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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Big Weapon Buffs (With One Big Nerf)

Look, last week… things got bad, aight,
it was a lot of nerfs, like everywhere. This week though… it SEEMS like there’s
a lot of buffs. But there’s one pretty significant thing that
we need to discuss. First off, the biggest news is that most gun
archetypes got a PvE damage buff. Autos, Bows, Hand Cannons, Machine Guns, Pulses,
Scouts, Sidearms, Snipers and submachine guns have all had their PvE damage increased. Most were around the 25-30% mark, some a little
higher like scouts, some lower, like sidearms. Some are only for minor enemies, some are
for both minors and majors. However. We have our significant thing. Minor enemies now no longer take more precision
damage than other enemies, they used to take twice as much as higher ranked enemies. dmg04, Bungie community manager clarified
this patch note on reddit with the following: “Ultimately, all of the weapon buff numbers
you see listed against minor enemies will counteract this global nerf.” We’re gonna go over the rest of the notes
and then we’ll talk about this more in depth. Machine guns and pulses had their effective
damage falloff increased, aka, range reduced, aka you’ll need to be closer to your target
in Shadowkeep to do full damage. Aggressive frame submachine guns had the “deals
bonus damage at close range” effect removed… mainly because it was unintentionally always
active on the guns and has been moved into the base damage for 750 RPM submachine guns,
which means Huckleberry and Tarrabah gain 10% damage in PvE and PvP as a result of this
change. 140/150 RPM Hand cannons had their firing
animation changed to increase weapon accuracy when firing them at max rate of fire. “Currently, players can shoot faster than
the recoil animation of 140/150 archetypes – so while the handcannon looks to have
fully reset from recoil, the following projectile will be shot as if the weapon was still in
a recoiled state.” There is still a little bit of confusion on
this, I’m currently interpreting it to mean that even though your gun looked like it has
come back to its rested state, it actually wasn’t, so they’re fixing the animation to
accurately represent the recoiled and non-recoiled states for 140/150s. I’m sure PvP experts are going to break this
down immensely on release. Pulses are getting minor PvE and PvP buffs:
rapid fire pulses now deal 14/23.8 damage, used to be 13/21.4 and high impact pulses
now deal 21/33.6, used to be 20/32. Bunch of low and mid tier exotics are getting
buffed: Sweet Business had its mag increased from 100 to 150, PvE damage up by 15%, high
calibur rounds replaced with armor piercing, damage changed from 13.21/21.14 to 15/21.2,
and the weapon no longer requires you to be firing when you pick up ammo to have it auto-reload,
lot of buffs. Graviton Lance got a 30% PvE damage buff. Sunshot now has 12 shots in the mag, up from
8. Vigilance Wing got a 25% PvE damage buff. Crimson had its damage changed from 13.76/24.75
to 19/30.5, that is a big boy buff. Merciless got its aim assist stat fixed, it
was missing. Lumina has its Noble Rounds tweaked so they
should apply their buff more reliably. And Serve the Colony on The Colony now functions
like Auto-loading holster. A nerf for Ace of Spades: Memento Mori’s damage
bonus is now affected by range falloff, that is fine. Then we have some perks getting changed. Subsistence won’t take as many bullets away
anymore, ricochet rounds had its hidden bonus to damage falloff aka range removed, swashbuckler
now works with Ball Lightning from Stormcaller, Grave Robber now works with ranged melee abilities
and one-two punch is getting adjusted, where the effectiveness of stacking it and Liar’s
Handshake has been reduced, meaning you can’t insta-kill bosses like Riven with this technique,
although knowing the community, I’m sure they’ll find another. A big thing to note for those preparing for
Shadowkeep: weapon mods in your inventory when Shadowkeep launches will be converted
into the reusable unlocks that they are turning into with Armor 2.0. I’m taking this to mean that you should dismantle
all but 1 of each weapon mod you have so that you can get extra mod components for Shadowkeep. Note that if you only have 1 mod and it’s
in a weapon, that doesn’t count and you’ll need another copy of it for it to count. Finally, Reckoning is having its negative
modifiers removed on September 17th, aka, today. Alright, so let’s talk about this headshot
multiplier stuff because while the primary weapon damage buffs are good, it’s an overall
nerf with the headshot changes, at least to minor enemies. First of all, regardless of this change being
implemented, Bungie, this is pretty significant stuff and there should’ve been a developer
note on this change specifically. I know there’s the Director’s Cut context
of “Guardians are too strong, so you’re getting nerfed,” but this is a SUBSTANTIAL change
that should be addressed individually. Part of the reason why a lot of guns suck
right now, auto-rifles, scout rifles, stuff like that, is because body damage in Destiny
is god-awful trash garbage. It is terrible. This is why a weapon like Jade Rabbit, for
example, will be terrible forever unless it gets changed, it’s why I’ve never liked Headseeker
as a perk, ever, Destiny 1 or 2. Any time I am forced to go for body shots
for damage, I hate it, it’s stupid and bad because body shot damage is awful and the
bonus headshot damage never makes up for the body shots. This is why Recluse is bonkers: it gets to
