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Destiny 2: Lord of Wolves is GOOD – Shotgun Damage Comparison

Hello everyone, it is damage testing time
again, hooray, and today we are checking out shotguns after their tweaks to their rates
of fire, specifically Threat Level, Ikelos, and Acrius, but I threw in all of the different
types to see what’s going on and to see if anything has changed dramatically. We’ll probably go back and test out Thunderlord
in another video. There are 4 different archetypes of shotguns,
plus 4 exotics. We have Aggressive, 55 RPM, Precision, 65
RPM, Lightweight, 80 RPM and the Rapid-Fire type, now 140 RPM, down from 200. The others were all buffed by 10 RPM. Acrius is now 55 RPM, up for 45, Chaperone
is still 70 RPM and Tractor Cannon is 80, but we won’t be testing Tractor Cannon in
this video. Lord of Wolves is a burst shotgun, with a
640 RPM output, firing 5 rounds at a time. Our hypothesis is that while lower rate of
fire shotguns deal more damage on a per shot basis, the higher rate of fire shotguns will
have greater damage per second or damage over a certain duration longer than 1 shot. Important to know that for basically all shotguns
except for The Chaperone that their crit multiplier is 2.2x in PvE. A shotgun shot consists of 12 pellets per
shot. All tests were performed on Kalli in Last
Wish, with weapons being 650+ unless otherwise mentioned. As usual, these DPS calculations use real
numbers, but simulated accuracy and rates of fire, where you are perfectly aiming and
timing everything, which is generally not possible to do. This is why I give a range of values. During these tests, I had 2 Transcendent Blessing
mods in my armor, so my damage is going to be a bit higher than normal. The mods don’t change the results of the tests
and I’ll be honest, I don’t wanna do this all over again, but I did just want to disclose
that. So, we’ll start with an aggressive shotgun,
Mindbender’s Ambition, this is 55 RPM. A full, 12-pellet, non-crit shot on Kalli
hits for about 28,000 damage. A full crit, where every pellet is a crit,
hits for 61,695 damage. This gives us a DPS range of 25 to 56 thousand,
assuming we’re firing non-stop, as fast as possible. Let’s move to precision shotguns, I have a
Dust Rock Blues and a Retold Tale. Dust Rock deals 26,616 damage on a full non-crit,
58,510 on a full crit, for a DPS range of just shy of 29 thousand to 63 thousand and
change. Retold Tale is approximately the same, but
because it’s in the energy slot, suffers a 5% overall drop in damage per shot, giving
us a DPS range of about 27 and a half to just over 60 thousand DPS. Our hypothesis is holding pretty steady. The Lightweight shotgun Parcel of Stardust
is where I was the most impressed with these tests, a shotgun that I had previously paid
no attention to. At 25,572 damage per shot on Kalli, we’re
only about 1000 damage less than a Dust Rock Blues shot, but at 15 RPM faster. A full crit nets us a shot for 56,217 damage,
just 2000 shy of Dust Rock. Our DPS skyrockets though, from 34 to 75 thousand
DPS, that’s 5 thousand higher on the non-crit and over 10 on the crit side. But perhaps unsurprisingly, the rapid-fire
shotguns hold strong, despite their huge RPM nerf. Threat Level hits for a tame 17,448 damage
per shot, but the difference is that it can fire twice in the same time that something
like Dust Rock can fire. This gives it a possibility of 40,712 DPS
just from non-crit damage. When we go to crits, 38,338 per shot gives
us a potential of 89,455 DPS. Important to know that this doesn’t even include
Trench Barrel, although it has been tested that refreshing Trench Barrel now that it’s
nerfed is actually a net loss of damage compared to just continuing to fire. If you’re trying to maximize damage per shot
or total damage, maybe because you’re trying to conserve ammo, then you should refresh
it, but if you’re trying to just melt something, then don’t. But you should activate Trench Barrel when
first starting damage for a boost. Ikelos also suffers the energy weapon penalty,
doing 5% less of what Threat Level is capable of doing. That being said, it still puts up 39 to 85
thousand DPS. The rapid-fires do more damage on a per shot
basis after the patch, but that huge RPM nerf is what ultimately reduced their damage. But wait, we still have exotics to try out. First, The Chaperone, I was intrigued to try
