pattern on
the ground that your team needs to replicate very quickly. Assign everyone a number and have people step
on the plates in order. In this example, Lunar is 1, CC is 2 and I
am 3. Lunar goes to the first plate that is being
pinged, CC to the second and myself to the 3rd. You’ll repeat this process, you guessed it,
7 times, to complete the puzzle. Your reward waits for you after the final
boss. If you hit every puzzle and did it correctly
and, you know, you have the quest, you are rewarded with Divinity, aka the trace rifle
that makes a giant crit spot on stuff that you shoot. I’m sure I’ll be doing some testing with this
thing in the near future, so stay tuned for more stuff with this gun. Thanks to the Raid Secrets subreddit and Discord,
along with some of my Math Class clanmates for putting in the time to solve this puzzle
while I did literally nothing to contribute at all except make this video. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next
time. Gigz: Requires Empowered Decryption Core OHHH, I didn’t do it on this character! *everyone laughs*

100 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: How to Get Divinity – Raid Exotic Trace Rifle

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  2. Pro tip: for the phantasmal fragments part, there is a nightmare you can spawn below and to the right of the Red Keep. Spawn in to Sorrows Harbor and at the main door do not enter, go to the right and below. The nightmare is at 980 iirc. Very difficult but beating him gave me 1, and then the chest I opened gave me 9! Well worth the struggle

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  7. I think the quest and game in general should be more difficult. Also why is the black garden so bright now? I thought it was supposed to be dark.

  8. Just as a heads up, if you do DC as long as you aren't the host and your fireteam has done all the other steps, you can rejoin and get the divinity.

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  14. My problem with this exotic is that I save trace rifle ammo for cleaning out many groups of small adds, and therefore since they have such little health, would not have the damage burst proc on them. Therefore this exotic is a bit of a waste for me personally. EXCELLENT weapon for anyone who doesn't use trace rifles exclusively in the way I use them. Plz, for those people who would use this weapon in ways I don't, PUT EFFORT INTO GETTING THIS. It would be worth your time.

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  25. if this is helpful you can do the quest up until the raid on one character then go pick it up from eris morn on other characters and you will be good to go to do the raid puzzles on any character

  26. It sucks that there’s people within the destiny community who are not happy helping out people with disabilities which affect there concentration like mine does (adhd) here I am with the final step of the divinity quest to go into gos and I’m stuck at a guided games screen for HOURS without end trying to find a team on (ps4) who are happy to help me out it honestly sucks.

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  29. I really do appreciate the guide friend. but this does require shadowkeep. So in order to access to the weapon quest you need to have the DLC and you need to complete the raid on the moon called "Garden of Salvation" Then you could go kill the vex boss and he'll drop the exotic quest.

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