do basically headshot damage to anywhere on a target, making it very forgiving on top
of dealing tons of damage. Body shot damage is worthless. I’m gonna make a guess as to why this change
is being made and that is: This change may seek to bring the gap between
bodyshot and headshot damage closer together. This is a similar problem to the weapon buff
stacking rules and all of that. Bungie had to design bosses and encounters
around the fact that people were going to be stacking buffs like crazy. This meant that if you WEREN’T doing this,
you were at a big disadvantage and if you were, then it was just business as usual. With headshot damage being so high, health
pools on enemies probably had to scale to meet those damage demands. Hand cannons and pulses hit like trucks to
the head and they’re easily the most popular weapon types, so it wouldn’t surprise me if
enemy health was tuned to be balanced around those weapons hitting crits. If enemy health is balanced via body shot
damage, headshots would obliterate enemies. If they’re balanced via head shot damage,
then body shot are trash. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t reward precision
aiming, because we should and it still will be rewarded. Going for the head is still going to be the
best course of action because it nets you more damage. This change may allow for more balanced health
pools on enemies so that when you DO hit body shots, it doesn’t feel like you just wasted
your ammo. Without knowing if Bungie is adjusting the
health pools of minor enemies as well as the damage buffs to compensate, it is really tough
to tell how strongly this will impact the game. After all, we as players are getting tuned
WAY the hell down and this could just be a change to the basics of the game. As in, this is just the world we are gonna
be living in come Shadowkeep: things are just gonna be harder to kill. Obviously if we can still 1-tap dregs, thrall,
etc. with hand cannon headshots and damage only changes to small degrees, 1 extra shot
here and there, maybe 2 on knights and captains or whatever, no real harm done. I think people thinking that same level dregs
are gonna take 6 headshots from a scout rifle are overreacting a bit, but I’ll eat my words
if that ends up being the case. And for the record, 6 headshots for a minor
dreg would be awful. But, if the nerfs ARE impactful and we really
start to feel that damage loss, it will simply make Rampage and Kill Clip even more vital
to the perk experience. Damage is king and I don’t see that changing
in Shadowkeep. I know I wouldn’t mind having other perks
matter a bit more in PvE, but it’s tough to compete with those. I don’t think we’ll see red bar enemies turning
into complete sponges in Shadowkeep, but I’m sure Bungie will be told pretty quickly if
things get out of hand. Unfortunately, it’s yet another wait and see
kind of situation along with all of the other changes coming at the same itme. I’ll probably have feedback on the new sandbox
a couple of weeks after Shadowkeep or after I spend some time at a higher level. How about the fact that neither Mountaintop
nor Recluse were mentioned in this update at all? Pretty worrying to me. Mountaintop was indirectly slapped with a
nerf because of auto-reload getting nerfed, but that doesn’t change the fact that is still
is really good outside of boss damage situations. Grenade Launchers are not getting nerfed at
all in Shadowkeep, but again, a lot of their power is from auto-reload. There is a new “strategy” that has been making
the rounds lately that still enable such auto-reload behavior and we’ll need to see if Bungie does
anything about it after Shadowkeep launches or if it ends up being as impactful as some
think. Recluse not getting mentioned means they’re
either still toying with numbers or it’s not getting nerfed. This is also worrying, seeing as is this 22.5%
submachine gun damage buff in PvE potentially also applies to Recluse. Which means Recluse could be getting BUFFED. Which is not really something that it or the
game needs right now. Machine gun and pulse rifle ranges are nerfed,
which desperately needed to happen. Until I see truly by how much though, these
are just words as most maps aren’t big enough to really notice the effects of range at all
in PvP for these weapons. We’ll see how machine guns fare in Gambit
on the invasion side of things as well, I don’t expect much change. This is one of the ways that scout rifles
gain ANY sort of ground in PvP, pulse rifles getting nerfed, but we don’t know by how much,
so this change could bring scouts into the limelight or it could do literally nothing. Exotics getting buffed, good, no complaints
there at all. Ace getting a range fix on the perk is totally
fine. Reckoning getting its negative modifiers removed
is good for solo queue matchmaking, but I don’t think affects high skill groups a ton. This is gonna make it easier for the general
population to farm Gambit Prime weapons, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. I dunno if it’s really gonna make the activity
that much more fun in any capacity, it’ll just be easier to do. That’s it, that’s all I got for now on the
sandbox updates. Again, it’s just more wait and see kind of
stuff, the game is changing in significant ways, just need to see how significant. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of feedback after
Shadowkeep comes out, but until then… just waiting. Thanks for listening, I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Big Weapon Buffs (With One Big Nerf)