it out after seeing a reddit post claiming it did more damage than snipers on a per shot
basis. The results were impressive… sort of. On a non-crit, The Chaperone is pretty sad,
15,528 damage per shot for a less than stellar 18,116 DPS, well under anything else shown
in this video. However, our crits do 57,355 damage without
the main perk because our crit multiplier is 3.7x, not 2.2 like all of the others. That gets us 66,914 DPS if we’re constantly
hitting crits, which is still better than Dust Rock, Retold Tale, Mindbender’s. It doesn’t beat out Parcel of Stardust when
unbuffed though. Nor does it beat out Acrius… speaking of
which. The Legend of Acrius. A former heavyweight, one of the best overall
guns in the game for quite a while, fell to the wayside for the launch of Forsaken. Bungie resurrected this titan of a weapon
with some substantial buffs, rate of fire increased to 55 RPM and a 50% PvE damage buff
about a month ago. As a result, it is back to its former glory. Acrius is different to other shotguns in that
it gets 15 pellets, not 12, but the game doesn’t show all 15. Acrius also gets a bonus chunk of damage,
in this specific example, 14,944 damage, when it’s fired. This value is sometimes either not shown or
difficult to see if you’re aiming down sights or very close to a target and trust me when
I say, this fact confused the hell out of me when I was doing these tests. Acrius’ crit multiplier is still 2.2x. A body shot with Acrius gets us 3507 per pellet,
15 pellets, plus our bonus 14,944 damage, gives us 67,541 damage on a non-crit. That is 61,913 DPS. That is 21,000 higher than Threat Level in
the same conditions, slightly less when Threat Level has Trench Barrel for its very brief
duration. That is absolutely insane. If we chalk up a crit, that’s 115,627 damage
for the 15 pellets, plus the extra blast damage, a total of 130,571 damage, a DPS value of
119,690. That is insanity. Not to mention that you will run out of ammo
with Threat Level quicker than you will with Acrius. Acrius takes about 13 seconds to fire 12 shots,
Threat Level takes 11 seconds to fire 25 of them. And you’re still doing more damage with Acrius. BUT HOLD THE PHONE DATTO, WHAT ABOUT LORD
OF WOLVES? Well, with an output of 640 RPM, it has a
lot of firepower and with a crit multiplier of 2.81x, it has high damage potential. At 4317 per shot, we get 21,585 per burst,
for a DPS value of 46,048. That beats Threat Level by about 5000 DPS. But when we hit those crits… 12,125 per crit, 60,625 per burst… that
is just shy of 130,000 DPS, which is 10,000 more than Legend of Acrius. Legend of Acrius struggles to get those full
crit shots, but because Lord of Wolves fires 5 individual bullets, it is actually a bit
easier to hit full crit bursts AND you can do it from distance. Keep in mind that I tested all of this on
a raid boss. Things will be slightly different out in other
activities, against non-raid bosses and targets. But this should still give a decent idea as
to how shotguns are performing overall. Overall, three things surprised me: 1) how
underrated Parcel of Stardust is as a weapon, 2) how good Acrius really is now and 3) that
Lord of Wolves topped Acrius when going for crits. Parcel of Stardust is in that sweet spot of
good single shot damage and good sustained damage and I’ll certainly be giving it a little
more attention over the next season to see how I like it. I spoke about this in another video, but I’m
glad that Bungie decided to do something about Full-Auto. It was an incredibly strong PvE perk with
almost no noticeable PvE drawbacks, similar to how Shot Package used to be for PvP. It is still a net gain in DPS though, Full-Auto
increases rate of fire by 10%, which equates to a 10% DPS increase. I’m glad that some other shotguns can potentially
see some more attention, but if I were to follow up on these shotgun buffs, I think
I’d give a little more single shot damage to stuff like Mindbenders to really make those
shotguns feel good for those one and done shots. Anyway, we’ll potentially follow this up with
another video going over Thunderlord because if its nerfs and see what things are going
to look like for season 6. If you enjoyed this video, a positive rating
would be appreciated, thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Destiny 2: Lord of Wolves is GOOD – Shotgun Damage Comparison

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