  1. Finally! I understand the changes coming. It only took a quality, in-depth video from Datto in order for these changes to make some sense. Cheers my man, thank you for the breakdown.

  2. Yeah no, its a nerf to sweet business, at least for crucible. The flinch it caused was more than half the reason you could use it in low to mid tier comp. I'd reckon i use sweet business a lot more than almost anyone else. This is most definitely going to make the gun worse in pvp. For pve? seems like a buff with the ammo reload and mag buffs, so simply put; better in pve, worse in pvp

  3. I would have enjoyed it if you'd shared some of your valuable observations about each of the weapon classes that Bungie announced are receiving buffs in the TWAB. Specifically, you addressed all the classes except bows and sidearms.

  4. I think the change to minor foes has more to do with the finishers, You can't use them if everything dies in 1 shot and they want to sell you flashy new finishers.

  5. So if I don’t get recluse before forsaken can I still get it bc I’m lacking internet BC broke boi gang and I don’t wanna miss the gun

  6. At the rate of which were getting nerfed, we’re quickly approaching the days of Year 1 Nightfalls where guardians were so weak that they were forced to plink away at tank mofos with an Icebreaker since it was impossible to stand your ground

    I never want to go back to those days with the way the loot system currently is (aka stingy as all hell, sidegrade central, and Pinnacles that shouldn’t exist)

  7. 2:30 thank god I just realized why my shots where hitting right above the head even though I was aimed at the head #45 yay

  8. Dude, WHO CARES ABOUT NO MT AND RECLUSE NERF, everything is getting nerfed as it is. We DON'T NEED these weapons directly or indirectly nerfed further in PvE. PvE nerfs in general are quite stupid imo, but that's just me.

  9. I wish that they would do balance patches more often. I get bored of the game when everyone is always using the same thing…

  10. personally, my main fear is that the pulse rifle range nerf hits hard enough to essentially fuck over lightweight pulses. Those are probably my favourite guns period, but already suffer from range issues compared with other pulses and some autos. I don't want them to become useless due to low range.

  11. When will we nerf OEM, an exotic that should of never existed. It literally dominates every match and changes the flow of every match. If a single exotic can change the flow of an ENTIRE 6 man team, why the fuck does it exist. Its honestly the most shameful exotic to ever exist it is so broken. It destroys fun and any sense of a fair competition

  12. Bullet Force on Freegames66 is great. New players have equipped a nice and balanced gun. But there is one disadvantage about this game. The weapons figures that are shown do not relate to the actual weapons in-game use and some weapons that sometimes have the higher price that are supposed to be.

  13. I thought it was really strange how sooo many people, content creators included, celebrated the weapon buffs when everything actually got nerfed. I'm definitely not mad about it. I'm totally down for making things a bit harder. Just think its crazy how so many people ignored that precision damage nerf/fix/whatever it is.

  14. I would like a new bubble mechanic that involved fortifying your bubble so that blade barrage doesn’t oneshot it. I wanna pull Zavala first mission

  15. Nerfing headshot damage seems like a lazy work-around to pad difficulty artificially, which is something Bungie have done in the past and quickly undone when the community caused an uproar. So are they simply not learning or pissing against the wind until trying to keep the stream straight?

  16. Why would you use mountaintop after the auto-reload nerf? it has nothing on shotguns in close range and a well rolled sniper will do much more, much faster

  17. I can't fathom why we think we can't one shot minors still you guys are making a big deal out of nothing. More emphasis on minor spec perk now

  18. This is the neutral game, we'll have the artifact and armor 2.0 to boost power.. i dunno i feel they have to do it cus otherwise the balance would break.

  19. Damage is always king. If raw damage is bad, it's because other stats give damage more effectively. MMOs need to be designed around this concept.

  20. Two words can sum up why I'm really worried about the upcoming headshot nerfs: "Cabal Gladiators". These things are already such insane bullet sponges at high levels for being red-bars that I can't imagine how much of a pain in the ass they're gonna be afterwards. They already feel like they necessitate special weapons as they are now

  21. Didn't recluse receive an indirect nerf because of the ricochet rounds change (hidden damage fall off bonus being removed)?

  22. As long as scout rifles can't one-shot standard, at-level, no buff/debuff rank and file enemies (up to Legionaries), they will be shit.

  23. About the 140, 150 hand commons. It would shoot off to the right side. I did a Reddit post about this and a video. But it was never shooting at the center of your screen after the first shot if you were firing as fast as possible. So you got two different zones the shots would end up. The resting state and the rapid fighter state (which was off to the right). I demonstrate the effect in a poorly made video here

    You'll notice bullet holes ending up side by side when it should be a solid grouping.

  24. Wait, if headshots are now doing only half as much damage as before, and recluse master of arms makes headshot and body shot do the same amount of damage, isn't recluse technically already getting nerfed?

  25. Im a pve play and i think pve needs more good perks for primaries , i have a Rampage + outlaw on so many hand cannons because that the best perks u can get , we need diversity .

  26. REALLY hope Recluse gets a nerf. Dont need that plus OEM ruling the fucking roost in crucible for another goddamn season. It's bad enough that OEM isn't getting nerfed into the ground.

  27. If I have a twin, I will tell him to cover my tasks so I can sit down and stick with bullet force on freegames66 the entire day.

  28. Yeah, but the problem is bungie WILL NOT think about returning the enemy healthpools, they will realize that they NEED to around mid-season and then retune it next season, so in 4-5 month.

    Mountain top is not THAT good without autoreloading, in fact, it does avarage dmg but only with max reload speed. Also it's really not that good for regular add clearing on consoles.

  29. Bungie why do u have to nerf my one-two punch. Liar handshakes are second best to celestial and is easier to dps a boss at times. F in chat for my last man standing

  30. Machine guns in gambit? Thats ok. But what I hate is that guy who seems like they have infinite truth shots and invades every chance to only shoot a million shots. No idea how that occurs. Granted I never touch the heavy ammo packs and rely on drops for my swarm.

  31. Sidearms, 16% damage increase.
    RIP sidearm enthusiasts.
    Subsistence doesn't suck anymore. Sad music that I got another spare rations already

  32. datto, i'm a fan but really sick of content creators calling for nerfs on weapons in this game…you of all people should know how it feels to see things nerfed into the ground, making them completely useless…if that's what the game is about, what's the point…really shameful after all these years to keep hearing this

  33. Datto is like professor farnsworth he’s also like “Good new everyone” then he’s like “however” and lays down some wacky shit

  34. I find it interesting how nobody talks about how significant the mag size buff for sweet business is. sure, 50 bullets more, doesnt sound that amazing, that is however only until you consider what that means in conjunction with another certain exotic often paired with the sweet business, the actium war rig. previously with actium the effective magazine size was increased from 99 to ~170-180 when firing constantly. this was because actium reloads 10% of your maximum magazine each second, equating to 600 rpm reloaded fighting against the maximum firing rpm of 900. since the magazine size is now increased from 99 to 150 (+~50%), this will increase the ammo reloaded from 10 to 15 per second, equating to 900 rpm reloaded.

    this would effectively mean that sweet business with actium now has a magazine size of 1000

  35. I'm gonna quote a former producer for well known PS2/PS3/PS4 games who's always had his hand on the pulse of the video games industry: "Bungie knows Bungie. They don't know their fanbase, nor do they care."

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